Friday, December 19, 2014


As you may recall, we had befriended an orange kitten in our cul de sac upon arrival here in Zihuatanejo. 

We took to him instantly and called him Whiskers and then Cous Cous. We soon began feeding him and had successfully gotten him over to our side of the street when he disappeared. We knew him for three weeks. Our plan was to trap him and take him to the Humane Society for treatment and then, perhaps, home with us.

During this time, we realized that Zihuatanejo does indeed have a Humane Society, which was really nice to know.

Although our plan to take little Cous Cous is no longer to be, we decided to go downtown and visit the Society last Tuesday.

The Animal Humane Society of Zihuatanejo is located in El Centro right at the Playa Municipal - just down from the Basketball court.

If you make your way through one of the stores you can find this little guy. Also, the daughter of Helene Krebs Posse who started the Society in 1982. 

Here she is talking with Derek. A very lovely store as well.

To the right of the sales counter you will find Humane Society items for sale. We had seen the t-shirts a few weeks before when we were at the Cancha Municipal on a Sunday evening.

Cassia - the proud owner of her own t-shirt. The proceeds of course go to the animals. Derek is going to get one also but they were out of black for now.

In front of the Humane Society they put a couple of cages out to draw attention to the animals and the cause.

We couldn't help but to stop and visit.

We were told that we could visit with the dogs and cats but that the cages were being cleaned so to come back in a half an hour. We decided to go for a coffee out in front. Funny that just as we were sitting down we realized that Keith from our RV Park was there. Keith bicycles everywhere around Zihuatanejo and Ixtapa - that morning he had heard the coffee calling his name on his trip to Playa Linda. 

El Cafecito - has very nice coffee and crepes!

Cassia and I couldn't resist the cream cheese and nutella crepe.

After that we went up to the roof to see the dogs up for adoption.

Now, who could resist that face.

Ha! I didn't notice this at the time. Desperate for attention…..

So cute. Did you know that visitors to Mexico can adopt animals from here to take home. The Humane Society provides the paperwork. We have met many snowbirds in Canada that have adopted dogs in Mexico.

We asked if Cassia could walk the dog out in the cage on the street.

We stopped along the way back to offer up a whole bunch of attention.

He's available!

An action shot - although it's hard to tell. Cassia was running around with the pup.

So, a worthwhile morning for us here in Zihuatanjeo.

We promised to return. The plan is to visit the Humane Society here each week so that we can take one of the puppies for a walk.

We'll get to visit the cats also. We didn't on this trip because the Veterinarian was in doing the spaying and neutering. 

To us, no matter which country - Animal Humane Societies - are a great cause. 

We LOVE animals.


Tuesday, December 16, 2014


So, yesterday turned out to be a shopping day. Which is huge for the frugal Wood Clan who tries not to collect stuff - I mean we do just have a camper van - right?!

However, this may be the last time we are in Mexico for a while and we do have a few things in mind that we would like to take home with us.

In usual fashion we could procrastinate, but since we always do that with fairly negative results, we are attempting to mend our ways.

One of the main purchases on our list is a hammock - or hamaca.

A few weeks ago Bernie - our cheese friend - came around selling raffle tickets for a hamaca. He is in a dancing group and they were raising money for their costumes. 

Yesterday he stopped in to say that today was the day for the draw. Interestingly, we were to be the drawers. But - we needed a witness. Manuel - on the left was the guy - since he was back here storing the banana boat and parasail. Bernie pulled out his camcorder for the event. 

Turns out I was to choose the number. Not sure what we would have done if I had drawn our number! Sadly, we didn't have to worry about that - I drew #20.

Bernie making the call to the lucky winner.

The hamaca we could have won. Based on the colour I can't really say I was too heartbroken.

That got us thinking about finding a hamaca to purchase. The last time we were here we saw a hamaca seller on the highway about 10 miles before Zihuatanejo. We thought to stop but decided to do so on our way out. Well, you know what happened right - when we left the seller was no longer there. We made it all the way out of Mexico without a hamaca. 

Derek asked Martin, the head waiter here at El Manglar, where we should buy our hamaca. He said that he had a friend that made them and he would have him come visit us. Great - he would come Monday.

And sure enough he arrived Monday afternoon - that's him on the right - Gusta (really not sure of the spelling of his name!). But first, here is Obed returning Bill's 1/2" socket. The socket was borrowed a few days before to help repair the guys boat - the one they use for the banana boat and parasail. You can imagine how the conversation went when he came to borrow the socket. Took Derek, Bill and Obed a bit to get that communicated!

Funny, we had to laugh when Gusta came up to our van. He's from the beach! So - we've spent the last month saying 'No gracias' to him as he makes his way around selling his hamacas. 

Who knew! 

He has both nylon and cotton. Although the cotton hamacas often don't last as long we think they are more comfortable. 

Here he is showing us the double.

We settled on a very reasonable 500 pesos. To be honest we don't really know the going rate for cotton - one of the guys said that 300 on the beach was good but we weren't sure what he was referring to for that price. Based on the fact that we saw a cotton hamaca downtown for 1,800 pesos, we thought we were doing good.

Actually, we were so impressed with his prices we are thinking of buying a few more - both cotton and nylon. Just so we have a few years worth.

Following a few hours swimming and playing at the beach in the afternoon, we decided to head back to Paty's Marimar. Derek and I have realized that Happy Hour is something we can appreciate. We justified the return trip because being Monday night - with Tuesday our shopping day - we were really low on food.

Lots of dead fish on the beach the last few days - not sure why. The water has also been very choppy for the last week or so. 

Since Paty's is at the other end of the beach we thought to put our walk there together with Derek's nightly walk with Rufus.

Cassia enjoying her Pina Coladas - sin alcohol of course! It's not very often that she'll let me put a pony tail in her hair. I'm just glad it's getting long enough that I can. Cassia's hair has only been trimmed twice in her 5 1/2 years. She has VERY slow growing hair!

Trying on the napkin hats to pass the time.

We enjoyed another great evening. This time we ordered a few Mexican specialities. We were stuffed on the enchiladas alone and took the chicken fajitas home.

While we were there - Angelica came over to sell us her titular de la velas (sure hope I got that right - I used the translator which doesn't always work!). Anyway, we had seen these candle holders before and I had mentioned to Derek that I wanted to get a few to take home. So - well, no time like the present. Angelica also had a gentle way about her so it was nice to purchase from her. 

It was difficult to choose so we bought two! 100 pesos each. 
We think we might buy a few more as gifts!

Monday turned out to be a busy day for us!

Yes, that's busy. Hey - when it's this hot - movements matter! 

Today we had a busy morning - we headed to el centro to visit a special place and then on to the Commercial Mexicana. 

Photos coming soon!


Saturday, December 13, 2014


Here is a few days worth of photos for you.

Not much going on with us……

Just the usual - the beach, the beach and the beach.

Thankfully the humidity has been dropping a little bit each day. Interestingly, we had a little rain shower a few days ago. We also had a cloudy day, which really helps to take the edge off of the sun. We could really do with a few more of those.

The other day, while on the beach, Derek helped out our parasailing friends get this jet sky back in the water. Derek has much fun visiting with the guys - I'm still working to get a picture of all of them together.

And just look at what we found. Derek's been asking around for Cous Cous (who we are pretty certain now met a bad end at the party last week) and was told about these guys. Much younger than Cous Cous and further up the beach. We went to take a look. Thankfully we can see that they are being fed. Not sure what their future holds but we have hope with that. Tempting to take one with us but really, our friend Cous Cous was a one time thing - there was something about him. Sad.

Then we went for Coco Frio. We have been meaning to do that for awhile but it seems the seller is only around during the weekends. We were told from Anna - our friend at the local store - that each should be 10 pesos. 
You gotta feel for Cassia sometimes. She gets a lot of this - either her head - hair - is touched or she is followed around until they can see her eyes up close. 

Derek looks a little on the annoyed side because this guy is trying to get a 10 peso tip out of us for showing us where the truck was even though we knew already and were headed there ourselves. In the end we paid just the coco guy the 30 pesos. Mr. I Want a Tip could get it from him we figure.

A bit of an armful for Cassia - plus we were walking with them on the rocks. Very refreshing though.

Yesterday, a new camper arrived. We knew to expect them as Bill told us about George and Lulu at the party last week. This couple comes for Christmas each year from Morelia. Interesting in the fact that they are Mexican campers.

Because we haven't had dinner out for almost two weeks, we decided to go out last night. One thing we would like to do while we are here, is to try out different restaurants. We haven't done very well at that yet having only been to El Manglar and Jungle Pizza. 

So, after having checked TripAdvisor we decided to try Paty's Marimar Restaurant and Bar. While it's not as high as El Manglar (#39 of 215) it comes with good reviews at #69.

From what I can tell, the sand art was for the taping of the Mexican TV Show  Hoy that was on the beach last week. 

Nice that it was still there for us to enjoy.

Also nice that they have perfectly sized loungers for kids.

Cassia deciding that she'll actually participate in the photo shoot.

Another great sunset as we waited for our meal.

Who were we to say no to Happy Hour. Not one of our usual things but it was tempting enough to get me to order two pina coladas and Derek two beers. 

Since we were out we thought that we might as well go all out. Plus, it's hard for us to say no - and we do like to support the local musicians. So - here is our song for 50 pesos. Nice that after us they ended up spending the next 30 minutes or so at the bar next door - we continued to enjoy the music.


Paty's is one of the restaurants with all of the nice lights. Here's Derek holding court with the three waiters. Most people eat later so we had the guys and the restaurant to ourselves for the first while. They were very interested in Derek's ecig.

While Cassia couldn't get enough of the light balls. Even better because they change colour.

We had a very large and filling meal. Derek the New York Strip Steak and me the breaded Mahi Mahi.

Following that we sat and enjoyed the atmosphere. We spent some time talking to a couple from Eugene, Oregon and another lady from Portland. She's here with her son and niece from New York and a friend from Patzcuaro. It was nice to get out and meet some new people and enjoy the conversation.

We headed back to El Manglar along the beach, arriving home just before 9:00pm.

Today, it was back to the beach - in the morning and then in the afternoon again before dinner. The water was a bit choppy so I limited my time. I'm a wimp when I see larger waves. And no they aren't even that large!

By the way, I'm working on a new blog header right now. So, if you arrive to the blog one day soon and think you are in the wrong spot - you aren't. 


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