Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge, Nevada

The Pahranagat National Wildlife Refuge is a favourite of ours! Perhaps it is a well kept secret - I am not sure. Since we usually go north sooner then most - this year end of Feb - last year the middle of March it is always quiet when we arrive. 

Good news for us of course because we had the place ALMOST to ourselves.

The PNWR is located just south of Alamo Nevada along the 93. Camping is offered at the Upper Pahranagat Lake - it is a super deal - it's


There are 14 sites strung out along the lake - some in twos - some by themselves - some back ins - some pull throughs, each with a grill and picnic table. There are NO hook ups here and no water - but there is a garbage bin on the way out. Campers are allowed to stay for 14 days. 

Site #13 at the PNWR

We like it because it breaks up the seemingly long trip through Nevada. It is also a very beautiful spot - a tucked in valley with lots of vegetation and therefore a bit of a mico climate. 

Two years in a row now we have parked in site #13 at the end of the road. We would pick #14 the very last one but it is reserved as an accessible site. This is the ideal location for us because it is close to the walking trail.

The only thing I can say against this campground is that it is VERY close to the highway. With all the semi traffic on this route the drone of the traffic starts to get to you a bit.

The lake was up much higher this year than last.

Spring is just around the corner.

One of our favourite little spots to visit - even just down a flight of stairs we are protected from the wind.

Hey kiddo!

That's our stick girl!

Derek enjoying the warm sun!

Me and my girl.

Cassia has the same sense of adventure as her dad - she was thrilled about this!

Are those buds on those cottonwoods? yup!

Cassia this year........

and last year!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the mass of colours. It's natural of course but it reminds me of the work by one of my favourite landscape architects who works a lot with ornamental grasses - Piet Oudolf.

Returning to our site after a walk.

A sunset picture from last year's visit.

We spent Sunday and Monday nights at Pahranagat this year, although it was a bit cooler then last year we enjoyed ourselves just as much and all benefited from the walks to the little creek in the warm sun. It is always such a nice time - to relax from the craziness of getting through Vegas and the pending two day drive through Nevada and Idaho to our next destination - Nampa. 

If you take the 93 & 318 up through Nevada to get home we HIGHLY RECOMMEND the Upper Pahranagat Lake campground.



Today's Interesting Link: Alamo is a small town just up the road from Pahranagat. There isn't a whole lot there and it makes me wonder what supports the town. The Alamo radio station KQLN 91.3 FM is the only one that you can get - but it is pretty good. 


  1. What a great spot, and to think you had the place to yourselves !!

    Cassia sure has grown in one year !!

    Safe travels ... Tnt

  2. The sky is so beautiful. Bummer about the traffic noise, but I can't hear it in the pictures.

    The Good Luck Duck

    1. The beauty of pictures! Those moments of no traffic is so amazing though!


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