Friday, February 13, 2015


Monday morning we rolled out of Langtry.

A left turn at the highway to go west.

The 90 is a great road if you've never been on it - stretching from Del Rio to Van Horn. It's one of our favourites - a free and easy kind of road. 

Just remember to keep track of your gas. We fill up in Del Rio and then again in Sanderson. Not a lot of gas stations out here in southwest Texas. We could have filled in Marathon instead of Sanderson but glad we didn't - the price jumped from $2.09 to $2.50. 

Not the most exciting scenery but nice - also very quiet.

We stopped in Marathon for lunch. Our usual spot is along the street across from the Gage Hotel. Last January we ended up staying overnight because when we returned from looking around the town we realized we had a flat tire. Remember that?! We sure do!

Of all the times we have been in Marathon I've never ventured inside the Gage Hotel. Today was the day. Very nice….

Although not overly impressed with the wildlife on display.

Sadly, the Burnt Biscuit Bakery was closed.

Then we headed south. Only one picture along the way - windshield photography doesn't work when headed into the sun.

We chose to take the 385 down even though we knew we'd have to pay the $20 Big Bend NP fee but would only be driving through. We'll be taking the 118 north and didn't want to do it twice in the span of a few days.

Sure wish our Provincial Park uniforms were more in line with the American National and State Parks.

I commented on why we don't go to Big Bend NP. We did back in 2008 but realized that it's not a good place if you have a dog. They are not allowed on the trails or even left unattended. Worth the stop I'm sure if you don't have any fur kids along.

For us - we like the scenery on the west side best. Now we have passed the headquarters and are heading to Study Butte.

Upon pulling into Study Butte we first went to the grocery store to stock up on water ($1 for 10 gallons in our tank), Big Bend Beer and a few groceries. 

From there over to one of our favourite shops to snoop around.

We are big fans of Terlingua but I didn't take any pictures this time. Go here to see last years collection.

Then over to the Study Butte Cafe - part of Big Bend Resort and Adventures. It's the main hub area with hotel, rv park, gas station, store, cafe, tours and laundromat.

The food at the cafe and is GREAT plus we can plug in and get wifi. We spent the afternoon there catching up.

Then we headed a few miles to our favourite boondocking spot.

After finding a super parking spot we went for a sunset walk.

Next post - just a few of the great pictures we got over the course of the two days and three nights we spent sleeping among the rocks and stars.


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