Sunday, January 15, 2012

You just never know

You just never know - seemed like an apt title for this post - on two counts. 

The first - you just never know

is the fact that last Friday we actually got to attend a bible study in person with Pastor Curt Crist.

The timing of our being here just when Curt and Debbie were down from Asheville, North Carolina was just too amazing. We have been listening and watching Pastor Curt's videos for almost two years now and have learned so much from his teachings. He is a super speaker and teacher. To watch his videos visit Grace Abounded More  and/or visit his site at Welcome to Grace.

The beginning of the teaching - 'Welcome to Grace' - with Pastor Curt Crist.

Pastor Curt speaking with Ray.

It was bit of a marathon day. We didn't get out of the hotel until about eleven with still a few stops to make on our way to the teaching about 5 miles south of the 39 and 60. Just east of the hotel we stopped at Walmart to stock up and then on to the Strawberry Palace for another - yes - another load up of fresh fruit and veggies. If you are counting it was our third time to this great place.

When we arrived at the location of the bible study we were offered lunch and all sorts of treats. The teaching went from about 1 - 4 and then 6 - 8. I have to say that Cassia did very very well. Every Church we have been to and the Bible Conference have had playrooms. And so Cassia was pretty quickly scoping out the place. We created a little play space for her beside us with her own toys.

The 3 of us with Pastor Curt - soooo happy to be here in person.

Curt and Debbie Crist.

When it was done we bid adieu to Curt and Debbie who had to drive all the way back to Asheville the next day. It was a bit sad for us - we had just gotten to know them and were enjoying the fellowship - time sure flies.......

We followed Barbara and Terry back to their place not to far from the Bible Study. Thus leading to the

second - you just never know

you just never know when two great people and new friends are right around the corner. We have been blessed to spend the last two nights - and tonight the third - parked on Barbara and Terry's property - enjoying their hospitality and generosity. 

Cassia has taken a particular liking to Barbara - how could she not?! I think it is because she is a blend between my mom - Cassia's Oma and Derek's mom - Cassia's Gram Gram. Barbara is also just one of those people kids (and adults :)) are drawn too - being a mother down to a great grandmother must have something to do with it. We have so enjoyed being here!

One of the first pictures I took - now I'm not sure what Derek and Barbara were looking at.

Ladies of leisure - Cassia and Ashtyn - Barbara and Terry's great grand daughter who was visiting on Saturday.

We have spent a couple of days enjoying being parked. The nights have been cool - I think last night was 36 F - and so have been just thrilled to have electricity for the heater as well.

Today we spent sometime playing (as we did yesterday) with the neighbour kids - Emma and Jake. Super kids - we really enjoyed kicking the ball around with them and such. Derek also spent some time with the map in hand showing them where we live and what it is like - 'up there in Canada'.

Emma, Spot and Cassia.

ahhhhhhh - what a face!

Jake and Cassia playing........

and chasing. hmmmm - being chased by the boys already - yikes!

Cassia and I with Barbara and Terry.
Sorry - I was NOT planning on being in a picture - OR I would have dressed for it!

And so, for me these last few days, and our whole trip really has been a big

you just never know

I could never ever have planned or predicted how our trip this year would have gone. To have been able to meet such wonderful teachers and to have been able to fellowship with our brethern has made it a trip of a life time really. Yes, we have seen a lot of great scenery and such - and don't get me wrong - that is really great - but the learning and visiting and friendships that we have found has been the true blessing.

I could go home now and be happy!

Well, lets not go crazy - it is colddddddddd up there in BC. Oh and by the way, as of yesterday Saturday, January 14th we have been on the road for 

3 months

Boy has it gone fast. For the first month or so it felt really slow but now time just seems to be flying by. And so on that note, tomorrow we will continue our trek northward. We won't be going to far - back up past Zephyrhills and Dade City - crossing a path and then on to the 98 headed to the coast - should be about 75 miles. We are going to Homosassa Springs to spend tomorrow night at the Walmart. Fingers crossed that it is ok - they are not on the 'no overnight parking' list. 

Time for a movie on Hulu! Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: As you may have noticed we haven't visited any theme parks, zoos or aquariums while in Florida. They are EVERYWHERE it seems and so it is a bit weird that we haven't been to any. The main reason is cost - they are pretty expensive. And with Cassia being 2 1/2 years old we are just not sure how much she will get out of them. BUT we are going to splurge on the Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park  Tuesday. It seems like it will be our kind of place - for all 3 of us. If all goes well, we will spend Tuesday night at the Home Depot - with wifi - and I can post the pictures then.


  1. Wow!! "You just never know" is SO true, and fits the mobile lifestyle so well!! You just never know who you'll meet, or what they will be able to do for you, or what they will share with just never know what you are going to see.....something that triggers an old memory you long since buried in your just never know what is going to blow a trailer tire, and a good samaritan stops to help you out, and you end up meeting someone who is fascinated with your travels and invites you back to camp on their property with an open ended invitation AND FREE electric to boot!! You just never know, you post something to your blog, and the same day you get an email from some people you've never met from Canada who say they will pray for you, and you feel blessed!

    You just never travels to you! John

  2. We really enjoyed your thoughts today, Teresa.
    It is so true.
    And when your Spirit life is full and satisfied, you can be happy and content no matter where you are or what the circumstances.

    Of course, the hard part is making sure you set time aside to nourish your Spirit.

    Now I think I am preaching to myself ... LOL.

    Hugs, Trent


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