Wednesday, January 2, 2013


A couple of lazy days around here for the Wood Clan. With the cool and wet weather here in Patzcuaro we've taken to staying close to the van and mostly staying in doors. Back to our small 95 sq ft space - good thing it hasn't been raining steady and THANK GOODNESS for free wifi.

Looking out to the two other rigs here - both from Quebec. Although there is a third now - a 35ft 5th wheel with Mexican plates. That puts to rest that the Villa Patzcuaro Hotel and RV Park is just for small rigs. If they can get that thing in here pretty much anything can fit.

For me it's been a good time to start thinking about and working on our plans for next summer.


Well, two jobs actually - traveling is only a distant dream unless Derek and I both put our noses to the grindstone and make some serious cash while we are back in Canada.

Since we have already found a couple of positions to apply for, with quickly approaching deadlines, I have to get my butt in gear to put a resume and cover letter together.

NOT one of my favourite things to do - how about you?! Plus, it seems like forever since I've had to do one AND I've never put one together for both Derek and I. Because we are applying for couple positions - it's the way to go.

There are many on line resources that we are following to find potential positions. Although there are many types of jobs we would be suited for, we are generally looking for a Campground Manager position because they are fairly plentiful and they last for 4 or 5 months - which is about our max.

For a while now I have been following Working Couples, an online employment database targeted at couples - perfect for Derek and I of course. Recently I've also been checking out Happyvagabonds. Will and Alicia Smith, in addition to providing a ton of RV information, also provide an extensive list of Canadian campground jobs. Most of the listings are for Camp Hosts, so if you are looking for that position, check out the link. These types of positions don't work for us because most offer a site and hook ups as renumeration. Whereas Derek and I need cash - cool, hard, cash.

And because we are VERY flexible as far as our location - after all we take our home with us - I keep track of the Yukon, BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan Park sites - many Park jobs are just now beginning to surface for the 2013 season.

It hasn't been ALL work - yesterday the three of us braved the drizzle and walked up to the Bodega Aurrera for a few things. We ended up picking up a soccer ball for Cassia. With all the other kids around here with soccer balls and Cassia getting enjoyment out of it we figured she was due for her own. 

An action shot!

I suppose for most, we are completely crazy to put ourselves on the edge by needing to look for a job each summer, to then carry us through our travels during the winter months. If I think about it too long I start to think that way also. But really, the reward of freedom and adventure are worth it - definitely. 

Many travellers have found a way to be location independent. They either have a skill that can be used as they travel, they sell products i.e. multi marketing, or work through the internet. There is even a website called Location Independent  to assist people with getting off the traditional treadmill to a job that they can take with them as they travel the world. In fact, these days LI has become a bit of a buzzword with many other's giving their two cents about how to get it done - there is the Huffington Post and from nunomad - 25 Career Ideas to Design your LI Lifestyle hmmmm - maybe Derek and I should take his advice and become Balloon Artists - or maybe Camel trainers - do you think?

There are ALL sorts of TRAVELLERS with ALL sorts of ways to support themselves and their addiction NEED to move around.

Although we've thought seriously about these types of money makers - selling products or working through the internet - we have yet to make any kind of leap. We've been self employed before - feast or famine - it's a tough row to hoe! So - we look for a job with a steady paycheque attached to it - it works for us - it works for our family - right now. 

We are flexible - who knows what the future holds. And at this point - really - who cares. Seriously - I have wasted WAY too much time in my life worrying about the future. Brave or stupid?

I found this quote from here, I LOVE the graphics and it sounds about right to me. 

Darn - no resume done tonight - my evening units of time have disappeared with this post. Oh well, there is always maƱana! Right?!

By the way, if you hear of a seasonal job (May 1 to Sept 30 or thereabouts), in Western or Northern Canada, that sounds like a good one - please feel free to let us know about it! Thanks in advance!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: WoW! AGAIN! How have I missed this site in all my internet travels - I mean REALLY. Just stumbled upon Trail of Ants - the good news - a TON more travel blogs to follow - the bad news - a TON more travel blogs to follow!


  1. Good luck in the job hunting department!

  2. Oh my stars, you are wicked....why in the world did you link to that directory of what seems like 10,000 travel blogs? I already spend WAY too much time reading the ones I know about. Heaven knows, I don't need all these options to intrigue me. Wish I could help with the job search, but good luck. Maybe something will turn up via your Canadian blog contacts. I'm curious and apologize if this is something you have mentioned that I missed...why are you not returning to the job you've had the past few years. I don't think I've missed any of your posts, but can't remember you mentioning the why!! Am so loving traveling through Mexico with you.

    1. I KNOW - right! I did it too us both - I ended up spending a couple of hours going through some of the sites! Grrrrrrr - I'll have to try to forget it is there!

      We don't have any worries that something will surface. Ya - I wasn't quite sure how to mention our job from the previous two years. Well - we've kind of out grown it.... It was a real life saver for us 2 years ago and even this last summer but now are ready to spread our wings again. This year was challenging for Cassia working the 160 days straight - we could't go the beach or take some days off. Also - the cabin is about 100 ft from a major highway - we really go tired of listening to trucks and motorcycles for the 6 months. Anyway - the option is still open to return next summer if we don't come up with anything else - which is good.

      Thanks Sharon - we are so loving traveling Mexico - wish we had started sooner however I think the USA travel we have done the last few years were in preparation.

  3. OH MY GOSH....that red slicker and yellow boots is just too too adorable! Good luck resume building...just your determination in your travels I'd hire you!!

    1. Ahhh Thanks - that is a very nice compliment! About our determination......

      Yup - Cassia cannot wait for rain or any excuse to get her rain coat and boots on!

  4. I admire you guys for your ability to move around and live basically anywhere! I love to travel (that graphic is from my blog - thanks for the link back!) but I am a Taurus. (Meaning I am materialistic and I don't want to give up my house and plethora of belongings!) We just had a baby too, which makes my need for a home base even greater. But I DO live in central Alberta, so I will keep my eyes peeled for some seasonal jobs for you! Good luck!


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