Thursday, January 10, 2013


In true Wood Clan form it took us a bit to get on our way this morning. We didn't really feel the need to rush since we knew that we were only going 30 kms down the road. But getting out WOULD have been nice to beat the heat - but no such luck.

It was about 10:30 am before we left Restaurant Jacqueline. We paid our bill and wrote out a note ahead of time asking if we can return for a week or so - which was met with a nod of the head. Looking forward to returning to our spot at Playa Troncones.

Zihuatanejo - here we come!

Not a fancy picture to start out with - just wanted to show you what the road was like from Playa Troncones to Zihuatanejo. A very nice - and smooth - 2 (4) lane highway. Better than most cuotas we've been on!

I KNOW, crappy picture right?! Well it was the best I could get of Ixtapa - I'll probably be able to do better on the way out.

Even though I had a map - we threw caution to the wind and took the first road we saw signed for the Centro. It worked well and got us to the Coppel Store. A response I received on the Zihua website wrote that there was a refrigeration repair place across from the parking lot.

And guess what! There was! Like it when info turns out to be correct.

Can't believe I didn't take any pictures. We piled out and told the fellow that our fridge wasn't working. He told us to wait a few minutes. Yup - sure enough 15 mins or so later another fellow came back and came over. He looked at the back of the fridge - behind the outside panel - and left. Came back a few minutes later and looked again - looked at Derek and shook his head 'no'. 'No' Derek says - 'no'. So, we got back in and headed to our next destination. The Commercial Mexicana. 

Check the map.

That worked out ok - we sailed right by it the first time - but the second time was the charm.

A good store - we loaded up on stuff - mostly that which doesn't require refrigeration, plus some stuff that does - and ICE - and we were on our way to the RV Park.

Check the map.

Headed south along de la Boquite to the traffic circle, around, and to the Hotel District/Playa La Ropa.

The road to Playa La Ropa - de la Bahia.

Since it is well signed we found El Manglar Restaurant and RV Park pretty quickly. At first we parked on the outside and went to take a look around.

We were helped by Art - of Jackson's Journey - his and Gillians rig is the one beside us. They suggested we park where we are - SHADE. Guess someone is coming back to the spot 'in a few days' - should be enough time for us.

Seven rigs here at the Park - BC and Quebec - eight now.

As usual it doesn't take long for Cassia and I to get to the beach!

left .....


and front. Boats! A little different than Playa Troncones.

Cassia and I went for a bit of a walk to the left. We passed Rossy's which I have read about on a few blog sites. 

About what you'll get down at the beach in the way of prices. For us - $130 pesos is about $10 dollars. Probably a bit less but that's what we use as a rule of thumb.

Mmmmmm - I MAY need to go back for the coconut ice cream!


A lot more beach stuff then at Playa Troncones.

Cassia and Derek hitting the water. The swimming is very nice at this beach the waves are very calm so we could go quite a ways out. If I'll go in up to my chin it HAS to be calm.

Lots to see at this beach!

We'd heard so many good things about the restaurant here we thought we'd give it a try. We have yet to have a nice seafood meal. We got dressed up for the occasion.

 A stop to say 'hi' to the restaurant cat. My kind of gatto - a lover of books.

The restaurant - pretty quiet when we arrived at 6:00 pm - packed by the time we left at 8:00 pm.

Wasn't long before Evan showed up to encourage us to buy a shaking animal from him. 

It was difficult to resist so we let Cassia pick one out. She chose the dolphin. Somehow Evan managed to get $40 pesos out of us - he's good!

Since we were out at the beach at sunset - a few pics of the event.

Waiting for our meal drinking our limonadas. Derek ordered the Garlic Seafood Combination and I had the Fish Roll. BOTH very delicious - very rich and very filing. 

Poor Cassia - she fell asleep in may arms and missed dinner.

Once back at the van, a couple from Regina, Saskatchewan stopped by for a chat. Super nice couple staying in the Villas just behind us. We're going to visit with them some more tomorrow. 

A much better price then we expected here at El Manglar - $15 per night with full hookups, washrooms, cold showers, and internet. We think we'll stay a few days - I wonder if we can be talked into a week? Not sure - it's a pretty far walk into town.

From first look, Zihuatanejo seems to be a very nice place to visit. We become restless anywhere so it isn't a place we would stay for long. But for those RVers that like to stay in one place for the winter I could see Zihua as a great home base. Also for fly in tourists. It's big enough to have stuff but small enough to have charm and character.

So - two out of three things accomplished today - we managed to get ourselves around Zihua enough to get groceries and we found our way to the the RV Park. A no go on the fridge. We'll have to treat is as an ice box until we can find someone who can help us. Art, from next door, has a Canadian coming tomorrow to look at his air conditioner  - maybe he'll know about RV fridges as well. Fingers x. 


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Why not check in on Croft and Norma of Croft's Mexico - they are on the road again. The next few days should be interesting travel wise as they make their way around the southwest side of Mexico City and down to Oaxaca. I'm on the edge of my seat to see how it all goes.


  1. Another wonderful day under you belt. Good luck with your fridge.

  2. are there still crocks under the wooden bridge?

    1. Yes - two! Although I have only seen one - once. We hear that they took seven away recently .....

  3. Really !!!!!!!wonderful moments you have shared with us.Thank you so much for giving your live moments in front of us.Wish you a great future a head.


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