Friday, January 11, 2013


Yup - we could get used to our highfaluting lifestyle here in Zihuatanejo - or Zihua as per the locals.

Our spot here has all the STUFF - a nice RV Park, a short walk to the beach, anything you could want on that beach, visiting with good friends while enjoying wine and beer, and going out for dinner .... again!

A change of pace for the budget conscious, cheap frugal Wood Clan. 

This post is a bit of a sleeper tonight. I decided NOT to take the camera to the beach today - I mean how many times do you REALLY want to see the beach - see Cassia on the beach, see the birds on the beach, and on and on.

But darn - I wish I'd known that there would be a HUGE, and I mean HUGE, catamaran in the bay today. Piled with people as near as I could tell - they were a ways out. We watched as they pulled someone way up - young I'm thinking - and swung them around! C R A Z Y.

It was ANOTHER beach day - did I mention how nice it is to swim here! Yup - I did. Still enjoying it.

We didn't last too long today and were back at the van by around 2:00 pm for lunch and never made it back to the beach. 

I totally missed a kodak moment when we purchased Oaxacan cheese from out of a bucket right outside of our van - from Bernie - the local cheese guy. Amazing cheese - very fresh. LOVE the whole buying at our doorstep thing. Freddy and Frosa (our new friends from Sask) bought very nice strawberries from a lady on the beach today - very sad that we missed that - maybe tomorrow.

Speaking of Freddy and Frosso. While visiting with them on the beach today we made a date to go over to their place around 6:00 pm and then go out for pizza.

Freddy and Frosso are just over from us in a three storey building. Their swanky suite is on the third floor but we went up to the roof to watch the sunset.

A short walk later we were at THE pizza spot - Jungle Pizza. Sorry for the fuzzy pic - I only took one.

 A very nice restaurant under a palapa.

AND an adobe oven - can't get much better than pizza baked this way.

I mean just look at those two pizzas! And good? GREAT!

As I said - LIVIN' LARGE!

I FINALLY realized with this picture that we actually had the flash turned off on the camera. No idea how that happened. Derek made it right .....

and pic #2 - so much better! 

If you are counting - that's two pizzas in three days! Plus dinner out last night as well. We may have to head back to little Playa Troncones to keep ourselves on budget. 

Or not. 

As you can see we are still in Zihuatanejo. We are having a hard time deciding on whether to stay or to go. 

Guess we'll think about it again tomorrow - at some point. Not sure when, it looks like it is lining up to be a busy day. Derek and Freddy are going snorkeling in the morning and later the five of us are going to walk into town so that we learn the route. 

The GOOD NEWS of the day!

Our fridge is actually working! I didn't mention last night (because I really had my doubts)  - but we were in the middle of an experiment. Because we were out of food we turned the fridge off Thursday afternoon. Last night we decided to turn it on again and see if anything would happen. And what happened? Well, this morning we had a COLD fridge and an even COLDER freezer! 

AND they are still cold tonight. So - we have a working fridge - for now anyway.......


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: With all these boats out on the bay I realized that I don't believe I have linked one of my newest travel blogs to follow. Bumfuzzle - a blog by a sailing - rather than and RVing - family. Pretty neat - why not head over for a look!

Yesterday - while looking at all the boats - Derek said 'Let's sell the van - get a boat and sail instead!' Until Cassia got wind of that and said quite firmly that she liked the van and didn't want to sell it. So - there goes that idea - which I am TOTALLY ok with - have I mentioned that I'm not a boat person?


  1. Good news on the fridge! Treat it with love and keep it on the shaded side of the RV. Who knows what happened? Maybe just a bubble in the refrigerant that dissolved on it's own.

    Did the pizza have tomato sauce? A pet peeve about Mexican pizza.

    1. Hi Croft, are you saying in Mexico they make it with or without tomato sauce?

    2. I was wondering the same thing ... we've had pizza in Mexico three times now - they've all had tomato sauce....

      So great about the fridge - yup - it's on the shaded side - still working - fingers x!

    3. Away from the high tourism areas yes, they use little or no tomato sauce. They serve it with a bottle of ketchup, not an adequate substitute!

  2. Great news about the fridge...too strange, but glad for you that it's working.

    I'm not a boat person either. At least with a motorhome you can stop and put your feet on the ground!

  3. Have been enjoying your blog for sometime. Sure fun living life large isnt it...Isnt the food quality in Mexico amazing...unlike the crap we're forced to eat at home. I'm in Saskatoon, SK...say hola to your friends from Regina, SK....tell them it's only minus 30C this AM.....brrrr

    1. Hi Mark! GREAT! Welcome and thanks for commenting.

      The food is TOO good here - seriously - next year we'll need to work on upping our food budget!

      I forwarded the temps to F and F - but of course they knew - we all get a twisted sort of pleasure in looking up the weather at home!

  4. Great news on the fridge. Like Croft said maybe just a bubble that worked its way our on the drive there.
    Lesson for the camera, always have it with you , never know when a photo op comes along.
    Enjoy the area and the beach.

    1. So, so, so true - we've missed a bunch of good photo ops so I almost always bring it.

      A bit worried it will grow legs if I'm swimming.......

  5. Now what would the dog do on a boat? That pizza looks divine.

    1. Never thought of that! Probably not very nice to ask a husky to be couped up on a boat anyway - a least I have a few reasons now why we shouldn't!

  6. Just wanted to say what a great blog. We are old friends of Croft and Norma's and picked your site up from Croft's blog. Easy to read, great pictures and super info....makes us feel like we are there. We'll keep following you.

    1. Kathy and Eric aren't THAT old! Kathy is way younger than me and Eric just acts old ;)

      Yes, old friends from Terrace, BC.

    2. Hi Kathy! WoW! and I mean WOW! Thank you so much for your compliment on the blog and for saying so! It made my day!

      Any friend of C and N is a friend of ours of course!

  7. Thank you for giving me a pizza desire :) definitely a weakness for me. Ah, what a wonderful looking margarita pizza and a wood fired one at that, nice, very nice.

    1. LOL - yup - I could see that happening - happens to us too! LOVE pizza! Good catch on the margarita - the other one had meat and I couldn't remember what it was called.

      Now go have some pizza - there must be a good place in your neck of the woods!


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