Saturday, March 22, 2014


Friday night was very peaceful parked in our overnight spot in Parkdale. 

We didn't really have much of an agenda for Saturday, so we took the morning pretty slow - plus it was a late night for the Wood Clan, we didn't return to the van until around 10:30 pm, after dancing the night away. 

We woke to a nice view of Mt. Hood. We waited all morning for the cloud to dissipate but it never happened.

Although small, we walked the Parkdale's main strip.

Another view of the front of Solera Brewing.

See - still cloud.

Derek saw that the Apple Valley BBQ shown above was setting up for an event at the park - he went over to inquire. And guess what?! The train was coming to town - the Mt. Hood Railroad - an excursion train from Hood River to Parkdale. 

Of course - being the lover of trains - we decided to wait for it's arrival at 12:30pm.

And here it is! Just before it arrived here - the locomotive moved from the 'back' to the 'front' - that is why it is backing up here with a train car.

Once all the passengers had unloaded we asked the conductor if we could look around. 

We spent a bit more time in Parkdale - watched the train leave and then left ourselves.

We didn't go far - just nine miles north of Parkdale to Logsdon Farmhouse Ales. Someone had told us about this place at Solera Brewing the night before, so we thought we would stop in as we were heading back to Hood River.

And - it's at a real farm. Nice.

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales specializes in Seizoen beer - a Belgian style beer from the 19th Century.

We quite enjoyed sampling them from the Icelandic fellow tending the taproom. 

And Cassia enjoyed visiting with the horses. It was a win - win visit.

From there we carried on back down to Hood River. We had an anniversary party to attend.

Waiting to get in to Double Mountain's 7th Anniversary Party.

It was quite the deal and packed - they set up a tent in the street for the event. There is our shiny new mugs that came with our entry fee of $5 filled with our Carrie Ladd Porter.

Of course we enjoyed the live music!

And more dancing - here is Cassia with another new friend.

A side stage view of the band while Derek and Cassia were dancing. 

Sadly, everyone with children had to leave by 8:00pm.

We walked around the downtown a bit before we headed back to the van. 

Surfs up!

So, that was a busy day but we took it all pretty slow so it didn't seem to bad - a little of this and a little of that.

We found a really good overnight street spot close to, but just outside, of the downtown - walking distance. 

The next day - Sunday - we loaded up with groceries and headed to Memaloose State Park as promised to Cassia's new friend Brody.


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  1. Hi! We followed your advice and checked out the Barrio and Thunder Mountain breweries in Tucson this week. both great.
    Also we are friends with Bill and Carol from The Golden Years. We spent two months in Mazatlan this year and hung around with them.

    1. Glad you liked the breweries Jackie! Darn with the health issues B and C have had this winter!
      Nice that you got to spend time touring with them!


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