Monday, October 12, 2015


With the Park being much quieter these last few weeks, I've been able to take my camera with me during my rounds. 

I LOVE fall and couldn't wait to get to this time when the trees are changing colour. If you don't feel that way too this post may be a bit on the boring side for you! I KNOW one photo looks just like the other but they all seem so unique to me. I really had to edit and I still have too many! 

Because Fintry ranges from a pine and fir forest to mainly deciduous it has a lot to offer. Put the rocks, hayfield and beach into that and it's a great place to visit - and photograph. 

These pictures were taken over the last week or so - the second half of our walk from our house to the beach today. Derek and Cassia go there at least once a day after lunch. It was nice to join them for a change. 

It's been pretty grey here lately. I was glad I had my camera with me early one morning last weekend as the sky opened up for a few hours. Here I am down at the boat launch/day use beach at about 8 am.

It's been months since I've walked the beach. During the summer with the high water level it's impossible to walk the beach - it's only this deep in the spring and fall.

A nice way to start the day - we are blessed to live close to a lake. This is Okanagan Lake by the way.

I stumbled upon a maple - we only have a few but they colour so nicely. 

A great thing about Fintry are all the walking trails we have - even better at this time of year.

So quiet without all the campers. Although loop 2 is closed and empty now I can see all the activity and filled sites in my head from the summer. Time for it's winter rest and rejuvenation.

Some days during the summer the boat launch and day use parking lot are so full not one more car will fit - look at it now!

Waiting for next years kids.....

Loop 3 also now closed is one of my favourite places. 

Lots and lots of rose hips in the Park.

The old building behind our house. I waited too long to take this picture.....

Also our back yard....

We had 30 campers in Loop 1 for the Thanksgiving weekend, plus 2 groups in the group sites. It seemed so busy after averaging about 5 - 10 campers per night over the last few weeks. A good crowd though and I think everyone had a good weekend - thankfully the weather was much better than expected. 

The view from the overflow parking towards the historic barn buildings.

The amazing beech tree by the Manor House.

On our way to the lake we pass by barns and outbuildings from Captain Dun-Waters time.

Do you remember this tree lined road from the spring?! I knew it would be amazing in the fall. I'll head back over when it's all yellow for more pics.

And finally to the lake - it's only about a 10 minute walk for us.

A few geese stopping in.

In the 20 minutes that we were there the clouds broke up. Nice to see blue sky again.

Cassia was happy to finally be able to show me her favourite log.

A funny picture I know but I couldn't resist - seems like we are not alone - he was just here. 
Any guesses on what - or who I'm talking about?

Time to head home.

Not exactly sure what type of plant this is but pretty neat looking. Derek is thinking an asparagus.

Cas - always looking for something to climb.

A reminder of the past. This is a piece of Captain Dun-Waters irrigation system. If you can believe all his piping from Shorts Creek was made of wood.

Down at Shorts Creek that comes from the water fall and past our house.

So - that's it.

I hope everyone - in Canada - had a nice Thanksgiving. It's not really something we celebrate since we are - working, don't have family close and well - are usually on the road in the USA at this time of year. It was a nice weekend though and like I said - it looked like a lot of our campers were in family units and had a great time.

Tonight is the last night that the park is open. I registered one campsite. It seemed fitting that the fellow shook my hand - my last registration of 2015. Last year I counted and registered 2,315 campers in 4.5 months - I would imagine that it was well into the 3 or even 4000s for this summer.

Tomorrow we lock the gates at 11:00 am and then Derek and I start with the final clean up and closing down of the park. As these things do, it felt like it took forever to get here until the end.

I have one more topic I've been thinking of posting before Cassia and I head out on an adventure next week. A girls trip down to the Coast and the Island to see Derek's and my family for the rest of the month.

We can't wait! A road trip!


Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Ha! and you thought we'd dropped off the face of the earth - right?!

So - what can I say - this time?! Busy - well sure but we're all busy - aren't we? Not really an excuse. I could come up with a huge list of reasons as to why there hasn't been a post since - well, let me check - August 15th! Yikes!

All I can say is that I have had to do or have found 1000 other things to occupy my time.

I've also hardly had our camera out - although lots goes on each day - at the Park the days seem to be quite repetitive and fly by at an amazing rate. Really - I can't believe it is September 30th today. Exactly where did the month go anyway?

So - here's where it went in the pictures I do have.

With the end of August brought essentially the end of the camping season here at the Park. Sadly, we lost Landon early since he had to head home to Saskatchewan to attend University. We gathered for a photo of 'Team Fintry' a few days before he left. Other employees - came - and left - but our group of five is what made this Park run this summer. 
From left to right - Avalon, Derek, Cassia, me, Landon and Britt. As I mentioned on facebook, these three employees were amazing - amazing people and now good friends. 
Our nice formal pose.....

And our - less formal - pose.

Later we had a farewell dinner slash early Birthday party for Landon on our lovely veranda. Cas took this picture for us.....

Landon and Cassia were great buddies this summer ......

Our garden was going strong throughout the month. It has definitely gone down hill lately with the cool nights. Here is our very tall sunflower. We thought the others were large until this one came along. We're not sure of it's height - we'll have to wait until we can cut it down and lay it out. 

Derek showing off it's thickness - and his tan....

Our spaghetti squash - funny - we just had the first one at dinner tonight.

And our ornamental pumpkin patch pretty much took over the garden. 
We ended up having so many tomatoes that I was sick of eating them - and I LOVE tomatoes!

One of Cassia and Derek's favourite pastimes throughout the summer and even now....

The last few days have been pretty nice and warm but early September was cool. This was taken on one of our first walks together as a family in about three months. 

We get a good work out going to the water tank. 

Interesting to see that the campers have been creating inukshuks along the road way.

A much different landscape then in the spring with the green hayfield. We were able to keep the group site shown in the left corner green all summer due to the irrigation system.

Cas doing a dance on the way home.

Cassia and I have managed to do all sorts of baking lately which is super fun. I love fall baking. 

While Cassia decided to start practicing for Christmas.

With our second employee to be leaving mid September - Cas and I made cupcakes for our next going away party.  The dinosaur sprinkles I picked up went over very well as you can imagine.

Cas and her girlfriends. 
Avalon and Britt flank Cassia of course - with Georgia their mom in pink. Georgia owns the snack shack here at Fintry where Cassia has spent many many hours over the summer. Thanks to these lovely ladies + friend Janette - for taking Cassia under their wings.

September also brought the Fall Fair to the Fintry Manor House lawn. If you recall there were two others over the season - the first on Mother's Day and the second in July. This time Cassia wanted to be a wolf. With Derek and I busy raking sites - Cas was on her own. 
This is a selfie. I've taught her well.

On September 15th Cassia lost her first tooth. Sqwirmy weak stomached mom was glad the whole affair only took a few hours to be complete. 

That day we were headed into town and celebrated Cassia's milestone in addition to 
Derek and I's 13th Anniversary. 

And as of yesterday we have a new member of the family!

Rather than drive the van around for the winter we decided to buy a new to us car. Although it was looking to be a very frustrating process we think we did well finding this Subaru Legacy at a car lot yesterday. Nothing fancy but in good shape and fits what we need. Fairly new winter tires were a bonus.

So - that's that. 

I have to say that it seems a bit odd to be sitting here in a house on September 30th. For the last few years this time of year has meant getting ready for our winter travels south. In fact, this night last year we were at the Home Depot in Omak, Washington. 

But gee this soft sofa with the fireplace going feel pretty darn good!

Starting tomorrow we have 15 days left of work - the Park closes on the 13th - the morning after Thanksgiving here in Canada. After that we have a few days work to get it ready for the winter. 

Although we will be staying here this winter - to know the Wood Clan is to know that we always have some kind of adventures planned. Stay tuned.


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