Hi, and welcome to the Wood Clan's Rantin' & Raven at 'a life made simple.' We began our blog life as 'a life made simple' until we painted a bunch of Ravens on our van and figured that we needed to update our blog a little to keep with the Raven theme. We now have a few ravens left but this years fall fashion on the van is desert camo.

The Wood Clan consists our little Canadian family - Derek and Teresa (me) with our daughter Cassia and hound Rufus. We are a rag tag team of freedom and adventure seekers. 

Together with Hraefn (Old English for 'Raven") our camper van we road travel the USA and Mexico during the winter months to escape the cold hard realities of winters in Canada. 

Yup - some seven months on the road in 98 square feet with two adults, a four year old and a fairly large Husky. 




I still need to finish off this area - in the mean time there have been two great articles written about us that capture us really well, to check out.

A Free and Frugal Life on the Road   ----  Marie Milner RV West Magazine

The Wood Clan: Living the Simple, Snowbird Life on the Road ---- Anna Sibel Camping Road Trip

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