Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Being Tuesday today, it was our weekly escape from the park day and we headed into Vernon to do our errands and shopping. 

However, since I am behind with my posts - again - it's last week Tuesday that I have pictures of this post. 

With Derek needing supplies from the e-cig shop in Westbank we headed south along Westside Road instead of north. You know - the crazy narrow and winding road that is under construction. It's a challenge but we took it on anyway.

Once in Westbank our first stop was the Buckerfield's store - we've been looking high and low for a hoe for the park. It was our last option.

Who knew they had animals out back!

Our animal girl was excited and nervous all at the same time.

Following the banking, the e-cig shop and Canadian Tire we headed to Paynter's Fruit Market. We don't get there often but decided to stop since we had by this time decided to carry on to Peachland for a few hours.

We LOVE Peachland! 
It's one of our favourite places in the Okanagan. Sadly, we don't get here often and not at all in the last few years. Since it was an impromptu visit I didn't have the camera - just my phone. Next time I'll do better.

A lady Derek was talking to at Paynters suggested Ships-A-Hoy for lunch. We highly recommend - a great place with super fish and chips.

There is a park across from the main strip along the water. 

We were also here for Cas to play on a different playground. 

And to sit in the shade and eat our cherries. This is Cassia's - ok another picture - look.

It was a nice day out. 

Since we only leave the park once a week - we are working on making a day of it. Our tendency is to rush back but our staff can and do manage without us. We appreciate the change of scenery. 

We had so much fun we'll head back to Peachland soon. 

Right now we are in the midst of very high temperatures and thunderstorms. We had a huge one last night that knocked out our power - just as I was setting up to do this post and put a few pics on facebook. 

With the power out we once again had to rush to close all of our washrooms and shower buildings at the park. Since the power didn't return until overnight it was Derek who had to be up at 4:30 am to go around and open them up! 

A pretty neat sky last night.

As I sit here on our veranda I can feel the wind picking up - another storm will probably move through soon.

I've been taking lots of photos of our gardens lately - I'll show them to you next post.

Happy Canada Day 
from the Wood Clan!


  1. Happy Canada day to our fellow PO's..from our park to yours .. Here's hoping you have a great holiday !

  2. Hopefully it's a calm day at both parks. We have all hands on deck....

  3. Always fun to get out and about, Happy Canada Day !

  4. Peachland? looks like Cherryland to me. How do you connect to the internet living in the woods, are you using your mobile phone data and tethering via USB?

    1. Ha! Well that is because cherries are the first fruits of the season - peaches are on the way though! Actually, although it takes us so long to get to town we are surrounding by neighbourhoods over here - there is one right across from us. We have a dish for internet that hits a satellite.

  5. Cassia looks good on the tractor! Maybe she'll be a farmer! Happy Canada Day! It's a beautiful country.

    1. She definitely follows her dad in the farming department! Hopefully she does carry on our love of growing our own fruits and vegetables. Expensive but beautiful! LOL


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