Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Georgiana Alabama

Monday morning we decided to take a walk around the downtown since we had to wait until 10 for the Hank Williams Sr. Childhood Home and Museum to open. Sadly not much remains of the downtown except the very very friendly people. While looking at the Ga-ana Theatre a resident stopped to tell us how beautiful Roofous was - as mentioned in a previous post - a very common occurrence. We started talking to Keith who had seen us driving around the night before and lives close to the museum. We had a great conversation learning about the town - Keith is born and raised in Georgiana. He told us about the movie Honeydripper with Danny Glover, that was filmed in Georgiana. As a local contractor, Keith did many of the sets for the movie. Since we are out of touch with newer movies we were glad he told us and will be sure to rent it soon.

Downtown Georgiana today - too bad the train station was taken out.

The Hank Williams Museum was fun to visit and well worth the $3 admission fee. We spent about 1 1/2 hours looking around and speaking with the lady working there. Funny enough we had been speaking to her outside of the post office when she had spotted Roofous. Then we arrived at the Museum and there she was again.

The Fan Club Clubhouse across the street.

We parked just in behind the clubhouse for the night.

Once we finished at the Museum we headed over to Keith's place but he wasn't home. Fortunately, while we were getting ourselves and the trailer ready to leave he drove up - so we had a chance to speak with him further and say good bye. Keith also brought up some of his homemade Muscadine wine. We have never had this wine but had heard of the plant a few times. AND - he offered for us to park at his place the next time we are in town! WoW! Thanks again Keith and please keep in touch.

Well - we can say one thing for sure about Alabama - the people are very welcoming and friendly! 

Today's Interesting Link: There is also a Hank Williams Museum in Montgomery - The Hank Williams Museum.

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