Friday, January 4, 2013


Famous last words right.....

But first! We are still sitting nicely at the Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park. I had a feeling this may happen. By 9:00 this morning we weren't even NEAR ready - NOT good. On a travel day we like to be on the road by at least this time.

Blame in on the Market.

Market Day yesterday in Patzcuaro, had Derek and I so tired that we could barely move last night. That coupled with the fact that we didn't get home until after 6:00pm, meant that packing and organizing did not get done. Also NOT good. If we are to get a good start to the day we need to be almost ready the night before.

So nice to see the majority of the sky as blue this morning with sunshine, although it was still pretty cool. By the afternoon, when Derek took this photo, it looked like we were in for a thunderstorm  - but it didn't happen.

While I was busy getting things ready this morning -- Derek was glued to the computer reading a story that I had read the day before. Progress was not being made. So - I suggested we stay one more day. After traveling for a while you start to get a sixth sense about good days for travel. With our packing behind and this news we were reading on line and talking about  - today wasn't the day.

So, what were we reading that got us so turned around?

A completely crazy incident that happened to travellers/bloggers Adventure Americas. If you haven't heard about it yet - why not go over and read about their Nightmare in Peru - I'll wait.

BAD - right?! I mean REALLY BAD!

When I first saw the title and was headed to read the post, I thought - how bad could it be. I certainly wasn't expecting to read the story I did - I mean who would have ever even imagined that such a thing would occur.

Ahhhh traveling to far away destinations - overlanding it in this case - and ours. This is the kind of story that can't help but cause us to question our own travels.

Derek and I talked about little else during the day. What REALLY happened? Why DID it happen? Why didn't they let Jed, Meg and Jenny go from the start? Why did so MANY villagers get involved? Women and children? KILL them?!

Of course, in hindsight we can all agree that traveling into a small mountain town in Peru in the dark and setting up camp probably wasn't the right decision to make. But really I don't think that any of us would even THINK that this type of thing would occur. Maybe being mugged or robbed by a few guys, or some such thing - but beaten brutally by an ENTIRE village? No.

Which takes me back to the words - BE CAREFUL.

I stopped counting how many times we have heard these words prior to traveling to Mexico. During the summer months I actually stopped mentioning it to people because I was frustrated with such a warning. Now - don't get me wrong - there is NOTHING wrong with people offering such a comment - in the right context. As in - "I've traveled throughout Mexico and these are things you should BE CAREFUL about."

But these warnings were not coming from people that have traveled - or dare I say don't travel beyond the Canadian or USA borders at all.

Because here is the thing - we are ALWAYS CAREFUL. Careful in Canada, careful in the USA and careful in Mexico. Careful, careful, careful. And not just when we are traveling but exceedingly so when we travel.

I bet Jed, Meg and Jenny are the same. Although reading through their blog probably not as careful as we are! But they look to be in the 20's - we're in our 40's  - there's a difference. Age DOES have a way of holding you back. I think back now when I first drove through Mexico at the age of 24 with my boyfriend and how Derek and I travel now - yup - there is a HUGE difference.

Did Derek and I want to overland to Central America - and someday South America - yup. Will we now - probably not. And not just because of this horrifying event - but because of our age and because we have a child. It's just not worth the risk.

Is Mexico a risk? Yup - it is. Is driving through the USA a risk? Yup it is. Is driving in Canada a risk? Yup - ditto. Being careful means that we don't drive at night and we try not to camp overnight in a village or small town. Although we have. But here in Mexico - no, we would not. Not necessarily because something would happen - odds are they wouldn't - but we just don't want to take the chance. We take calculated risk - yes. Because in the end I would rather die living then to die WITHOUT living.

Awful things happened to people everyday, everywhere - it's best to keep that in our minds. Was someone else beaten somewhere else in the world the other night - yes they were.

What we can't figure about this incident is WHY were all the villagers (or most) involved and in such a horrible way? Perhaps we will never know.

As we have experienced, travellers pull together, and support has been pouring in for the Adventure America team - we were happy to read their update from today - Peru Update and Gratitude. Also, glad that this incident was on the front page of Peru's newspaper - sure wish I could read it, it is in Spanish - and the 125 comments!

Do I blame Jed, Meg and Jenny for this?

No - I don't.

Do I wish they had done somethings differently - of course. But ahhhhh how nice is hindsight - right?

Cassia has taken to tree climbing as she has been watching Emilio and Estevan do the last few days. 

An avocado tree no less.

Here's a short movie Derek took of Cassia this evening.

Our hope is that with the publicity this story seems to be getting and the politicians and government offices involved, someone - or all of the villagers - are held responsible for this crime. Because that's really what it is right?! 



TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Good to see that when people are down there is help. According to Crowdtilt - $17,992 have been raised for Jed, Meg and Jenny. It'll help.


  1. I am not sure about this Peru story. There are just too many things that do not ring true. 1) I can see them being robbed but thieves grab possessions and run, they do not stick around and beat their victims for hours after. 2) It is very odd (unbelievable?) that an entire village would take part in robbing and beating people who have done no harm. 3) These are people of means, they must have families of means. Why appeal on the Internet?

    I Googled the story and not one news outlet is reporting this story. I might be wrong but it just seems a little fishy. There are so many inventive scams out there.

    1. Ahhhhh really Croft - it is UNBELIEVABLE - but we still believed it - at least that it happened. It has come out in more news outlets - guess time will tell.

  2. FYI: you can read the blog and comments with Google Chrome or the MS Internet Explorer 9 browser, both will auto translate from Spanish to English. You have an Apple tablet, I'm not sure about auto translate features.

    Oh I almost forgot: be careful :)

  3. Teresa, I'm afraid I have to agree with Croft. I'm not buying this story. For exactly the same reasons he stated, plus one more. Putting out on the internet, a list of items they lost including cost and asking for money was extremely offensive to me. I suspected the replacement cost of these items was grossly exaggerated and after doing some googling myself, confirmed my suspicions. The IPhone 6 which was listed at a replacement cost of $600 hasn't even been released yet. Before putting this comment, I went back to glance over the story once again and I note that the list of items they asked for money for has now been removed. I think you know I'm not a heartless or uncaring person, but this one just has some big holes in it! Keep us posted if you hear more. If it turns out to be 100% accurate, I'll be the first to find a way to help. Well, not the first - apparently many others already have without question. And it bothers me that I've become so jaded............

    1. I too went back a read and saw that the list had been removed - but their explaination worked for me that they had written the post with everything so that something would be done. They even said that they didn't mean it to raise money. I believe them. They are well connected with other overlanders and I think it was they that got the ball rolling to get money to help them.

      It seems that many other news outlets have picked up the story - but will we ever know the REAL one -
      probably not.

  4. No matter what, we do need to careful no matter where we are.

  5. Interesting....and as I always tell you at the end of my comments---

    Safe Travels!

  6. I was just sick reading that story, and it never even occurred to me it might be false.

    Honestly, either way I will be just as upset !!

    We DO have confidence in your ability to keep your family safe. It is wonderful you are out there, living life, rather than hiding under a rock.

    The trick is to find a balance between adventure and danger.

    As always, take care ... TnT

    1. So true - TnT - the balance between adventure and risk - that's it!


  8. I believe this could have happened, it could have happened right here in Texas.

    I just don't understand what happened with the part where the 2 village guys walk up to them. They asked if they could stay there overnight and the next thing you know whistles are blowing sounding the alarm to a whole village of Peruvians.

    Why would someone sound an alarm to the whole village as a warning? If it were you or I we would not sound an alarm, we would sneak up on them in the middle of the night and not attack outright right after dusk...

    I just don't get that whole part of the story...something sounds off at this point.

    If the story I read was part of a deposition to the authorities, I understand listing items of value.

    I don't understand why a village of people (unless on cocoa leaves) not threatened would attack 2 girls and 1 man. Something really went wrong between yes you can stay here and in the next moment whistles are blowing with the village idiots attacking 2 females and one male.

    1. I agree it could happen too Brian - and sadly in many other places - you're right!

      I realized after that they said that the villagers did not speak spanish - so I'm wondering how they understood their request to camp there.

      It doesn't all tie together all that well. Somehow - knowingly or not - the 3 Americans offended the villagers in some way - near as I can tell. Anyway, something wrong with a whole village being so violent against fellow human beings - different cultures or not!


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