Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Following our two hiking days at Ainsworth State Park, on Friday we made our way back ten miles to Cascade Locks. We were happy to do so - it's a neat little town - we highly recommend it. Plus, we had a brewery to visit. 

But first we parked back at the Visitor Center parking lot to get a few more posts up and for Cassia to spend some more time on the playground.

With the sunny skies we all made the walk over to Thunder Island.

Looking across the Columbia to Stevenson, Washington.

This is what you see when you come through the tunnel to the Marina area of Cascade Locks. Hard to miss that there is a Brewery in town.

But first, we had an ice cream run to make. Here's the tunnel that everyone must pass under to get to this area - 12 feet is the max. height. Good to know.

Blue Goo. Better not to ask - right?!

Then off to visit Thunder Island Brewing Co. Here is Derek talking with one of the Owners. Because of Oregon's wanky liquor laws, we had to sit outside. All good with the Scotch Porter being our favourite.

We did take a quick tour of their brewing area however. 

We had planned to spend the evening at Thunder Island Brewery, but with Cassia not being allowed inside we just had the flight and left. It was still early so we decided to head over the Bridge of the Gods and drive the three miles to Stevenson Washington. A fellow at the gas station had told us about Walking Man in Stevenson and Backwoods Brewery, a little further up in Carson. 

Before we knew it we were in Stevenson, parked and walking to Walking Man
A happening place with lots of people inside and sitting out on the patio. Plus! Washington permits kids - yaaaa!!!!!

Ha! A bit of a side trek here. So - here are the restrooms (washrooms to us Canadians, but that will just get you a blank stare in the USA) - I wasn't sure which to choose - embarrassing I know. So I went back out to Derek and told him of my dilemma. Since he had struck up a conversation with our neighbours he asked them. 'Whichever one you are - you use' she says. Ok - no wrong answer here. I chose the 'Readers' door - figuring that Derek was the dreamer. I won't digress into a spiel about women and men, readers and dreamers! Ha!

One of - if not the - most interesting restrooms I have been in. The walls were covered with quotes. I thought this one was pretty good!

A pretty nifty faucet system too. Nice to know the water temperature - right?!

Anyway, back to the beer. We sure enjoyed our flight - some quality beer coming out of Walking Man - and the Black Cherry Stout!! Amazing! Pint worthy after the flight.

Cassia and her local friend, Liberty, playing a few games on the iPad.

We spent the night on the streets of Stevenson. It was quiet traffic wise but we were right - and I mean right - beside the train. By this time we had been along the train for a few weeks so we were actually getting used to it - a bit.

The next morning we went in search of a coffee shop in Stevenson to charge our computers and get a post up.

Were we in luck to find Robbie's Coffee House! Here's Robbie and her husband Bill out front, taken just as we were leaving following our extended stay.

It is such a cozy place it was hard to leave - and the conversation with Robbie and Bill was great as well. Nice that Robbie provides drawers full of toys for kids and special menu items for little ones - Cas had the milk and cookies. Mom and Dad couldn't resist the cookies either.

Our little station. If you find yourself in Stevenson, stop in and see Robbie and tell her hello from the Wood Clan!

On our way back to the van I stopped in across the street to Robbie's shop the Tin Roof Rusted.

A cute little shop with lots of new and repurposed items. 

After spending much of the afternoon at Robbie's we left to head over to Carson, just seven miles east. 

A pretty funky place suitably outfitted in wood. 

WoW! Two stouts on tap - our kind of place. We also tried the Brewberry Wheat - a very nice blueberry, the Big Cedar Red, the Clearcut Pale and the Coppermine Amber. We enjoyed them all.

After three thin crust pizza disappointments in the last few weeks, we were glad to finally get a generous, filling and tasty pizza. 

What a nice day.

So, two days and three breweries. It was fun to be able to bounce over to the north side of the Columbia River for a few days and then make our way back over to Oregon. After spending a few hours at the Backwoods Brewery we returned to our Cascade Locks parking spot for the night. 

The plan was to head west on the I84 in the morning, to finishing off viewing a few state parks along the 30, and then into Troutdale to visit Walmart.

It didn't happen like that at all - as per the Wood Clan - a change in plan.

I'll get that post to you - the last one in the USA, up tomorrow night.


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  1. Plans are made to be changed, still looks like some fun times along the way. Keep having too much fun.

  2. Love those craft breweries! Between your photos of Cassia and Rick Doyle's (Rick & Paulette's RV Travels) photos of grandson Mason, we get our "kid fix"! Keep them coming.

    1. Hey! We love the craft breweries too! LOL. I saw Mason too! So cute.

  3. Teresa, I have to mention it again. Pick up a cheap inverter that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket. Charge while you drive! No more charging in restaurants. Truck stops sell them. Go "High Tech"!

  4. Next time through you should most definitely check out Acadian Farms & Brewery!!! Best nano-brewery around. (And just up the road from Barnstormers & Backwoods) unfortunately thy weren't open for the season yet when you came through. But in a week or 2 they will be!

    1. Yes Loraine we definitely should - they were still in Louisiana! We'll be done to see them at some point - most likely not until the fall though...

  5. You guys really know how to pick the places to eat and drink. We need to change our criteria.

    1. Stick with us Chris - we have a nose for that - or just make sure to stop at all signs that say 'Craft Beer'!

  6. Just to let you know, I read your blog all the time, but seldom post comments. My son and grandson love the info about the craft type beers - that's what they're into here where we live. I'm so glad that you've taken the time to spend with Cassia traveling these last few years - so many memories made! Looking forward to what is next. Love all your photos! Appreciate your taking the time to post about areas of the country that we've missed in our travels. Sending hugs and take care now!
    Connie in PA

    1. Hi Connie! Thanks for writing! We LOVE to hear from our readers. Sadly the craft beer stuff has ended for now but I still have to update our Craft Beer Page. Hopefully they will be able to stop at some of the great ones that we found. We agree - we have truly enjoyed the places we have found and all the great people we have met. Cassia has benefitted and it shows in her personality. We are so glad to share our pictures with all of you - it's a beautiful country and should be shared! Keep in touch.


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