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To know me is to know that pinterest was developed just for me! A waste of time? Yup - it sure is - but if you are going to waste time it might as well be looking at things you will never do or have - right?!


  1. Just wondering what campground you manage. We are Canadians and live in BC and are always looking for great campgrounds. Rose

    1. Hi there! We actually move around quite a bit. We managed Kentucky Alleyne back in 2006 - Skihist and Goldpan - very nice parks in the BC Parks system for two seasons. Last year we were in Alberta - happy to returning to BC this summer.

    2. Love the candleholders!
      great that you are purchasing some forever items.
      your new home, wonderful. Many happy memories to come!

  2. I am about to become a fellow traveler and have enjoyed reading your blog. We are just starting our adventure and your blog has inspired me. I started my own blog just about a week ago now. We have not purchased our RV yet but that is our next step. THANK YOU for your inspiration! Jamie

    1. Hi Jamie! Thanks for writing. I'm so glad that you have found inspiration here as I have from other blogs. I checked out your site - a small A class sounds like the way to go. We had a a truck and trailer once but prefer the one unit much better. Good luck with the transition ahead and welcome to living on the road from the Wood Clan who doesn't live on the road anymore - LOL!

  3. Good stuff. You have gave me many ideas. Looks like you know what your doing .Ill be in touch and thanks for the input.

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