Saturday, May 12, 2012

Alkaline Water is a good thing

I have been planning on writing this post for months now - I'm glad to FINALLY be getting to it.

Alkaline water - are you drinking alkaline water?

It is a good thing.

This story starts way back in December when we were in Montgomery Alabama visiting with Pastor Steve Gotberg at the Grace Bible Church. We were there mainly to attend Pastor Jerry Lockhart's seminar on the book of Acts and were parked in behind the church for just over a week. We enjoyed our visit immensely for many reasons which you can read about here.

We were also happy to enjoy alkaline water via the church's Kangen water system for the week, which I posted about here.

As I mentioned in that last post - the Kangen water system - although great - is WAY above our financial abilities. However, we also learned at the time that there is a water pitcher that can be purchased for a lot less that will also make alkaline water. Hmmmm - we thought - let's try to fit that into the budget.

So, by the time we got back to Texas and Pastor Jerry Lockhart's we decided to invest in our own water pitcher and shower head.

First of all - alkalinity is about the PH level in the water - or in food for that matter. The food we eat is either acidic or alkaline. Generally, our diets are very acidic both in our food and the beverages we consume. This sets our bodies up for failure and disease - so they say.

The best way to counter that of course is to concentrate on getting enough acid in our bodies but not to much. The Alkaline Sisters is a website I found recently that provides a ton of information on alkaline food with a food chart and recipes.

In addition to making the right food choices another great way to move your body towards alkalinity and less acidity is through the water you drink and bath in.

I'm going to stop right here and FIRST check that you know about how to get good water these days!
Please please please tell me that you have heard about and know about fluoride!

It is bad - REALLY BAD - it has been pushed for years and thankfully the information on it is coming out and going mainstream.

I had to laugh at the strange timing - again - when I saw that Andrea over at Frugally Sustainable was also talking about water. You can read her article The Benefits of Good Water and if you are quick about it you can even try to win the Berkley Light water system she is giving away.

I bring this article up because with the alkaline pitcher we purchased the water coming from the tap first needs to be filtered. We don't have to do that here at the cabin because we are not on a municipal water system and nothing is added - it comes from an aquifer into a reservoir up at the top of the campground and down to us. We are sooooo happy about that. But if you have chlorine etc. in your water you first need to filter prior to making it alkaline. Good to know right.

I suppose this is starting to sound a bit much - a bit complicated and a bit expensive.

And does it really work?

Well, you have to be the judge of that for yourselves and your family. We think the investment is worth it. We've decided to trust the research believing that good water can only help us. There is a ton of information about alkaline water on the net just google it and do some searching.

Here is our water pitcher - yes - on our lawn - we just don't have enough light in our cabin.

I'm pretty happy with the pitcher - I know I'm drinking good water and that is good. You can read more about the our power water pitcher here.

But what I really really really love is this:

Our new shower head.

Now the shower head is something to really get excited about....

I   L O V E   IT!

I like it because I know that alkaline water is getting in through my skin but I LOVE it because it provides a 5 star shower in a -5 star shower stall! Because of the long arm the shower head is right over us and with all the little holes it feels like a gentle rain. And even better is the smell because of the vitamin c filter and citrus aroma. The filter also removes chlorine. I could go on and on... you can read more about the shower head here.

I'm trying hard to make sure you realize how much I think these products are a good thing and not sound like a commercial. I wanted to write a post about alkaline water because we believe it is a good thing - something that everyone should learn about and even incorporate into their lives.

AND if you want to get the same products we have - we can get them for you! Derek and I aren't necessarily into selling things per se but we decided to also become distributors of these (and other) Dream Tree Family products. We are going on the idea that this way other's can can a hold of these products and perhaps we can make some money in the process. You may want to consider distributing yourselves!

So - if you want to know more or place an order just send us an email at



Today's Interesting Link: Here is another link about Alkaline water and diet. The site seems to have some really good info which I have just started to read. I have linked the article Your Tap Water is Shocking - more about what your tap water is like coming in and the importance of also filtering your shower water.


  1. I've heard about alkaline and Kangan water before, but I'm still confused about why water needs to be alkaline. I'm assuming that's done by adding minerals? Then, when it hits your stomach, it's slightly acidified again, right?

    I guess I should read more. I also understand that animal protein, especially dairy, acidifies our systems and sets us up, as you say.

    1. Hi GLD! Ya - I know! It is a bit hard to wrap a brain around it. I was a bit vague because if I gave more info I felt like I could write pages on it - AND it would have just been from those that know better. It all has too do with the ph levels in our body's - acid and alkaline. Too much acidity causes problems - or can anyway. Since we are mostly water and do - or should - drink water - it is important to drink alkaline water. It is a controversial topic - some say it doesn't help.

      Anyway - I found this short discussion that may help make it a bit clearer.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Interesting. Thanks for the link. Let us know what you notice as you use it.

      I have a friend who said that her ____ didn't stink anymore after they started drinking Kangan. I was skeptical. :D Some things are just supposed to stink.

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  2. Thanks for the info Teresa.

    We will definitely look into this !!

    Take care ... TnT

  3. alkaline water

    Appreciation for the great text. I am just glad Concerning taken any time to know this

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