Thursday, February 16, 2012

These are some good times....

Well what can we say - we had a really great day - where you ask?

Why at the Shell Gas Station - yup - a truck stop.

Having arrived here last night pretty happy with our find we decided to spend the day. What more can we ask for - a huge parking lot with a little corner for our little rig, the desert around us, warm temps - I think it hit 21C today, wifi, electricity via our solar panel and a really great little store.

ahhhhhh - we are wondering how long we can pull this off we are really quite comfortable. We are odd we know - most RVers like the fancy places - just give us the Gila Bend truck stop and we are good to go!

While on a walk over to see the wildlife this morning Cassia and I headed over to check out the store - there must be SOMETHING to look at!

WoW! there sure was - probably a BIG mistake! I actually found all sorts of things to waste our money on.

Later we headed back with Derek - ok - I could forgo all of the tacky tourist stuff but we HAD to have the soft ice cream twist.

First we tried on the hats.

Then we went in for the ice cream - dad served.

A nice picnic area in the shade - which thankfully we needed today!

hmmmm - interesting that Cassia was going for dad's when she had her own!

Like parents like child - yes she finished the whole thing!

A beautiful desert sunset (behind the Shell sign).

So - we are feeling pretty good today - and we might even be here tomorrow too! Or we just might make the 4 mile trip to Gila Bend - we haven't even gotten there - yet!

You're going to miss these days....

I was going to do a whole other blog post on this but I'll just tack it on here! When Cassia and I were wandering around the store this morning this song was playing. It is by Trace Adkins - it's called "You're Going to Miss This" have you heard it? It is one of my favourites for what it says. It really struck me today.

Our life on the road is just like everyone else's lives - we have good days and bad days. Some days really stink! The last few have been a bit tiring and trying. Cassia is right in the middle of her toddler years and boy - Derek and I are truly feeling it!

But when I heard the words - I thought - ya -

I WILL miss these days and they ARE some good times.

Life moves along at a pretty quick pace these days. One of the quotes I have heard a few times on our trip, that I hadn't heard before, is this - "The days are long but the years are short." Yup - I like that and it's oh so true isn't it? We'd all do well to remember that as we fly along through life.

I was going to write the lyrics out here but you can find them hereYou can also watch give the song a spin on YT.

Thanks for checkin' in!


Today's Interesting Link: There is actually an RV park just a stones throw from us - the Holt's Shell RV Park. If we had a Passport America we would probably even be parked over there right now because the price would be right. We called it Home stopped in not to long ago and wrote up a review. 


  1. We LOVE that song as well, and like I said in a comment in an earlier post, THESE are the best years of a parent's life, when they can see the world through the eyes of a child.

    But, I don't think we have to tell you that, you have incredible insight !!

    Hugs, TnT

  2. Very well IS short, and time flies by us....grab all those memories you can! Thirty years from now you can go back and re-read this entry and say I remember that day!! WOW!!

  3. I have had some good days in parking lots, as well. Yours looks extraordinary, actually.

    The Good Luck Duck

    P.S. Blogger's new word verification is not simply from the Devil, it is rumored to be his cyber incarnation.

  4. Does the cat roam? Or is it on a leash? Enjoy your time out. Make good memories.

    1. We have three cats and they are free range - only when we are really out. no chance of running on the roads etc. In the past we have traveled with five cats!


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