Monday, January 7, 2013


Well, we've been at Playa Troncones now for three days, having arrived here Saturday afternoon. Not a whole lot going on with us but hanging out at the beach.

Have I mentioned how HOT it is here. Boy, we are sure having a time getting reacquainted with the warmer temperatures here at the beach. Nice that it has a bit of a breeze + we can jump in the ocean or swimming pool at anytime to cool off.

VERY quiet at the beach today - I suppose it is busier during the weekends with Mexican tourists. Nice to be in such a low key place. There are a few restaurants and shops but not much else - just our style. AND - the beach is clean AND there are NO trucks, atvs and motorcycles driving on it!

Yesterday began with the girls spending some time with their babies. The two girls looked like the they had just gotten theirs - for Three King's Day I am assuming. 

Then Cassia and I took to the beach for a morning walk.

We didn't get too far but I took a few pictures. There are bungalows and private homes along the beach.

A while later we took out the dvd player for the girls to watch - hmmmm - not sure if that was a good thing or not!

Time in the hammock with the restaurant dog - we've nicknamed him 'Benji' for obvious reasons.

The ladies here gave Cassia some rosca de reyes - a special bread eaten on Three King's Day.

Later, it was time to catch the waves.

Or to be pulled along by dad!

Although Cassia had more fun just playing in the sand. So, dad headed out by himself.

This was the main attraction at the beach.

Here's a movie of his lift off!

CRAZY - right?! I could NEVER do that! I'd spend the whole time afraid that a bird would fly into the fan and I'd be toast. He went very high and was gone for long periods of time up over the mountains!

Cassia and I .....

While we were down at the beach yesterday afternoon - Cassia and I played and or I watched her from my comfortable seat on the towel. Derek was out swimming and every now and then I looked out to make sure I could see his head bobbing around. It was difficult because I had to look into the sun.

Boy, he's been out there for a while and look how far he is - I thought at one point.

A bit later, I was distracted by helping Cassia wash and dry off. Not long after that as she was lying on the towel I watched Derek come out of the water a ways down from where we were sitting - and where he entered the water. AND he was with someone. Not strange - Derek usually befriends fellow swimmers in the water.

However, Derek wasn't looking so good and the fellow just kept on walking. Turns out - that Derek needed this fellows help to get back to shore.

A VERY SCARY moment as Derek described to me that he became very tired and was very far from shore - he tried to get in but it just wasn't happening. He started to panic. This fellow came along - amazingly - right?! Derek was trying to communicate with him - surely with panic in his eyes - and the fellow figured it out and asked if Derek needed help. The fellow pulled him back in but not before they were both hit with a large wave.

Derek and I realized after that it wasn't so much the undertow - since there isn't much of one here - but more a matter of being out too long in the water - about 1 hour - and going out to far.

A bit of a lesson there!

In the meantime, Cassia had fallen asleep. Nothing like lots of beach time and fresh air to knock a little girl out.

And then today - just more of the same......

Lots of beach time .....

an action shot of the water coming in.....

And Cassia once again falling asleep on the beach after our late afternoon swim.

Once she woke up and was washed off, we put on one of her new outfits for a Dad and Daughter photo by the van.

Thankfully, Derek decided NOT to go out so far into the ocean today!

We thought that we may head out of here tomorrow but now we are not so sure. We'll probably stay a few more days. 

The next two days are two important dates to mark in our family - good to just stay in one spot for those. I'll tell you about them as they come up.

The bad news is that our fridge has crapped out on us! There is something that just doesn't work with us and RV fridges. We spent the last two winters with a broken fridge in the trailer. One of the things we liked best about the van we bought is that it has a barely used (2008) fridge. Today it decided not to cool and hasn't budged from 60 F even though we moved it from electricity to propane! Darn! Not sure if we can get it looked at here in Mexico or not. At the moment we just have our fingers x that is will suddenly start working again - since nothing seems to be wrong with it. It IS hot here but even during the evenings the temperature doesn't change. Any ideas?

Ahhhhhhh sitting here listening to the pounding waves in the dark. Tonight Cassia and I joined Derek for his nightly walk on the beach with Roofous. I find it a bit challenging walking in the dark but since it is all beach it worked out ok. It was nice to see all the lights on the various hotels, bungalows and homes. And the STARS! We could point out Orion's Belt to Cassia.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: An interesting note about about Playa Troncones is the complete lack of shells, which makes me a bit sad because I LOVE to shell hunt. My sister sent me this link - Magnified Grains of Sand - not too long ago. I knew of course that sand is composed of broken shells but I never realized that many still hold their shape - pretty neat.


  1. if you can find a RV tech it will definitely be cheaper in Mexico. Look into one of those Amish cooling units if that's whats bad. Be safe out there. Sam & Donna...

    1. Thanks - yup - bet it would be cheaper here - the trick is finding that person who can fix it.

  2. I have heard with smaller rv fridges like you probably have. If the ammonia has not leaked out, you can remove it and turn it upside down for a while then reinstall. If possible would be worth a try (free) and just a bit or Derek's time.

    1. We've heard about the upside down thing before - on facebook a couple in Mazatlan is trying that - we'll see how they make out!

  3. The chances of finding an RV tech in mexico is just about nil. George's method has worked for some fridge problems as it gets rid of any "bubble" in the ammonia that may be blocking circulation of the liquid.

    When ours failed years ago we placed zip lock bags of ice on each shelf to keep things cool until we had the fridge replaced. In other words, we converted it to an ice box. Just don't open the door any more than necessary.

    You might find an RV'er with some experience in fixing it. Mexican RV'ers are resourceful folk.

    1. Yup - might have to go the ice box route Croft. The last two winters we had to live out of the cooler - not fun! grrrrrrr

      Hopefully we run into someone along the way that can figure it out!

  4. Very very scary about Derek and his water adventure. Take care.

    There is an RV tech from Winnipeg here in Mazatlan for the winter.

    1. Thanks Contessa - maybe I could get his email address?

  5. Your tortugas marinas poco (little sea turtle) may have some fun with this on a rainy nite.

    The other day we were at our local Panderia and stacks of those cakes were flying out the door...amazing! Be careful when eating the 3 Kings cake, sometimes the bakers add the plastic trinket or baby Jesus to it making it a possible choking hazard. I took one to our bible study last night and showed it to the group, nobody would eat any so we gave it away.

    1. Sorry but I had a good guffaw at the choking on baby Jesus.... the epitaph would read...... ;-) Was the not eating of the Three Kings Cake a right division issue ... haha I could not help myself.... Derek.

    2. Indeed a non-division issue at best; in Luke and Mathew we can't find 3 Kings at all...we actually don't know how many Magi were present by the scriptures and we just are taught since 3 gifts were given, there must have been 3 kings (right)!? I had to reread the scripture just to make sure I wasn't reading something into it myself.

      The cake wasn't too bad (if you have it right out of the oven) and with some coffee. These commercially made 3 King cakes are usually made of bleached white flour and will stick to your innards like a pasty goo, one thing I have to stay away from being 50 years of age. I remember not needing to worry about anything I put into my body...Oh has all that changed!


    3. I remember discovering that little gem about the 3 magi and Jesus was not a baby when they came, I believe Jesus was two years old by the time they came on the scene.... so much misinformation ... myths.... hmmmm I wonder who is the conspirator behind that;-)

    4. And I know what you mean by inferior pastry. We went to a Panderia that made all their pastries with butter instead of lard.... mmmmmmmm. By the way I just reopened my FB account if you are on there. Warning, I am opinionated;-) Derek

  6. Has Derek's body formed to the hammock or has the hammock conformed to his body, either way we know where to find him :) your going to have to get a couple two or three to take home.

    1. Hard to tell - right! They are pretty darn comfortable!

  7. Derek scared the liver out of us !!

    It was no coincidence that a person showed up when Derek needed him ... that's because we have been remembering you in our prayers !!

    What a cute picture of Cassia sleeping on the bare sand ... such innocence.

    Take care ... TnT

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. ha ha! Scared the liver - NOW that is a new one for sure!

      Providential care we call it - God gets out back if it isn't our time.

      SUCH a cutie!


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