Here's where we've been! In 60,000+ miles over 6 winters.

Yes, we have traveled through much more of the USA than our own country: Canada. We work in Canada - we travel the States - and Mexico. 

Canada: We consider British Columbia (BC) - the purple province, our home. However, three summers ago we worked in Alberta (green) and back in 2007 we moved to Saskatchewan (blue) for 2 1/2 years. For our honeymoon we traveled up through BC just touching into the Yukon Territory (red). 

United States: There isn't much that we don't love about travelling the USA. Although we seem to find something to love about all the States we have visited we have a particular fondness for Texas and Colorado. Although we would love to visit the northeastern states it will have to wait until we can visit in the summer. Just too cold by the time we leave Canada mid-October.

Mexico: We've spent two winters in Mexico - 3 1/2 months each time.  The first winter, we travelled from the border crossing at Lukeville, Arizona along the west coast, then up into the hills south of Guadalajara, down to the coast as far as Zihuatanajo,  up the coast of Michoacan, back to Villa Corona, and finally through central Mexico north to Eagle Pass and into Texas.  We have just returned from our second winter in Mexico. We crossed the border on Oct.31, 2014 and after a tour of Monterrey, Guanajuato, and Patzcuaro followed by 2 1/2 months at Playa La Ropa, Zihuatanejo, we returned to the USA at the end of January. Following a leisurely tour north through the USA in February, we returned to Canada on February 27th to head to our new posting and home at Fintry Provincial Park.

'A Life Made Simple' documents the previous four years of the Wood Clan's life and travels. We have covered a lot of ground. During the last four summers we've worked at several campgrounds in BC and Alberta as Park Facility Operators.

2011/2012 We travelled from BC to the Florida Keys and back to BC. During the summer we worked at Skishist and Gold Pan Provincial Parks.

2012/2013 We travelled from BC to Zihuatanejo, Mexico and back to Alberta. During the summer we worked at Jubilee Regional Park.

2013/2014 We travelled from Alberta to North Carolina and back to BC. During the summer we worked at Kentucky-Alleyne Provincial Park.

+ 2014/2015 We travelled from BC to Zihuatanejo, Mexico and back to BC. We are now at Fintry Provincial Park.

Weeding through the archives is a tedious task, so we've narrowed it down for you - here are our favourites. (In no particular order!) To see the related post click on the title.

Our Favourite Towns/Cities: (to stroll around main street)
Our Favourite State Parks/Forests/Regional Parks/Campgrounds:
Our Favourite urban boon docking/stealth camping spots:
All Home Depot, Lowe's and Sam's Club stores
Texas Rest Areas 
Home Depot, Grand Junction, Colorado
Outside Study Butte, Texas
Langtry, Texas (Texas Welcome Center/Langtry Community Center parking lot)

Our Favourite Restaurants:
Shucks, Abbeville, Louisiana  (best meal ever!)
Silver Grill Cafe, Ft. Collins, Colorado
Loveless Cafe, Nashville, Tennessee (one word - biscuits!)
Sparky's, Hatch, New Mexico (don't miss trying the strawberry chilli shake!)
Colorado Boy, Ridgeway, Colorado (another best pizza ever!)
Cowboy Cafe, Davenport, Washington (great breakfast!)
El Manglar, Zihuatanejo, Mexico (we are addicted to the fish sticks!)

Our Favourite Hikes: 
Our Favourite Places: 
Our Favourite Hotsprings:
When things went - almost - wrong:


  1. Hi Teresa --

    Under Favorite Towns above, the Idaho Springs link goes to Breckenridge.

    I am collecting links for destination descriptions, reviews and photo tours. Since my website and blog is RV oriented, the links I am collecting are to be primarily from RV bloggers. I'm just getting started at this aspect of my project. I've included several links from A life Made Simple.

    The page for this is http://haw-creek.com/destinations/ .

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the link Mike! Missed it!

      I headed over to your site for a look! Thanks for including us - we are glad that the info we have gathered may be of help to someone else! You've got quite the resource going on over there! Very nice!

  2. Certainly, not a criticism ... however as a Canadian, I am always a little dissapointed to encounter fellow Canadians who have not travelled much in their own country. You might be surprised. We have seen every province and territory multiple times and have travelled into the Arctic Islands. We've visited every state in the USA but 4 and we've seen 14 other countries so far. Even though I enjoy other places what I have found in my own country surpasses all I have seen and experienced to date ... IMHO. Safe Travels!

    1. Hello! Canada is an amazingly beautiful country to be sure - however, we work in the Spring, Summer and Fall - only having the winter to travel. Also - living on around $20,000 per year would make driving across Canada with the higher gas and food prices difficult for us. You are much more travelled than we are.

  3. Hi Teresa and Derek
    Hope you two are enjoying a lovely time away from dreary Okanagan today!


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