Friday, March 21, 2014


Come Friday we carried on from the Deschutes River Rec Area west on Highway 30 towards The Dalles. Periodically along the Columbia River on the Oregon side, you have the option of taking the I84 or the historic and scenic  30. 

We were only on the 30 for a bit before we had to get back on the dreaded Interstate.

Our plan for the day was to look around the historic downtown of The Dalles and then spend the evening at Home Depot - catching up on posts and such.

However, upon leaving the Rec Area we realized that it was actually a very windy day. A VERY windy day - and cool. So - we ended up doing a windshield tour of The Dalles downtown instead.

And then we headed to the Home Depot for the afternoon. Since that was all done and it was only four o'clock, we needed a new plan. With the internet at HD we read that Solera Brewery - one that was on our list - was celebrating St. Patrick's Day early with an Irish Band that evening. We had a plan! 

Back on the road - the 30 again - you can pick it up here and take it as far as Mosier.

I can't believe that after all this traveling and really thinking that I had this navigation thing down pat - I took us up one of my least favourite types of roads - narrow, winding and steep!

Not good. Guess who is on the outside. Man - I tell you - if I had been on the outside for the coastal trip - we wouldn't have been on the coastal trip. 

Please don't tell me we have to go there? All the while Derek was nice enough to taunt me - hey - look down there - wow - look at that. I am such a wimp!

Now, safely at the view point looking down at the Rowena curves. 

Of course - well worth it for the view!

Looking over the Columbia to Washington.

Here it is again with the road down below.

Can you see them? I dunno. Here we are continuing on - there were so many little purple flowers along this stretch - so beautiful - I tried to capture it for you.

Jumping ahead. We only stopped on the edge of Hood River for some gas - exit 64. We then continued south on the 35 through the orchard growing area. Parkdale - a little community - our destination - was 17 miles south.

Lots of orchards and winery's along here - it reminded us of Keremeos and the Okanagan at home in British Columbia.

And then you come around the corner and there is Mt. Hood! Amazing right! 

Parkdale is very small - just the main street. It didn't take us long to find Solera Brewing Co. We went a little further and pulled into a small parking lot by the Hutson Museum. Hmmm… looks like a good overnight spot.

Another amazing metal statue. 

And then we headed over to Solera Brewery - we were a bit early for the band but nice to get there to look around a bit. 

Hey - Boneyard! We meet again!

The view from the back patio area at the brewery - a million dollar view!

Our flight - we tried all 6 of Solera's beer - we liked them all. The sour ales are new to us - they are very interesting - we like them - especially the Kriek.

Amazing music from the Barley Draught

Dancin' music! 

Cassia's friend for the evening - her mom was in the band. 

Cassia makes friends everywhere she goes! 

It was a great night! We splurged on the corned beef and cabbage. 

We met a lot of nice people throughout the evening including Diane from Hood River Lavender and  John - part Owner of Solera and staff. 
Solera Brewing is - to date - our favourite brewery as far as layout and atmosphere - a brewery and taproom with a country, farmhouse feel. Perfect. Not really a restaurant - just enough food to make it family friendly. 

So, for a day that didn't go according to plan it turned out really well. The next morning we hung around Parkdale a bit and then continued on to two more breweries. 


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  1. What nice way to end up in the brew pub, eating, drinking and dancing.

  2. What better way to spend St. Pattie's Day....being an Irish lass I can jig or two. And I'm so like you....riding on the right overlooks....ecks! Really wish I wasn't like that...hopeful it will go away one day!


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