Thursday, February 23, 2012

Buckeye Hills Recreation Area

We were all pretty proud of our route planner/navigator/events coordinator for finding this GREAT spot. And yes that is


I really out did myself this time! I found for us Buckeye Hills Recreation Area - or BH Regional Park. On the internet it is called Regional Park everywhere - but out on the highway it is called Rec Area - could throw a person off! Not a lot of info about it - but it's there and it is worth the stop!

We headed out of Gila Bend last Saturday late afternoon and came here - only about 20 miles up the highway so it didn't take long. We parked on the circle and were happy to see only one other RV even though it was a long weekend!

Monday we made the short trip into Buckeye to pick up groceries since it had been about a week since a shopping trip - way back in Deming NM. We decided to take everything with us and spend the night so that we could have wifi. The Lowe's was nice enough to have us over for the night!

In the morning we looked around the garden center! Amazing to see all their plants out when we won't see this until - oh - late June at home.

Desert Cassia smelling a Desert Cassia

Beautiful landscaping at Lowe's - we quite enjoyed the overnight stay there!

This blimp actually came really low just above us. Derek said he would want to ride in one someday. That was until we watched in swaying in the wind. NOPE!

Everyone got some freedom - even the cats.

Hiking is the main attraction around these parts - just pick a direction and walk. We usually walked in the mornings and late afternoon just before dinner - the days were too hot. Frank - our only friend - a full timer ex military - told us about an ancient river bed. So we went to check it out. 

New shorts for Cassia and YES they are boys! However, even at the size of 24 months they are too big. We of course tried to improvise with a make shift belt but it didn't work. 

This picture really shows Roofous's personality - he is a true combo of his mom and dad!

After our Buckeye trip we came back to the same spot. We looked around a bit for another site on Robbins Road but they were a bit rougher and we had become fond of the Circle. Plus we didn't really need to head out since there wasn't anyone else there anyway! Once back we spent another 2 nights at this fine place.

Taking a break in the shade - a bit too hot for a walk - we didn't make it far.

When we came back to the trailer I went inside and came out to find a little lizard - I was hoping I hadn't stepped on it - although it would have been totally crushed then! Derek put him back in the sun and off he went.

Do you recall that I picked shells at Cape San Blas that all had holes in the top - well I finally had a chance to string them together. I mean what else do you do sitting in the desert all day!

Cassia enjoying the hammock - enjoying the shade of the blankets we were airing out.

The evenings were the most perfect at Buckeye Hills Rec Area - especially our last night - Wednesday night. It was warm, no wind and a beautiful sunset. 

Yes - you would have thought that we would have stayed longer - but that homesickness feeling isn't going away - nor is that - let's just get going feeling. Also, in trips past we were ok with living out in the desert for weeks on end without the internet - but those days are longgggggggg gone. 

Although now sitting here in Kingman with a delivery truck running and the cooler temps I am thinking back to last night in the desert with - well - yes a touch of sadness. 

Thanks for visiting!

PS we did go through Wickenburg today but I won't be able to post that tonight - stay tuned.


Today's Interesting Link: Yup - we are in Kingman tonight. We love Kingman - well we love the old Kingman - we have been there a few times and will head back there in the morning. They have a super Tourist Info Center. However, this afternoon as we rolled into new Kingman from the east on Interstate 40 it seems to be a nice little city.


  1. What a great post Teresa. We really enjoyed your pic's as well.
    ( Well, maybe Teresa was a little squemish with you holding a lizard ... lol )
    Safe travels, friends ... TnT

  2. Thanks! You wouldn't catch me holding the lizard - definitely a Derek thing!

  3. I have to wonder if that blimp was the Border Patrol? While I was workamping in Deming, they had a blimp on the south border, that was tethered to the ground.....a BP agent told me it was full of cameras and computers, and relayed info/pics to agents on the ground, who were on 4 wheelers and horseback.....being from the midwest, this was all fascinating to me to see this type of activity up close....I mean, we just didn't have an alien problem on the Illinois prairies!

    Travel safe guys!

    1. We've seen that blimp many many times....but this one said MetLife on it...

  4. How did you find Kingman boondocking-wise? Is it friendly to such things?

    The Good Luck Duck

    1. We stayed at the Home Depot with no problem.... the next morning we saw a few rigs at Walmart.


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