Friday, February 13, 2015


Not to live necessarily, but we sure do love stopping in here each year.

If you remember from last January, we spent one week boondocking east of Study Butte. We were at the laundromat and found this location from another traveller. 

When we reached it we were hooked. So we returned this year for a few days - Monday to Thursday.

Nice to get a way to silence, hiking and a big sky. We park along a public road but it only sees a few cars a day. 

I always take a ton of photos - it's a very photogenic area. 

Here's just a few!

Last year we had two parking spots - this year we chose a new one in the middle of them. We like to hike in either direction. Here we are all set up Monday night - enjoying the sunset.

Cassia was nice enough to set up a fire for us. It was great but short since she only found twigs. 

Tuesday morning off for a hike. It was hot! 28C that day so we hiked in the morning and then again just before sunset.

A soak for Rufus along the way.

We have great fun with all the holes in the rocks.

FINALLY - after months of being tied up or on his leash Rufus is free!

Here starts the photos from our sunset walk. We went back to what we know call 'Cassia mountain'. Last year she headed up this mound by herself - there was a little bit of trepidation on our part but she is quite the little climber and handled it just fine. 

Our little traveller. Cas has been on the road since she was 18 months old. One of my favourite pictures so far.

Walking behind I noticed that Derek's tanned back matched the colour of the rocks.

 Howdy from the Wood Clan!

Wednesday morning we headed back to the Cassia mountain area.

Wednesday night we stuck close to the van for our sunset shots.

The sky here at Study Butte is often cloudless when we are here, however they rolled in Wednesday evening.

Last photo.

We were planning on leaving Thursday because we knew that rain was on the way. Our boondocking spot is NOT the place to get stuck in the rain. The road in is dirt. 

Unfortunately, at exactly 3:30 am we heard pitter patter. Good thing we were smart enough to heed the warning and head into town. Just a few hours later it poured - we would have been trapped. 

We pulled into the parking lot by the laundromat and were early birds in there by seven after a few more hours of sleep.

What an adventure!

If you want to see more pictures of this area you can find them here, our posts from last January:

It is now Friday morning. We spent Thursday here at the RV Park nice an cozy with the cool and wet weather. A bit of a luxury for the Wood Clan.

Today we head north again - not far - up to Alpine and Marfa.

From there on to New Mexico Saturday…..

See you there!



  1. What neat photos you post - especially like the Howdy from the Wood Clan shadow pic! Cassia sure enjoys all those outdoor activities. Love how your family embraces nature and the simple things in life. That is so awesome!
    Connie in PA

    1. Thanks Connie! We love our shadow pics - that one worked out really well! Cassia is an outdoor girl for sure. We definitely find the fun and value in the simple things…...

  2. We were back in Lajitas, and the Study Butte area the first of January. Thought of your secret spot of last year. Had no idea you would be there again this year.

    1. Heyyyyy Jerry. When we were on our way I checked in to see where you guys were at. I knew you were in Quartzsite - wondering if you'd be in the area. We didn't actually know if we'd be there this year again or not - nice that it fit.

  3. After a couple of months in an RV park we envy the quietness of your stops. Glad to see Rufus happy and free, I can see he's a nice guy! The family shadow picture is the best! Look out Daddy your little girl is going to be stunning when she grows up!

    1. Exactly Kathy! The peace of the desert with know one around was just what we needed about the tight quarters of Zihua. Rufus is the most social member of the Wood Clan! Super friends guy….

  4. Nice to see that you were still enjoying some great weather, a go thing that you moved when you did.

  5. So nice to get your lovely pix. I have vacation wonderland climes about 350 out of 365 days a year and simply will not travel alone, so this is an important adjunct to my armchair travels. You probably don't remember meeting me a couple winters ago when y'all pulled off in back of home depot on west side El Paso. Hope y'all. Continue the safe and happy journeys!

    1. I definitely remember you Emma! Funny - we just drove by there the other day! I'm glad you can travel along with us! Take care!


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