Saturday, December 8, 2012


It's just getting funny now - right?!

Yup - yesterday we went on another tour. This time - the village of La Noria and then a stop at the Los Osuna Tequila Factory on the way home.

Another day another Mexican town.

Back past the 15D and the 15 and then a left turn north on a road without a name - good thing Bill was driving.

La Noria's entry arch. Just as grand as the others but it could stand some paint.

A view of the street on the way in.

Lots of high heeled gals walking around. Here they stopped to tell us that they were here for the Christmas Posada. One thing about Mexico - the girls LOVE their heels. 

Bill and Carol really came to La Noria to visit their friend Roberto who owns this leather store. We just happened to come along for the drive. La Noria isn't a tourist town like El Quelite or even Malpica. But it had a charm all it's own. Real Mexico.

Roberto does some fine leather work. He specializes in saddles and was working on one when we were there.

As Bill, Derek and Cassia visited with Roberto, Carol and I took the opportunity to walk down the street.

We passed the .....

meat market.....

and the tortilla shop.

Guess they don't make them by hand much anymore....

The central gazebo.

And finally another leather shop. 


Oh - that wasn't you talking about tequila - oops! That must have been us....

When in Mexico......

Only the top 1/2 of this sign was for us - the Los Osuna Tequila Factory. (By the way - they have a very beautiful site - go on - go look - even to just see the great colours.) 

The second - more colourful - sign was for the zip line on the way to the factory.

(Special Note: The photo above and the following photos are not mine - they are Carol's. She was kind enough to sell give them to me after my camera died back in La Noria. I know, I know - you are NOT surprised - right?! It died of over use you are telling yourself.  Note to self: plug the camera in every night to recharge.)

The factory was a bit of a drive in but a good gravel road. Note the agave plants on either side.

A very interesting tree along the way - don't you think?

The entry, parking, and sales area adjacent to the production building shown here are nicely shaded by two HUGE trees. No way to get a photo of them unfortunately but they created a very nice umbrella.

The Los Osuna tequila has been produced since 1876. The Osuna family came from Spain and originally settled in La Noria. You can read about the history on their site.

Liquid gold - well, in depends on your perspective and taste - liquid rubbing alcohol to me.

Ready for the show. This was of course the way the pinas (the bulbs of the agave plants) were ONCE mashed.

The process is often demonstrated -- Bill and Carol have been twice before to watch the crushing and cooking.

We couldn't very well NOT try a sample. Mine was itty bitty so Derek got to finish the shot glass on his own. Cassia is sucking on a lime and I just purchased a bottle of the Reposado 100% Agave Azul, for someone back home .... know who you are?

A view of the grounds as we were leaving.

Another nice day out.

Later in the afternoon we went for our daily sunset walk on the beach. Derek was happy to see his wave crashing buddy, Oscar, and quickly joined him and his brother Raul, in the water. Derek had met Oscar a few days earlier.

When they came ashore they invited us all over to their palapas area in front of their hotel for some cerveza. We stayed and enjoyed a few hours visiting with them and their extended family. They were all from the city of Chihuahua. It sure would have been fun for someone to watch us carry on a conversation - lots of hand waving and talking very slowly, but we did pretty well. 

They were great people and we really enjoyed visiting with them. The families left this morning at 5 am since it was a 10 - 12 hour drive home. Hopefully we can get up there to visit with them one day.

Today the five of us went in search of the cliff divers along the Malecon but it wasn't too be. Later, Bill, Carol and I went to Soriana's to do our last grocery shopping trip before we leave here on Monday.

Don't forget to see La Noria through Carol's lens at The Golden Years.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: This just in - a link from my sister about a guy that lives in 89 sq feet! Amazing - but I think we are even smaller than that and there are 2 1/2 of us. Actually, he has a cozy little place and it is quite convincing. Me - triple the size and I think I could do it - how about you? 

What's the smallest space you think you could live in?


  1. Not big on Tequila in this family either but you said it all when you said "the real Mexico" that is what we enjoy too. just seeing the happy people, and their simple way of life.Be safe out there. Sam & Donna..

  2. We did the Los Osuna tour as well and did purchase a bottle of liquid gold, but never did make it home. Too you didn't get to see the cliff divers. We got lucky one day when going by just happened to see one dive, amazing!

    1. You drank the tequila there and didn't make it home!?!!! ha ha - sorry I couldn't resist! LOL

      There were a few fellows diving from the lower rocks - it sure would have been neat - mainly because of the shear guts it takes to do it!

  3. Glad you had fun a the tequila factory. We think it is a very interesting process. We will be going back to see Don Jesus and watch him make mezcal, made from the maguey plant (a form of agave), just before Christmas. We loved visiting there last year and look forward to it again this.

    As for the cliff divers, they are much better in Acapulco.

    Kevin and Ruth

  4. Yup - sounds like fun - just like you we love to see how things are made.

    On to Acapulco then! Maybe one day.....

  5. Still following along....what a wonderful time I am having :O)
    I read that tequila is ready healthy good for you....and you got to see it being made!!


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