Thursday, July 5, 2012

Where are we traveling to next winter?

It has been a few months now, since we arrived back in Canada, and Derek and I have FINALLY decided on our trip for next year!

Oh - did you believe me when I said that I wasn't going to think about it for two months! Sorry - but, really, that just isn't me. You see I am the recovering worrier in the family. I could not rest until I had a plan - even if it was for 5 months away.

Remember way back in April when we were questioning Where do we go from here? Well, I guess number 3 it is!

I'm not sure why this destination wasn't an obvious choice from the beginning - after all, it has been a trip we have talked about before, but for some reason it kept being the 'one day' place. It has been on our minds since I first found Bodes Well - have you been to visit this site yet? HUGE inspiration!

Have you scrolled down yet? No! Good!

Oh you just did didn't you!

Well, let's just get it over with then! We are beside ourselves excited to say that the Wood Clan is headed to


Yup - that's right!

United States of America
El Salvador
Costa Rica 


Just think of it - all the great people, landscapes and FOOD! 

Food - all the awesome, yummy food!

I know, I know, we also said that we were done RVing and complained about last winters 10,000 miles. Well, I guess this trip will put that one to shame! 

We are so excited we could leave now - but alas we have 3 months left still to work. Which is ok - since I OBVIOUSLY have my work cut out for me in the research department. 

On the one hand it seems almost undoable - right? But then I found Live. Deliberately. the Dennings family blog. Now, if a family of 7 can take on Central America than surely we can! Their site is going to come in VERY handy I can tell already. If you have a minute here is one of Rachel's really great post entitled What if My Whole Life has Been Wrong.

And safety? You are worried about our safety - right?!

Well, how about read this first - Uhhh, Mexico...Where's all the Danger? - another post by Rachel about their experience in Mexico. I think the same thing could be said about almost all countries, and certainly the ones we will be visiting.


Oh - and by the way, we've scrapped the idea of a C Class Motorhome. A trip as large and as long as this will require something much more compact and fuel efficient. We are NOW looking for a B Class - so essentially a camper van. If you know of one please let us know!

And so, in addition to letting you in on our frugal way of living over the next few months, I'll keep you up to date on how our plans are coming along for our big trip. So much to think about - border crossings, wifi, where to stay, what to bring, etc. 

Up until a week or so ago we had decided on Mexico - but why stop there - right!

WoW! I can hardly wait!

Big News - right? Right!


Today's Interesting Link: I've also been spending some time on Nomadic Matt's site. Matt has a GREAT site - he has been EVERYWHERE - well almost. Most importantly right now is that he has been to Central America. Thankfully he goes through each country providing travel tips, prices and places to visit. Take a look.


  1. Sounds like it could be a fun trip!! Definitely have some planning to do before hitting the road!

    1. Heyyyyy do I hear hesitation in your voice there BlackSheep?! :)

    2. No..........its just not a trip I would want to take....

  2. Wow, that adventure will be HUGE!! Can't wait to follow along. Both in the planning and the trip itself!

    1. HUGE is for sure! That's us - go big or go home! Can't wait for you to follow along!

  3. Only one problem that I see. You will make it into Mexico and realize that there is FAR too much to see and enjoy there and you will figure that spending the extra money on gas to go further south doesn't make sense.

    At least that's what's happened to us every time we've thought about going further south than Mexico. Plus, gasoline south of Mexico gets quite a bit more expensive.

    1. So true Kevin. That MAY happen but that is so good about our life - if we don't go all the way down next winter there is always after that -right?!

      I see that gas is more expensive south of Mexico - however it also seems that other items are less expensive. So MAYBE they will equal out - or not. Doesn't matter too much.

      So - we won't see you guys down there somewhere next winter? :)

  4. WOW !!! I leave you alone for a few days, then you come up with a huge, gigantic, bombshell like this !!

    I must confess my first thought was for your SAFETY, but then again I was afraid to leave the security of the Canadian border, and soon discovered all my fears were for naught.

    My second thought was "I want to go, too" !! LOL

    Now I am sitting here with a huge smile on my face, thinking of how exciting your winter is going to be !!

    As for rigs, we used a Pleasureway Class B for a trip out to Victoria and back, and can recommend them highly. We got double the gas mileage we are getting with our Class C ( 18 mpg vs 9-10 ).

    On the Pro Class B side, you have better gas mileage, can maneuver malls, grocery stores and small towns with ease. Another huge pro is stealth parking, so boondocking is made easier.

    Some of the Cons for us were the limited storage space, small tanks, converting the bed daily, and being stuck inside in bad weather.

    Surprisingly, Class B's seem to be more expensive than their bigger Class C brethren.

    I am so excited for you guys, and can hardly wait to watch the adventure unfold before my eyes.

    I will keep an eye out for a good van in this neck of the Woods ( no pun intended )

    Better let you run, because you have a lot of Research to do .... ha ha

    Hugs, TnT

    1. So true TnT! I think we've proved to our families and friends during our last FOUR trips to the USA that it isn't all that unsafe. We haven't had a problems yet. No worries - we travel safe!

      Definitely pros and cons for the B. It will be a tight fit esp. with Roofous and the cats but it will have to do. We will make sure there is an awning so we can put an add a room on for when we stay put for a few days. Converting the bed daily will be the main - not so fun - part. But it will all be worth it - esp. since it will be warm.

      Hope you guys are having a great summer!

  5. This sounds like an AMAZING trip! Looking forward to following along with your travel adventure!

  6. AWESOME trip! these places are pretty high on my list of places I want to visit so I'll have to follow your adventures!


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