Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Today - is SOMEONE'S Birthday around here - but first!

I haven't had a chance to show you 'downtown' Playa Troncones! We don't get there very often being around the corner, but since we have been here for four days our grocery supplies have been dwindling. So, we've had to make a few trips to the mercado.

Yup - that's it. This is the way in to the beach area - we are about 3 kms off  highway 200.  Just behind me the road T's - right or left.

One of the stores we visit - there are five selling the exact same stuff. You can pretty much get anything you need here but you are going to pay for it!

Funny, we met this family - from California - on the beach a little while later. Cassia and their daughter Carley (4 years old) had a great time playing together on the beach. They are renting a house up the beach from us. Too bad the timing is off - they just arrived for a week and we are headed out tomorrow.

Coca Cola owns this town! Did you notice. They must have come in and paid for almost all of the restaurant signs - I think there are four or five Coca Cola Restaurants. This is the second store we visit. 

And that's it for the commercial district - the stores anyway. There are a ton of restaurants along the beach. Like any small town most here go to the big city for shopping - in this case Ixtapa and Zihua which are 20 km and 30 kms away.

And look! 


Yup - we celebrate my Dad one day and Derek the next. Interesting - right?! The two most significant men in my life. Actually, Derek and my Dad only overlapped in my life by three months - Derek came in and my Dad went out.


 Yup - looks like it! Well, you can't blame the guy for needing his rest, only two years shy of 50.

After all, he HAD been swimming for the last hour or so. Have I mentioned how nice it is to have a shower at the restaurant - they all have them. And warm too!

Ahhh - you really have to feel sorry for the beach sellers here at Playa Troncones - absolutely NO ONE to sell to. 

That was our morning - absolutely no pictures to show for the afternoon. Beach, van, beach, van, beach, van and so it goes. As mentioned, Cassia and I spent some time with Carley while her parents had lunch at the restaurant. Carley was supposed to join them but once her and Cassia started running around in the water her parents realized it was hopeless. 

We also spent much of the afternoon with the two girls here at the restaurant. We've all struck up quite the friendship. 

We weren't quite sure what to do for dinner - to celebrate Derek's BD and with our fridge on the blitz it is empty.

Earlier, Derek and I had seen the pizza place. So in our really bad Spanish we asked the girls about it. They told us 'mucho bueno' and told us the cost - well, wrote it down for us. 

So - we decided to go get pizza for dinner - and invited the girls to come with us.

 Just down the street from Restaurant Jacqueline. The girls ran ahead.

A little boutique along the way. And just around the corner .....

the PIZZA place! Derek explaining just how big this pizza should be!

Nice family that own's the pizza shop - a family affair obviously. We didn't get his name but the owner lives 15 minutes down the highway towards Ixtapa. He spent some time in the USA so he speaks a little English - better than our Spanish.

His wife was out washing. Yup - gotta LOVE Mexico - bet you wouldn't get this past the health officials. Doesn't bother us.

We had a twenty minute wait so we headed back to the restaurant to watch the sunset.

Did I mentioned that Playa Troncones is a well know surfing destination?

I also don't think I've shown you exactly where we are parked - in the parking lot - well, over to the side a little.

A restaurant and house in one - the kitchen is on the left (outside of the picture) while the two bedrooms and bathrooms (with a shower) are on the right.

Derek, watching the sun set on his day. We are usually on the road for Derek's BD - last year Florida, the year before that Arizona and in 2008 - going way back - we were in Texas.

❊ HAPPY BIRTHDAY ❊  Derek!!!!!

WoW! Just LOOK at that - pushing down the sun! It must be because it's his day.

Time to head back to get our pizza!

Visiting while we wait for it to come out of the oven. Comparing our ages and our kids ages ... 

With our pizza and pop we headed back to the restaurant.

 The five of us enjoyed a nice meal for Derek's BD. Very memorable.

Another day done here in Mexico.

As sad as it is, tomorrow we really are out of here. We are headed to Zihuatanejo - not far - 30 kms south. New surroundings always throw Derek and I a bit - we get nervous driving into places - especially cities. 

Tomorrow we have the daunting task of finding the Coppel store because I was told on one of my forums that their is a refrigeration repair place there - "just look for the stacked up refrigerators" are the directions! We HAVE to at least get our fridge looked out - it is STILL not working. Then we have to make our way over to the grocery store and then down to the RV Park at Playa La Ropa. Wish us luck - but it's not like it's Mexico City - right?!

We have LOVED it here so much we are going to stop in on our way north again - maybe for a week or 10 days. Can't beat the beach! And the overnight price of $100 pesos isn't bad either. 

See you in Zihua!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: If you are not familiar with Ixtapa/Zihuatanejo - here is one of the websites with all the info. We'll be getting to know it over the next few days!


  1. Happy Birthday Derek, so glad you had a great BD in Mexico.Be safe out there Sam & Donna.....

  2. Happy Birthday Derek gotta love celebrating on the beach!

  3. Happy Birthday Derek! Zihuatanejo can be a little confusing the first time you get there...have fun!

  4. Looked like the perfect way to spend a birthday. Good luck on getting the freig fixed and a smooth drive in and out. I can see why you'd want to go back for more time on that beach!

  5. Glad your special day was so good. Good luck with Zihuat! I do hope the fridge gets repaired.

  6. Happy Birthday, to you. Happy Birthday, to you.
    Happy Birthday, Dear Derrrrekkkkkkk, Happy Birthday to you !!

    The above was sung in perfect union by us !!

    What an awesome day, for an awesome guy !!

    Take care ... TnT


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