Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nampa Idaho - a closed circle

Following a peaceful sleep in Buhl, we were up pretty early that morning anxious to be on our way. We knew that the weather was going to take a nasty turn and we wanted to get on the road and to Nampa as fast as we could. Although the sky was quite dark the rain and snow had yet to start.

First things first - using the dump station at the Buhl Chamber of Commerce. What a great gift to travelers - thanks!! We have used this one twice now but both times when the office has been closed. We like Buhl, we liked it last year driving through and we felt that way again. Some towns just have a nice feel to them - right? - Buhl has it. 

Buhl is along the 30 west of Twin Falls, the 30 is also the Thousand Springs Scenic Byway. We found this neat little drive last year when we were avoiding the Interstate as long as possible. It is a GREAT drive - actually, we LOVE it and were really looking forward to our second time through.

Main Street Buhl.

The Byway travels through farmland - our favourite! Hand over a nice little farm here and we would take it happily! A well protected spot with more cows then Cassia and I could count. A little dark and cloudy this day but you can get the idea - also late winter so lots of golden grass. LOVE golden grass!

One of the features that really caught our eyes last winter were the waterfalls coming out of the rock wall  running parallel to the highway. We got the idea from the signs that there were springs as we were traveling through. This year we decided to stop in at the Thousand Springs State Park - alas it is still closed for the season. We grabbed this quick picture - glad we did because the rest, taken while we were moving, didn't work out.

Further along the byway we stopped at a very nice and very clean rest area. Derek, Cassia and Roofous went for a quick walk. Me - I wimped out and stayed in the truck - still trying to adjust to the cooler temperatures.

Cassia is almost always up for a walk. First time this trip with her toque. We bought it last year - black - to match her dads!

hmmmm - kind of an erie picture that Derek took - due to the dark sky.

A red nose! colddddddddddd! but a smile none the less

At the west end of the byway the road climbs out of the valley quite steeply. Just before that was the town of Hagerman - our very most favourite area along the 30. We really really like it here and would put it close to the top of the list. Although cold at this time of year - in the summer I am sure it could give Micanopy, Apalachicola and the Texas Hill Country a run for their money for the place we would love to live.

We stopped at the pull out half way up the hill to take some great shots of the valley....

and the storm clouds to the west.

It sure doesn't look good to the south - we were thrilled that we had made it through Nevada the day before - I can only imagine how much snow they were going to get.

By the time we got to the top of the hill and could get a good look west we knew we were in serious trouble in about - oh - 30 seconds. We were blissfully unaware of the looming storm until we got to well - Bliss. Yes - there is a town called Bliss! Right where the 30 and the Interstate meet. 

Pretty soon we were driving in this.......

Which quickly became this....

Thankfully there is a rest area just west of Bliss. With the wind and the driving snow coming from the west - of course the direction we were heading - we actually had a hard time just doing the few miles.

The three of us quickly got into the trailer and turned on the heat. We were prepared to stay there as long as it took - the morning, the day - even overnight. No pictures but things got much worse before they got better - about an hour of blizzard conditions. Cassia was happy watching a movie, me reading my book and Derek was nice enough to make breakfast.

Because we were up so early we were back on the road before lunch - the storm had passed!

Even a brighter sky in the distance.

The rest of the trip flew by and soon we were exiting the Interstate to our friends place in Nampa. We had come full circle since we stopped here on our way out back in October. Actually, when we entered the Interstate at Bliss we had crossed our path and closed the circle there. 

As we got comfortable and K and J's place we were thankful that we timed our trip as we had - the next day more snow fell in the area. We can't get much better then this - good friends and good food, a bedroom to call our own, a bathroom, and laundry. Plus three granddaughters for Cassia to play with aged 5, 7 and 9 AND a mountain of toys.

I am thrilled to say that it has taken me near two weeks but I am caught up on the blog since there isn't a whole lot to report from out stay here - we are couch potatoes really - just hanging out. The weather hasn't been all that great and so we have spent most of our time indoors.

We meant to have been gone by now but winter still has a grip on BC and so here we wait for better driving conditions until we make the trip up to Castlegar. 

Thanks for stopping in!


Today's Interesting Link: Well you've probably all heard of Dave Ramsey but I hadn't! This link came up on my facebook the other day and in the spirit of this blog - living a life made simple - I will link it here. I was excited to see that Derek and I actually follow many many of the 29 Ways To Leap out of Debt. 

Of course we aren't in debt anymore but the list is also a good way of not leaping INTO debt - again.

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  1. So glad you are snuggled in with some friends.

    Sure didn't like the looks of that snow !!

    I have been keeping careful notes from your last few posts ... Thanks !!

    Stay warm ... TnT


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