One thing that you HAVE to know about us is the fact that we LOVE design - all design but when it comes to beer - graphic design. Yes, you can drink good and in fact great beer in just a normal looking bottle or growler - but when a company goes through the trouble to hire a team of designers that take their logo and run with it - well, we just can't think of anything finer.

For some reason, craft beer coming out of a fine looking bottle just tastes better.

We aren't the only ones to notice either. Prime Social Marketing wrote Logo Design tips with 8 of the best-looking craft beer brands while Harvey Shepard started a website entitled Oh Beautiful Beer to showcase stellar craft beer graphics.

Along the way, Derek and I have found the breweries whose graphics we truly appreciate. Of course, the beer has to come first - it doesn't work as well to have a great looking label but bad beer now does it.

Here are some of our favourites:

I just have to say off the bat that as of yet (Dec. 2013) we have not been to the Twisted X nor have we sampled their beer. We aim to change that early next year. On the other hand, we just cannot deny that they have a really cool label. Can't wait to get the t-shirt!

Update: We have yet to visit Twisted X - it wasn't on our route this year - hopefully next winter. By the way we found out the genius designer behind the artwork - Joshua Rowan

The Wychwood Brewery graphics are great. Their website is a real show stopper!

Ska Brewing
Ska Brewing is another craft brewery with a great website.

Frog Level Brewing
Simple but effective. LOVE the frog print.

Santa Fe Brewing

Another great website - check out the clinking bottles!

Iron Horse Brewery

Apparently we are partial to skulls! And death, and Irish!

Half Acre Beer Company

You just have to love Half Acre's artwork!

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