Wednesday, April 18, 2012

{AGAIN! so sorry for my absence these last few weeks. We have been busy bouncing here and bouncing there, visiting with family before we are back in the forest for 5 months straight. Can you believe I needed a vacation from our urrr vacation. Five months on the road actually took quite a toll - I know, I know - we should be so lucky! I agree. But that, coupled with not much wifi, and wanting to spend some quality time with family, kept me away. 

It just doesn't seem right not letting you in on how our trip finished up - so let's get'er done! 
Thanks for your patience.}

Last time I posted we had just hit Chilliwack - destination - Derek's sister's place. We stayed there for a week or so and I can say that I actually hardly saw Derek at all! Where was he you ask? 

Why, in the garden of course! 

Derek couldn't wait to get started on the spring pruning and cleanup. He misses having his own garden so much! There were times in the past when I found him out in the garden after dark with a flashlight in hand. 

Derek put these Leyland Cypress in six years ago or so, as a privacy hedge - they are HUGE now - too huge.....

a severe trim was in order.....

also for the plum tree.

Sadly, I didn't take additional photos of Derek's handy work. I didn't want to be out taking a picture and be handed a job so I made myself scarce. Of course, I was more then happy to head with Derek, his mom and Cassia to Minter Gardens for a look around - I am ALWAYS up for a trip to a garden center. I can't believe I forgot the camera for that trip and for the stop at Pho Galaxy for a big bowl of vietnamese beef soup and spring rolls - that was picture worthy for sure!

While Derek was doing that, Cassia enjoyed some time with her cousins - the only two she has. She looked like quite the pro for her first time on a trampoline. 

This here is Roofous's sister - Bubbles. She has the beautiful blue eyes of her mama.

Cassia, Krysta and Tylar enjoying popsicles on the deck. A rest from all that trampoline jumping.

Cassia and her Auntie Lisa. No shortage of toys and look at all those cars!

And time with Gram Gram at the piano.

Well, not a lot of pictures for a whole week of lounging around. Crazy I know but I also seem to forget to take pictures once we are in Canada - especially visiting family. Traveling in British Columbia is so common for us that I forget that this area maybe new to many of our followers.

With that in mind I was sure to take lots of pictures of Victoria - Cassia and I's next destination which I will post about a few days from now. First I have to fill you in on our trip back to Keremeos to pick up the rest of our belongings and our trip north to the cabin. It was a nail bitter for sure!

Thanks for checkin' back in!


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  1. A nice update, back in Canada and family and friends sure do keep you busy!

  2. Replies
    1. Funny BlackSheep - very funny! Actually, I realized there is no proof of that since I'm not in even one picture above and Derek could be writing the post! LOL!

      Happy to report that I'm as much alive as I have been!


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