Tuesday, March 4, 2014


WOW! We are so far behind with posts I'm not even sure if I can remember everything!

Sorry about the delay - not many Home Depots along the coast! Plus with all this rain we have been traveling pretty fast - no time to stop for wifi.

We are still in the rain but trying to slow ourselves down a little - still way ahead of schedule not wanting to reach Canada until the end of March or early April.

We are currently here at the Gold Beach Visitor Centre taking advantage of their hotspot. 

So - let's get to a few more posts of our trip up the California Coast shall we.

We didn't have far to go once we left Morro Bay. Knowing there was a small brewery there we decided to take the day really slow.

There is a strip along the #1 just north of Morro Bay with a few pull outs. We stopped at one and spent the day there. We walked - ate and rested. With such a busy schedule the previous few days it was nice to spend the day looking out at the ocean.

This view shows you the highway on the right with the pullouts. Nice that they do that. Even more surprising was that it was very quiet.

We could see this couple fishing from the top of the hill. On our way by we stopped to take a look - he was just reeling a fish in.

A rock cod - his fifth so far.

Later in the day Cassia and I had a good walk on the beach - too bad I didn't bring the camera!

Around 4:00 pm we continued the short trip north to the town of Cambria.

Our destination for the evening - the Cambria Beer Company.

Just perfect for us - a watering hole - a nicely laid out - informal kind of place to get some great beer.

As usual, we went for a flight. There's Aaron the Brewer, who owns the brewery with his wife Jennifer. Thanks again Aaron - that is some mighty fine craft beer you are making! We'll be sure to spread the word!

Sadly, we couldn't spend the rest of the evening at the Taproom as it closed at 6:00pm being a Sunday. Imagine our surprised when Mike and Marilyn from the LA area - who we had met at the brewery - offered to treat us to pizza! One of the most amazing offers we have ever received because you see - not only was the pizza stellar but the company was over the top. We hit it off great with Mike and Marilyn - our kind of people. We had the kind of evening you wish would never end.

M & M totally spoiled us and I'm not sure when Cassia has had so much fun. Thanks again Mike and Marilyn! Super to meet you two - keep in touch ok!

It was a bit of a risk - this being California - but we parked just outside of the Taproom for the night. 

Before we left Monday morning we walked around West Cambria for a bit. We had driven through East Cambria on our way in the day before. A very cute town - Cambria - the kind of town that would be a nice place to spend the weekend. 

We were totally blown away by this succulent garden!

We didn't spend much time since we had the California coast on our mind. We knew that we had a couple of clearish days to get up to Big Sur and beyond so we were restless to get going.

A view along Ocean Drive heading north out of Cambria - the location of many resorts and hotels.

For us - Cambria was our take off point for the famous California coast drive from here to Big Sur. We had researched it so much we felt ready to take on this windy strip. I wasn't overly ready but at least I was going to be on the inside. 

Something about the words - cliff hugging - had me a bit nervous.

Next up! Our day up the coast.



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