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One of our favourite places in Mexico. We were so happy to be returning here this year.

We found the Villa Patzcuaro Hotel & RV Park the last time we were in Mexico. We loved it so much we stayed ten days. I could easily do that again but we'll move on tomorrow.

Here - take a look!

We are the only RVers here at Villa Patzcuaro Hotel & RV Park, so we had our choice for a spot. Pretty close to where we were two years ago. Also, since there is nobody else - we took ownership of the little cabin. 

A view of the pool and tourist information/computer area. Nice to have a strong wifi signal!

This is one of our favourite RV parks in Mexico because of it's park like setting, quietness and easy access to el centro.

Pitter patter goes my heart. I'm now stocked for beach reading.

The left side of this building has a kitchen - often you can purchase a great breakfast for $60 pesos. The red building holds the toilet rooms and showers - as well as a sink area. I took detailed pictures last time which you can see here.

Our little cabin - we could live here.

Following our rest day on Wednesday, we decided to walk into town on Thursday. Although the day started out grey, it wasn't long until we had blue skies. We really figured our way around last time so we knew we could take the street right outside of the Hotel. It's nice and quiet.

We could buy…...

or even rent here. That's what we were thinking along our walk.

Then there is a cut through trail that takes us to the main strip. What is Derek looking at?

This HUGE house - we always stop to admire their flowers.

The trail leads right to the Bodega which is very convenient.

The walk to el centro is actually quite long - about 20 - 30 minutes. That's ok though - there is always something to look at on a Mexican street.

First stop when we arrived - why Nieve of course! We were a common sight here two years ago.

Right now we are in the Main Plaza. Patzcuaro has two - the first by the market is busier - shoe shiners and lots of people. The second one is much more formal and quiet.

I took a ton (who me?!) of photos last time we were in Patzcuaro - we were retracing our steps from last time so I kept my picture taking this time to a minimum. 
For more photos visit our post El Centro de Patzcuaro. 
I highly recommend that you took a look - last time I got photos and a video of The Dance of Old Man.

This was fun - when we came out of the Church we found these students practicing their marching. Many waved to us.

Then back to the Plaza. 

And on to the Market. 

Nice to see that our fruit cup stand was in the exact same place… of our favourites.

$10 pesos each if you can believe! About 85 cents!

Our view as we ate our fruit.

We did that a little backwards - after our fruit we realized we were hungry for something a bit more substantial. So - off to find tacos!

Yup - they tasted as good as they look!

Then it was time to buy some fruit to take home. We have know idea what we just bought - the red ones are odd - they have a somewhat sweet but clothy tasting yellow flesh and a huge pit. We also picked up oranges, strawberries and blackberries.

Although the days are warm here at Patzcuaro the nights are cool. Cool enough to have a fire each night in the little cabin. Last night we watched a movie that we had picked up at the market - seven NEW movies for $125 pesos - just over $10.

This morning we realized that we have little friends around - boy was Cassia impressed.

Cas and I looking for frogs.

The water is way to cold for Derek and I, but Cassia doesn't seem to mind - too much. She wasn't here long though. 

I kept thinking about the last time we were here in this exact spot and how much she has grown.

This afternoon we watched the roosters walk by and decided to go get a closer look.

One last look at our spot here at Villa Patzcuaro. I hope we make it back here one day. 

Yup - that's a new RV - they arrived in the dark(!) last night at around 7:00pm. They are from France. Sadly, they don't speak much English and our French is as bad as our Spanish. Derek did learn however that they have been up to Alaska and are on their way to Argentina. 
Here is their blog Les Ameriques.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post - we spent ten days here last time from December 28th to January 7th. Since we didn't tour as much this time, it is best to go back to those posts to see how much this area has to offer. The highlight for us last trip was our day spent on the Isla de Janitzio.

Here are the links - click on the word to be redirected:

So, with that we are on our way tomorrow. We've enjoyed our four nights here giving us time to 'regroup'.

It should be the easiest drive thus far of this winter's trip to Mexico. A major highway and cuota right down to the beach and then a pretty good road the rest of the way. It should take us about four hours. 

It's all downhill from here - we are at 2,140 m or 7,020 ft right now.

All the way to El Manglar at Playa de Ropa. It's gonna be hot!

See you there!


And with this post I am FINALLY up to date!


  1. What a vibrant, peaceful spot - colours are unreal - your photos are superb as per. Loved this park - travel safe - looking forward to coast - giddy-up LOL CHEERS.....(

    1. VERY nice park Leslie - so much like a park. Although you can hear the sounds of the city all around. Giddy - up - too funny!

  2. Regroup is right, now back to hot and the beaches, gotta love it!

    1. We'll be beached out by the time we head home - what a terrible thing to be saddled with!

  3. We also enjoyed that little RV Park in Patzcuaro. Hope you have a good drive to Zihuatanejo.

    1. I saw that - back in 2012 - sadly just for one night. Nice hike though - it would be good but doubt Cassia would be into it.

  4. Absolutely beautiful....if only there was a beach!

    1. I know Kathy. True. But the beach isn't too far away. I'd be up to 3 months here and 3 months down at Troncones or Zihua.

  5. What a great spot. We were told we were too big to get into that park so we stayed in the other one east of town. I love Patzcuaro, although the temperatures can get a little cool.

    I was reading that there is a new ferry that bypasses the Darrien gap so it is now much easier to RV to South America!

    1. Definitely not too big - sad that you didn't come here. We've passed the other one - too far out. It is a bit cooler here true but the days are warm.


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