Friday, March 9, 2012

Ash Springs' Warm Springs

Not so far up the road from Pahranagat is our next stop - the warm springs at Ash Springs. 

Now - I'm sorta thinking that this place IS a well kept secret because as we enjoy our soak I watch many many many RVs going right by - OR - they just don't like hot/warm springs - which I suppose is possible but quite crazy in our books. 

Hot springs - warm springs - we're there - you may have noticed!

Two things of note in Ash Springs, 1) a Shell gas station with often cheaper gas then Alamo and 2) the BLM Rec Area with a public warm spring.

The springs are right across the highway from the Shell Station. Last year when it was our first time visiting we had some trouble finding it - having been tipped off about it's existence from a fellow Hot Springer at the Holtville Hotspring LTVA.

Look for this road - and the black fence - across from and the north side of the Shell Station.

As you can see overnight camping is not allowed.

There are 3 options for an overnight place in this area near as I can tell - 

1) the Pahranagat NWR as we do -  and then a stop at the springs on our way north and then carry on

2) behind the Shell Station - I BELIEVE they are $18 for water/elec or 

3) boondocking BESIDE the springs. Unfortunately I failed to take a picture - as you are coming into the parking lot look to your left - there is a opening in the fence leading to a field. From what I have found on the internet it seems that people boondock in this space. Only drive into the parking lot or the field if you are a smaller RV such as a van, truck camper or small C class. We park on the shoulder on the highway among the semis.

There is a 'man made' pool ...... about waist high and the warmest as the spring feeds directly into it....

and a 'natural pond' ..... where you pretty much need to lie down and a tad cooler .

Derek and Cassia on our visit last year.

It wasn't the warmest morning so I put Cassia in her swimming shirt and shorts.

Yaaaaaaa for the large rock!

You can't be too ticklish to sit in the pond as you quickly become food for the fish!

Cassia has been in hot springs since she was 10 months old!

I really don't know the temperature of the springs - about like a nice warm bath - that doesn't cool off. It is very comfortable even in cooler temperatures. I almost prefer it to the hot springs because you don't get the tired, drained of energy feeling that hot water seems to create. It is also much better for Cassia of course.

If you do visit the springs - PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE take a piece or two of garbage with you. Why oh why do people feel the need to bring their snacks and leave the wrappers? and more importantly and way more frustrating is the brown glass pieces that I found on the grass right BESIDE the pond. There isn't that much garbage but why does there need to be any?

Washrooms are supplied but I didn't go in and so cannot speak about the cleanliness!

We seemed to have timed our visit just perfect this year - when we arrived at about 8:30 Tuesday morning we had the place to ourselves - for about an hour. Ahhhhhhh........

Now all warm and squeaky clean we got back on the road - a BIG day ahead of us to get through Nevada. We do this route in one day because of the higher elevations of the towns - too cold to stay overnight! The next post will be 'almost all of Nevada and some of Idaho in a day'!



Today's Interesting Link: These last few days I have been getting really interested in farming/gardening - obviously since spring is on it's way and I can't wait to get home to start making, baking and growing. Backyard Farming - The Urban Homestead is my latest find! You gotta love their header! LOTS of great info!


  1. Teresa, I just don't get why more folks aren't running to your website.
    You have top rated photos, and excellent tips !!

    Today's blog is a perfect example of info that tons of RV'ers search for.

    Thanks for sharing with us ... TnT

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  3. Thanks so much for sharing your hot springs information, We love Holtville, gotta get back that way again and check out some of yours..

  4. Sounds like a great place. We will have to remember that whenever we are in that area. On Monday we are headed to a laguna caliente (a hot lake) that is also mineral fed. Looks like there should be parking for the night. Looking forward to it.

    Kevin and Ruth


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