Wednesday, January 23, 2013


As you can imagine, our brains are pretty much on neutral these days. The sun, sand and surf has a way of doing that, doesn't it. 

So, the fact that today progressed in a totally different way then I expected AND this post is therefore also completely different from what I had planned, my mind is in a bit of a twisted state.

Still, trying to wrap my mind around it all.

The day started innocently enough. It was a very           s         l           o         w         morning, let me tell you - even though it started early enough. We were awake by just before 7:00 am because Roofous was barking at the dog outside the gate, working on the garbage left last night for the garbage truck. With a morning of coffee and internet, we were still without breakfast by around 11:00 am. Don't worry - we DID feed Cassia in the mean time! 

With our date with the beach quickly approaching, we made a quick decision to put the two events together. Go out for breakfast on the beach - then move down 50 ft or so to our lounging position.

Breakfast on the beach here means Rossy's. I showed you Rossy's the first day we arrived. We had yet to sample their food - so today - our last day here at El Manglar - was obviously the best time.

This is the view from our table. Not so bad - right?! The tide is still quite far up.

I know! Enough of all the food shots! Just had to show because it was a pretty good deal for $12. At first I was a bit leery when I saw 'eggs and bacon' for $60 pesos. They really should expand their menu.
Although the jugo de naranja is a bit steep at $25 pesos when you can get about twice that amount in Villa Corona for $8 pesos. Ahhh the beach, bring your pesos!


Well, this is when the day took a turn and became all very interesting for the next few hours!

While we were eating - we watched as three municipal policia walked by. Something you don't see everyday here on the beach - remember - they are dressed in black uniforms with BIG guns. They tend to stand out. As they were moving along the beach - people were getting OUT of the water. 

Hmmmmm .......

Our vantage point - people were now standing and looking out to the water.

Me - not one to miss a good photo op - took off with camera in hand. By this time we had figured out from all of the talking going on that there was a CROCODILE in the water! WHAT! A crocodile - in the ocean - by the shore - the same place that we swim everyday?! Yup!

Somewhere about now - we actually SAW him! HUGE - probably 8' to 10' long - he surfaced slightly, just enough to give us all a good show. A picture - nope - I'm not THAT good.

And who would these fine - small men be you ask - the crocodile hunters?! That's them - interesting, very interesting - a rope and a stick.

'A crocodile hunting we go, a crocodile hunting we go.....'

Notice, not a soul in the water - news travels fast.

The event garnered quite the group of people. Funny how many of us stood around for the better part of an hour moving down the beach this way - and down the beach that way. Standing, looking, standing, looking. 

To no avail - after the sighting it appeared that the croc went back in the other direction and was last seen on the south side a few hundred feet out by the rocks. We all went back to our lives - we paid our bill and went to our spot just down the beach. 

Derek did go swimming but as I watched him from shore, I realized that he wasn't going out very far and did more standing and watching then anything else. 

A while later as Cassia and I were in the shallow part and Derek still out in the waves (getting a little bolder) I looked up the beach to see the croc hunters moving down towards us and people pointing in to the water. 

NOT a good sign.




He stood there a few minutes looking towards the area - interesting approach I thought - looking for the croc while standing in the water!

What a guy!

Anyway, he did saunter out fairly quickly after that.

So, here we are again all looking for the elusive crocodile. You can just see the head of one of the hunters in the middle of the group on the right.

It took a few minutes but we all spotted him again. And so did the hunter - amazing - he crouched down in the water like he's going to sneak up on him. I ACTUALLY got a shot of him - can you see his snout?

They didn't get him this time either - but look what they are using now! Gone are the rope and stick - now they have a HUGE hook and fishing line. Fishing line to catch an 8' crocodile?

I mentioned it to Art here at the park later and he said that they get him in and wrap the line around his mouth and then haul him out. 
Wonder what those guys get paid? 

In the end, these two guys went back down to the same place they did in the morning and were gone. Did they get THAT crocodile? Who knows. It seems to be an ongoing thing here. By the way - where are they coming from? Why about 50 ft from where we are parked. Nothing stopping them from showing up under our van actually.

Cassia and I go croc hunting every morning. Because the restaurant doesn't open until noon we have the place to ourselves each morning - so we go over and look at the swamp area to see if we can get a look at one. Some days we do others we don't. They stay fairly submerged.

Except for yesterday.

You may be seeing a trend here, but yesterday we decided to go out for lunch. Livin' large, livin' large. The hamburgers are REALLY good here at El Manglar - a bit hard to ignore. Again, being that we were planning to leave here soon, we decided to go out in style.

Waiting for our order gave us a chance to look at the wild life in and around the swamp which we sit right beside in the restaurant. We thought we do our own crocodile hunting.

We could actually see the top of one - he was on the other side.

We couldn't get a good shot from where we were - Cassia was quite enthralled though.

The swamp is very nice to sit beside and look at. Lots of birds to listen to also.

And you can dress Cassia up but she'll STILL try to climb the trees!

Enjoying our limonadas.......

Until our food came! 

We have a crocodile of our own moving in on our food.

Not long after lunch we were rewarded with a really good view of one of the crocodiles!

'Don't mind me I'm just passin' through.'

And shortly thereafter, Cassia sitting on the rock waving to another one!

'My, what big teeth you have .....'

So, there you go - no pictures of the crocodile in the ocean, but pictures of crocodiles in the swamp.

And if today couldn't get anymore exciting after the beach events - there's more.

As we were coming back to the van through the restaurant, Cassia - who I was carrying - says 'An animal!' Nothing to strange about that - there are lots of animals around here.

But I took the bait anyway.



And sure enough - there was a HUGE iguana sitting about 8 feet from us! I dropped Cassia - dropped our stuff and got moving. Here he is!

Obviously he was quickly on the move as I was closing in on him.

 Have you ever seen an iguana in the wild that close?! 

I haven't - they are quite beautiful aren't they?

QUITE the day. Crocodiles swimming in the ocean, crocodile hunters with a hook and fishing line, AND a blue and orange iguana. 

I so wanted to watch those little guys hall that crocodile out of the water! I MAY still be able to ......

cuz ......

We've decided to stay here ANOTHER week!?! 

Crazy, I know.

I don't know what it is - the food, the beach, or the fact that we just can't get our lazy butts moving - but we are going to stay on until NEXT Thursday. Three whole weeks here - a NEW Wood Clan record!

I THOUGHT we'd be spending the day packing up and I THOUGHT I was going to be posting a bunch of pics that I have collected from the beach. 

It's obviously better to stop this THINKING nonsense. 


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: The El Manglar restaurant is pretty popular for the wildlife and the food - if you come this way - we highly recommend the food. Here is a write up on the El Manglar

Also, remember Bill and Carol, our travels buddies back in December?! Well, Carol sent me the link today to their blog from when they were here in 2007. I had to laugh - NOTHING has changed - including the cold showers - brrrrrrr.


  1. No time to think get back to the beach, enjoy it while you are there.

  2. Good decision, you have found relaxation in paradise. Great iguana shots.

  3. Living in the southern part of the US most of my life has made me ponder these large reptiles more than once while following the Madera del clan. I was going to ask if you've seen any where you are, but didn't want to open that can of worms...since you did, deal me in. Texas has it's share of large lizards in the bays and estuaries, I've seen quite a few gators in the Galveston Bay system. We also have Alligator Gar which look like a the alligator (hence it's name) but are not suppose to eat humans.

    In certain areas of the USA gators are so predominant you can't keep pets outside or let your eyes off of children. A barking dog could be a sounding alarm of another dog getting it's breakfast out of the trash or tell tale signs he's about to be breakfast or somethings awry. The adult croc's in your area average 14 feet, quite a bit smaller than it's Nile cousin of 20 feet. They ambush and will stalk prey for days, the larger they are the more they need to eat and will venture further away from the mainland.

    This following story is true, don't look at the picture if you have a faint stomach. Keep away from the large jaws of these reptiles, the croc mentioned in the article was only 13 feet.

    On the other hand the smaller reptile you wondered upon is absolutely harmless and is pure vegan. I absolutely love the photo opp he provided you, beautifully colored lizard. The iguana is what croc's eat, so be wary of all everything going on around you...your croc may have been looking to him for lunch. That brown murky water is an ambush hole. I'm really not trying to freak you out, but keep you safe and aware of these excellent predators.

    Not only do you need to watch out for the cartel and other weirdos, you now need to watch out for larger than life crocs! You guys are walking on the wild side; to all grandparents (like myself); don't worry, everything is totally under control, really!

    btw: croc meat is suppose to be excellent source of protein and would make a really good steak burger.

    Yours truly :)

  4. Croc and iguana meat! that!... would be a nice meal with the Tajin 'n lime! lolol
    You are certainly living large! Enjoy the next week....I'll be waiting patiently for your next adventure camera work by the way.

  5. Opps!Forgot to ask in my previous post....duuuhhh
    Is your fridge still working?

  6. Very very exciting !!

    Great that you are staying another week, because it is such a beautiful area!!

    Take care ... TnT

  7. What was plan B if the croc came out of the water and grab Cassia?


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