Monday, January 21, 2013


So, today we thought we should do something with ourselves other then sitting on the beach.

A while ago, Freddy and Frosso told us about a walk they do up into the hills - offering a nice view of the beach. Although it sounded somewhat tempting we knew, with the kind of temperatures they have here in Zihuatanejo, that it would have to be an early morning walk. Early morning - the Wood Clan - they don't exactly go hand in hand.

Around 5:00 pm last night, we decided to go see what it was about and take Roofous for a walk at the same time. It was a BIT cooler by then.

We hadn't gone very far when we stumbled upon this burro - all very interested of course. 

Yup - Roofous can REALLY pull.

I think we were all holding our breaths at this point. But it all went well. Very friendly burro it seems.

So, next it was Cassias turn to say hi. 

A little further along - and more burros!

We were looking at them and they were looking at Roofous!

We didn't get too far on our walk - 1 km or so. We had decided to go for dinner at Jungle Pizza so that had us turning around and heading back to the main street. On the return we spotted a burro on the other side of the road - seems he has his own friend.

This morning, we woke to very cloudy skies. In fact we even had some rain last night. Derek suggested that we try the walk again but this time get up to the top so that we could see the view that everyone seems to be telling us about. 

It turned out something like our Patzcuaro hills hike - remember that?! A least we all had proper footwear AND water AND snacks this time. Like that time, we just don't know when to stop!

Instead of a narrow hiking trail through the trees we started out on this, a nicely paved two lane roadway. Very nice - right?! All part of a development that didn't happen. Just imagine how much money was put into this road, sidewalk and plantings. It is quickly falling into disrepair - especially along the sidewalk. Someone had a BIG dream. Must have been just before 2009.

We had just started and hot already! Those who could take their shirts off did. Don't let the gray skies fool you - it was still hot and VERY muggy.

The road winds up - and UP. Still in pretty good condition though. In a few areas the sidewalk is blocked by rock slides.

A view of the bay south of Playa La Ropa. With the cloud and haze the ocean and sky meet. Too bad to, there is an island out there that you can't see.

We kept walking - fools that we are.

The same bay a little further up - you can JUST see the island on the left.

The nice paved road ended shortly there after. And what did the Wood Clan do? Turn around and head back - heck no! In true death march fashion we kept going. You just never know what is up ahead is our theme song. 

Hey - a pretty good view of the Playa La Ropa bay - you can just see some of the paved road we came up - bottom center.

The 'road' got increasingly worse.

And worse.

And worse. Just over the hill it started to go down. Hmmmm - so far we have only gone up - so to turn around is all down. If we go down here it will mean more up - NOT good. Since we had no idea where we would end up (part of me was still thinking a cartel's driveway!) we decided to turn around. 

The view we were rewarded with! What! You can't see it! Well we couldn't either - much. grrrrrr

All that walking for a teeny tiny glimpse of another beach.

So, with no view to focus on I decided to concentrate on the beauty a little closer at hand.

Any guesses what this is? No idea myself.

Funny how it FEELS like summer but LOOKS like fall!

I obviously got left behind while I was taking my close ups!


On the return trip another chance to look at the bay. Hey - the only view we DID get - I had to take way too many pictures of it!

See my face?! Remind you of a fruit - a tomato you say?! Yup - I was so hot and sweaty I thought my head was going to burst - I'm smiling though! That can't really be said for Cassia. We had just come through a TON of prickles - the kind that stick to you. The poor kid had one scratch her knee. Just after this as we started walking she told me that we shouldn't come up here again - I couldn't agree more, kiddo.


Poor Roofous. He was pretty hot by this point.

Cassia convincing dad that she needs a lift. 

Amazing how much joy a old palm leaf can bring.

Cassia running and 'flying' with her palm branches as wings. You have to admire her energy at this point - as mom and dad's legs are ready to give out.

The now defunct sales office. I checked out the website on the billboard - doesn't exist anymore.

On our way back to El Manglar.

As I did with our Patzcuaro hike, I mapped our hike on google maps. It sure is interesting to look at AFTER you do the hike. And look! If we would have kept going it would have led us to our own private beach! But I think the walk back would have done us in for sure. We also realized that a road we saw, but didn't take, would have led us to the houses that we see in hills to our south - AND back down to the beach!

If google maps can be trusted our round trip was 7.5 kms - not bad! It only took us 3 hrs!

Of course, once we got back to the van we headed straight to the beach and sat there for the next three hours - even when it started to sprinkle. There is a couple here at Playa La Ropa, with a 9 month old boy. We have been talking to them on and off for the last week. The fellow came and sat down with us this afternoon. They are returning to England in a week - the husband is from England but his wife is from Mexico. It was interesting comparing notes on countries and travel.

Tomorrow? Resting our weary bones. Back to the beach.


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Speaking of walking - we have NOTHING on this guy. Have you heard of Ken Ilgunas? I hadn't either until The Good Luck Duck linked his blog on facebook. 

Since they called it a 'great blog' I figured I should check it out! WoW! What a guy - what a story! It IS a great blog - take a look - Pipe Dreams.


  1. We love to hike as you guys also do, cooler temps are always better. I can see it now; Honey there really is a trail, look I see wabbit prints do you think it's getting a wee bit small to walk upon? No, keep going push forward for a better vantage point :)

    It's always nice to be rewarded after a hike with views, your had them and then you looked ever so closer and found beauty right in front of you. I know, you thought maybe a nice cool spring was atop that mountain which hadn't been discovered yet!

    I'm Josh'n ya, really I do know about these hikes/walks/strolls all in the name of exploration. Cassia is a trooper! Don't get heat exhaustion on those discovery walks!

    1. Funny - Derek and I both got a good laugh from your comment. Hmmmm - we are obviously very alike! That is exactly it!

      Derek had actually mentioned - wouldn't it be great if we found a waterfall!

      We had a scary thought that we had pushed Roofous too far this time and he would keel over..... we really should stop these kind of hikes!

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  2. Very cute shots of Cassia and the burros. If you had known then what you know now, you could have snagged a couple of those shaggy-coated guys.


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