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This is Cassia ....... it's my Birthday today - I'm 6 - so Mom said that maybe I would want to say something on the blog today - for all you ...... people.

I can't believe it's my Birthday today! Can I tell you something (I say that a lot) .... ummmm ..... I got a John Deere Tractor for my Birthday.

And....... I was up really early - about 5 ..... Mom said to wait - not to wake my Dad up because he was up real late putting it together. I waited but I was so excited that I just couldn't wait anymore. 

Mom didn't even have her coffee in bed this morning! Her and Dad got right up and I ran out and they watched me ride my tractor from the window.

Here I am at 7:00 this morning - driving around for the first time. It has slow and fast and reverse and a radio and brakes!

I love it!
Dad loves it too. I think that's why I got it for my Birthday. I think that if it's something to do with farming I know I'll get it - Dad likes farming stuff. I don't think Mom likes it as much - but I asked Dad and now I have a John Deere tractor!

Then I came back inside to open my gifts. 

I got lots of cards and things and money from my family and friends. Here is the card from my Auntie Diana and Uncle David. 

Here's some of the stuff. Then I talked to my Oma .... then I talked to my Grandma. My Auntie Q made pajamas especially for me - they glow in the dark.

Then I went back out to my tractor. Look at Rufus beside me. Look at my wagon - I'm pulling my stuffed animals.

Then Dad hung up my pinata. Remember when we saw them in Mexico? Mom said we would make one for my Birthday. I helped a little bit - it is with paper macha. Mom didn't look like she needed help so I let her make it. I love it. It's a star. 

Hahahahah it almost hit me!

Look at all the candy I got.
Mom said that the kinder surprise eggs probably weren't a good in the pinata. 


Then later Mom made the whipped cream for my cake. Before I wanted an Ariel princess cake ... but then I told Mom that I wanted the same cake that she had but with blue icing. Blue is my favourite colour. Mom looked happy about that.

I put the candles on ...... I'm 6 but I wanted more candles.

I love my cake - it's blue. I love Blue. Yum.

After that Mom and I went for a walk in the park to look at the big orange tractor in the hayfield. Look at all the fluff.

Look at the pretty purple flowers.

I was trying to pick a flower here - it was too hard - Mom had to pull it for me.

Mom took lots of pictures - Mom always takes lots of pictures - and a movie - here - watch.

Later I made a house on the porch with my new box. I put lots of my things in there. Mom said something about it being an expensive box ...... what does that mean? I love boxes.

When Dad came home from work we had lunch and then we had the cake. I made a wish!

Here are all my cards. 

Britt who works here brought me two big bags - it had lots of craft stuff for me to do. Clay and markers and paper and even a pink flamingo lantern - what is a lantern? Dad put it together for me.

It was a fun day.

Mom played hide and go seek with me ...... we went down to the creek because it was hot ..... there is an island there - Dad and Rufus came then later Mom came .... 

I was waiting all day for my tractor to charge - I was waiting for the orange light to turn green. My Auntie's called tonight - I miss my cousins......

What a great Birthday - I can't believe it's my Birthday.

Mom says to say 6 things about me because I'm 6!


1. I love dinosaurs. And I love Scooby Doo. And I love treats. I love popcorn - Mom is smiling - Mom why are you smiling?

2. My favourite colour is blue.

3. My name is Cassia Wood.

4. I have a bunk bed now - I sleep on the top.

5. I think the Marmots here are soooooo cute. I love animals. I love Rufus. I love M our cat.

6. I'm 6 now!

That's it.

Mom put this here for me. I can't use the computer yet. I can use the ipad though. I have games on it.

Goodbye blog people.

I'm tired. 



  1. Happy Birthday Cassie. It looks like you had a wonderful day. Imagine a tractor! What a lucky girl! I enjoyed your blog and I just love your beautiful dress.
    Elaine in Saltair BC

  2. Wow what a great day you had Cass for your 6th birthday. I love the tractor and to have a wagon as well is special. I guess you will be going to school soon. Here in Australia (ask mum to show you on the world map) the kids start school at 5. Your blue cake looked so delicious and licking the mixer is a favorite thing kids from one of the in Australia.

  3. Happy Birthday Cassia, really looks like you had a wonderful day !

  4. Happy Birthday Cassia !! Have a great day !

  5. Happy Birthday Cassia...our grandson has a tractor just like that one and he loves it too!

  6. What a sweet post...loved reading it in Cassia's mind. I want a party day like that...what a bunch of great fun...totally the best!

  7. What a sweet post...loved reading it in Cassia's mind. I want a party day like that...what a bunch of great fun...totally the best!

  8. Happy Birthday Cassia, you are a lucky girl!

  9. Your a genius Cassia, I want be the first to tell you! Who needs moms to write a blog, look at you go girl! However, we both know it's lots of time and effort to keep up a blog, so you better let her have the pen back :)

    Be careful, I know chiggers are in tall grasses Cassia, did you get bit by the chiggers. Since you got that new tractor, help your daddio keep the tall grass cut so it keeps the chiggers away, okay.

    Tell your mom she did a wonderful job on the pinata, very creative indeed and don't forget to charge the tractor every night or it won't go anywhere in the morning. Now the only thing you may need is a park ranger uniform with a badge and all. Do they have girl scouts in your area? I bet the do, ask your mommy to look into it for you, lots of friends and things to do.

    I almost forgot, congratulations, your now in the big little kids league, 6 years going on 7, same age as my grandson.

    Have fun kiddo!

  10. What a great job on your blog post Cassia!!!.. Enjoyed reading it so much!!..
    Congrats on turning six!!!❤️❤️

  11. Happy Birthday Cassia! What a great post. Your mom should let you post more often! You have such wonderful adventures traveling and living all over the place with your parents. It looks like you'll be able to help out at the campground with your new tractor and wagon. :-)

  12. Wow Cassia, what a great post you made, Happy Birthday to a special little girl. You can think of today as never being 5 again plus you got to start driving. How lucky are you. Have a fun day!!!

  13. Happy birthday, pretty lady. What a great six years you have had. Very few six year olds have experienced life as you have. Your life will be richer for it.

  14. Now that was one perfect birthday, Cassia!!! Loved reading your thoughts - thanks for sharing with us. You looked like a princess in your pretty dress. Happy, happy birthday!

  15. What a great birthday post Cassia! Happy birthday from Croft and Norma.

  16. Happy birthday Cassia! I enjoyed reading your blog post and your 6 fun facts. And I LOVE your John Deere tractor!

    Sandy from Maryland


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