Saturday, July 7, 2012

Beat the heat - make your own Iced Tea and Lemonade

Because our job is so physically strenuous, especially in the mornings with the raking, cleaning and lifting, Derek and I not only need a high protein diet, but in this heat we need WATER!

And LOTS of it with temperatures hitting the high 30s (90s) this week!

Both of us naturally drink a lot of water - which is good. Especially since it is alkaline water thanks to our new pitcher. But after a while water is well, a tad bit boring - right?!

So come summer I pull out all the fruit teas that I won't drink hot. I don't know how but I seem to have a collection of them passed on to me by others.

What? Just go and buy iced tea? 

Nope - no way! Why?! When it is so easy to make yourself and not loaded with all the sugar and chemicals that companies seem to LOVE to add to anything and everything these days.

And cheap! Way cheaper to make your own!

I bet all neatly packaged with a great marketing campaign and this bottle of acai berry that just cost me a few ¢ would be a few $ in the store.

I make all kinds of iced tea flavours from fruit to regular orange pekoe. Either start with boiled water, add a tea bag, some sugar or honey, and a lemon slice and you are done. I put mine out in the sun. You can even just start with cold water and let the sun do the rest. I make batch upon batch in recycled mason jars and then move them to fancier drinking bottles.

The middle jar is a mango pit. I thought I try to get everything I could out of the mango I cut up - so mango flavoured water it is!

Since I picked up a new bag of lemons on our shopping trip last week, I thought fresh lemonade was in order. I used the recipe from The Idea Room - it worked great.

Same deal - much better, much healthier and much cheaper to make your own then to buy it pre made.

There are many great options for making your own flavoured iced teas and water. With most of North America heating up the flavoured water recipes are quickly hitting the internet, both facebook and pinterest. Here is a link to Habitots and The Yummy Life for more ideas.

Cassia's (and Derek's) way to beat the heat! 

Our little water girl! 

LOVE the heat! Do you?


Today's Interesting Link: We picked up a bottle of eucalyptus essential oil the last time we were in Chilliwack. I was happy to see this post on facebook today letting me know all the things I can use it for. Essential oils are wonderful tools for the home!

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  1. Those teas look absolutely delicious! I'll have to give them a whirl sometime.


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