Sunday, December 16, 2012


It occurred to me not long ago that there is a little something that we have failed to mention here at A LIFE MADE SIMPLE. So, in order to keep things on the up and up - and above board - I thought that I had better come clean.

Here it is.....


There - now that feels sooooo much better.

You've probably been thinking that for a family that is headed to Honduras and back we sure are taking our time. Which is EXACTLY what we have been trying to do.

Oh I know - we had BIG plans back in July with the post Where are we traveling to next winter? and BIG plans back in September with 2012/2013 Travel Plans 1Didn't we?

Somewhere along the line - as early as when we left in October actually - we realized that we just weren't up for it this year - or even next.

Oh sure - there are all the Overlander young'uns out there showing us how it's done - there's, 30 for Thirty,   Overland the World, The Long Way South, Adventure Americas, The Lost World Expedition, Home on the Highway, and many many more.

But you know what?! Not a 3 1/2 year old among them! In fact not a kid among them. Or sure I KNOW it can be done - there is always Bodes Well to set an example for us, but this year it just isn't for us.

We were about to make the fatal flaw that drove us a bit crazy last year - always moving. By the time we came home we were DONE with road travel. How sad!

Over the summer months that wore off - thankfully - and we got our travel groove back - only to then plan another fast track - do as many miles as possible - trip.

This year?!


And if you have been reading a few of our latest posts you know why - there is a TON to see and do in this beautiful country. We really are enjoying our time here and in the end we will have only seen a small part of it. Because - not only are we just visiting Mexico (and yes, the USA) but we are just visiting a small area.

If you didn't know it's actually quite large once you start driving around!

This year is also very different with Cassia. At 18 months we could throw her in the backpack and go for a hike - no issues. At 2 1/2 we could still throw her in the backpack or the stroller and go - no issues. But at 3 1/2?! There is NO throwing in the backpack and her stroller is long gone. So - if her little legs can't carry her - we have to stop because mom and dad at 42 and 47 are not carrying her far either.

It is also challenging for Cassia - and Roofous too - well, and us too! To drive so much - it is very wearing - so why would we want to spend the whole six months driving around?!

And that is why we are only 2,095 km (1,300 miles) into Mexico and won't be going to much farther before we begin our trek north again.

And that is why we have decided to stay here in Villa Corona for 1 month, which is like 1 year for the free spirited, nomadic, gypsy, restless Wood Clan. In the past our record has been about 10 days.

But really, how perfect can this place be for us?! A great RV Park set within a park, warm pools and a waterpark, a town close by with all we need, internet, showers, laundry, nice temperatures and great park staff.

So, in a few days we will hand over $6,200 pesos for 30 days - which puts us at $16 per night. Pretty good considering that one entry fee to Chimulco to swim is about $8.50.

If you are one of our followers waiting anxiously for our entry into Guatemala and then on to Honduras - sorry - may I suggest the blogs above for great adrenaline raising adventure - or Travel with Kevin and Ruth who are planning on traveling into Guatemala in the new year.

Maybe we'll get to Central America one day ..... maybe we won't.

Business done...


Yesterday the Scout's or some other such organization - there were girls - so I'm not sure - but they had blue and red Scout looking outfits.... anyway - they pulled in yesterday in a large bus and set up many many tents. Not right in the RV Park - over yonder. They are an energetic bunch based on their ability to sing and laugh and have a good time last night.

This morning they were playing in the field between us and the lake.

I realized that I only showed you one side of the RV Park here at Chimulco - here's the other side.

Where people park in RV Parks is always a curious thing to us. We like to be on our own away from others - but really most like to be parked with everyone else. Here at Chimulco there is a line at the front and a line at the back with only one or two in the middle. It was the same at Las Jaibas in Mazatlan. And - it is the same at the Provincial Campgrounds we manage in the summer.

Why is that?

Following this mornings cleaning of our site and the van we spent the rest of the day at the Waterpark. It was very busy but that was ok - there was enough room with two of the pools open. They also had the slides and the kids water park open today. 

Now how great is this for a little girl!

Or this!

As you can imagine we had a really hard time getting Cassia to go back to the van. We ended up getting our lunch from the concession stand - 2 burgers and 2 fries - for $7.50.

So, that's the kind of day it's been here in our world.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Do you like architecture and buildings? Although I am not practicing architecture at the moment, I still like to see what is going on in the design world or look at a beautiful building. I found the website Interesting Buildings not too long ago. Since I don't get to the site often I liked them on facebook - I have been enjoying the daily posts. Today's is a wintery scene of the Duomo Cathedral in Milan Italy.


  1. Didnt we tell you that Mexico had lots to offer. We aren't surprised to see that you are saying put here. For several years we have talked about going further south but seem to keep finding things to keep us here in Mexico. This is our 5th winter and there are still places that we want to see here but I'm pretty sure this is the year we will head to Guatamala.

    As for the parking in campgrounds, well we don't get it either. Here at Hacienda just about the whole first row is taken up, two in the second row and only us in the third row and one in the row further down in the park. We like to be on our own too, so this is just fine with us.

    Kevin and Ruth

  2. It looks like you've found a beautiful place to slow down and make life simple! =)

  3. Now your talking, I was wondering how you were going to do all that traveling with the little Pocahontas. I've a daughter, an only child (28 years young now); I actually call her daughter and not her real name Mandy. She has now committed me to the other class of folk called the Grandparents, remember that celebration you enjoyed watching with all the dancing, ha!

    Cassia reminds me of days gone by; you are truly blessed, you proved yourselves as parents wiser today than you were yesterday :)


  4. I forgot to comment on Cassia coming out of the mouth of the ballena, truly reminded me of Jonah and the whale.

    Nancy & I will be meeting in Georgetown tonight with Jerry for bible study and fellowship, your in our thoughts and prayers.

  5. I think you have picked a great park to stay in for a month. Lots to do with Cassia and close to town and lots of Mexican influence. If you ever come back towards Mazatlan, come by Stone Island and Tres Amigos RV Park, I think you would like it. Ask Croft & Norma about it.

  6. Ah ha !! We thought something was up .... you were moving way too slow for such a long trip !!

    In fact, I looked back at some of your posts to see if we missed something about a change in plans ... lol.

    Isn't that the great thing about this lifestyle ... you just do what feels right at the time !!

    Take care ... TnT


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