Monday, October 20, 2014


On our way back down from Telluride to get back on the 550 to head south - we were happy to pass through Ridgway - again.

We were so impressed with the look and feel of this town on our way up, we promised ourselves a lengthier visit upon our return.

The first stop - the very popular park and playground.

And the next stop……the Colorado Boy Pub & Brewery. We had been by the day before but they are closed on Mondays. 

LOVE LOVE LOVE the artwork. Turns out that the logo was inspired by the National Parks artwork - that's why we like it so much - we are big fans of the NP logos as well.

While waiting for our pizza, Cassia got some crust making practice in.

Definitely one of the best pizzas we have eaten - and that's really saying something!

So, what's a kid to do in a brewery?

Or her dad for that matter. 

We thoroughly enjoyed our evening at Colorado Boy - the beer and food were great - and very affordable, the service was excellent (Thanks again Sue!) and it had a very communal atmosphere. You can tell that it is one of the area's favourite hang outs.

A tour of some of the downtown buildings….

Hey - a family photo!

It's just out of the picture but there is a bar called True Grit - after the movie that was filmed here - the original.

In the morning we headed over to the library for some wifi and electricity.

One of the best libraries we have been in for kids - a super area with lots of books and toys.

While Cas and I were in the library for the morning, Derek and Rufus had found this trail system along the river. So - after lunch we made a family walk out of it.

The rest of the afternoon included a return visit to the library and the park. 

We sure spent a lot of time in this playground. We also met many families who had stopped here on their way through - new friends for Cassia.

A shot of the setting sun on the hills to the east.

Yikes! Tomorrow we were on our way through the Red Mountain Pass!

I walked to the town boundary to take pictures of the very nice sunset.

The next morning we watched as this hot air balloon appeared in the distance. Derek went out to take this picture ….

and this one of the Heron looking for his breakfast.

Just after that we received a surprise visitor. Well, not really a surprise - a police officer. It seems that our two nights of stealth camping in Ridgway did not go unnoticed - even though we changed locations and were now on a gravel parking lot away from the downtown. Boy, these towns are sure keeping a close eye on things. Although we are camouflaged aren't we?

Which makes us wonder why. In five years of stealth camping we have never had such a problem stealth camping in towns like we have here on the west side of Colorado. Ok - sure - we can see it in the uppity town of Telluride but here in Ridgway - we just didn't expect it.

That's ok - we did push it with two nights - we were just enjoying the town so much. And yes, the officer could have been a real jerk about it but he was fairly nice….

So - visit Ridgway if you are passing by - it's a great town - just don't try to stealth camp there……

Sitting here at Pep Boys in Albuquerque for five hours now - totally unimpressed - I'll rant about that on another post!



  1. Hmmmmmmm.........maybe the new desert camo rad paint job is giving your former stealth ability away??

    Safe Travels

    1. Ya - we were thinking that too. Sheesh........ Although the green with birds wasen't exactly subtle. Good thing we are headed to one of our favourite Mexican campgrounds for most of the winter!

  2. I am thinking your new paint scheme is drawing the attention to the locals.

  3. we are in Gallup - not too far away. think we'll stay here another day - catch up on laundry etc then maybe go to Monument Valley if the weather stays nice - then head to Cottonwood, AZ for a couple of weeks before going to see our family in Vegas. Wish we could get together.

    1. Ahhhhh so sorry to have missed you guys! Sheesh - I thought we would have a chance along the interstate here - you moved fast in the last few days…..

  4. Just never know when they will catch up with you. But free camping is free camping at least no money lost there.

    1. So true George - and they let us sleep through the night…...

  5. Just want you to know I love, love, love all the photos you post of the places you visit. We don't RV as much anymore - too busy with a granddaughter playing college soccer and our other grands- enjoying our beach house four months out of the year - doing things with family kind of took over our RV jaunts - just enjoying retirement and family stuff!!! Cassia is growing up so fast - so happy that you and your family are enjoying life and traveling. Hope you don't mind we're riding along on your bumper - LOL! (((HUGS)
    Connie & Barry in PA

    1. Thanks Connie! I do have seem to have a problem editing down the photos as your may have noticed - I just want to share so many of them. Nice that you can be by and spend so much time with family - we appreciate that and certainly miss out on that with this lifestyle. We are very happy to have you along - that's what makes our trips extra special - being able to share.


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