Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Which is great for us! We LOVE heat! 

And it's about bloody well time, too! We've been cold for a long time now……

Summer has arrived and we are celebrating in style.

We've ditched our weekly visit to the Merritt Aquatic Center in favour of spending the afternoon at the park.

Last weeks trip into town included a stop at Canadian Tire to pick up a pool for Cassia to bring back to the park.

With the temperature hitting 40C in the compound for a few days - by Sunday afternoon we could resist the lake no longer.

We opted for Allyene Lake as it is quieter there, although we were surprised to have it entirely to ourselves. 

A good way to spend some time on a hot day - right?!

We are actually at the boat dock. Our lakes are not really set up for swimming but who can resist when it is this hot. 

We decided Cassia was old enough to take to the lake herself….

Ha! or not!

As I mentioned - toads everywhere. In an upcoming post I'll be able to show you pictures of the Western Toadlet migration which will be occurring in our park later in the month. 

40C!!!! Nothing new for you folks down south but we didn't think it would hit that high at our park 3,400 ft up. Good for us! Although working in this temperature is certainly a challenge.

Sunday night we headed back down to the group site to see how it had been left by our group. A good chance to walk down to the lake - 8:00 pm and it is still hot.

A good way to get Rufus in the water.

Sunset shot of Alleyne Lake.

Painting has begun at the park - actually we are a few weeks in. With the heat we each paint a few in the morning - slow but sure we'll get them all down. 32 of 58 bases are complete. Then we will stain the tops. Sadly, the park has been let go - it doesn't look like anything has been painted for years. It will all look so nice when it is done. A week ago or so I touched up all of the number posts.

We were excited to see the last of the cattle drive near our park this morning on our way into town. We heard the cows yesterday morning but were sad that we hadn't run out to take some pictures. These are Douglas Lake Ranch cowboys - so neat to see. Douglas Lake Ranch is a very old Cattle Company here in BC.

It reminds us of much simpler times….

Already 30C by 10:00 am - a lot of gear to be wearing in that heat.

So, that's how it's been going for us.

The park was busy this last weekend but not full - the previous weekend saw a full park both Friday and Saturday nights. I just found out today that a fire ban will commence tomorrow at noon - that puts a bit of a damper on the camping season - I'm surprised it is so soon. That's what we get with the heat I guess…..

If you missed the link from last post - here is the article that was written about us by Marie over at RVWest.

Until next time……


Wednesday, July 2, 2014


Not a lot going on with us these days. I mean there is - but there isn't. 

We are well into our summer routine now - work, rest and play. Work was on the heavy end this last week because of Canada and the long weekend. Long weekends no longer last three days - we start getting campers in Wednesday and Thursday so that they can be guaranteed a site for the weekend. By Friday night we only had two sites left and by Saturday that was down to one.

With the holiday being Tuesday - it was a different type of long weekend - campers going and coming each day. This also bumped our town day from yesterday to today. We just spent some well deserved grass time over at the park with lawn - playground and water park.

Here is a collection of photos that we have collected over the last few weeks.

We have a 4km walk around Kentucky Lake here at the park. We try to walk it every so often - it is a a really nice hike. I took the camera along - you never know what wildlife you'll encounter.

Not much wildlife today but pretty beetles!

More pics of the beautiful coloured lakes.

Canadian Geese and their babies.

Friends Randy and Shirley arrived for the weekend last week. We were thrilled to see them and visit with them for a few days. I didn't get the best pictures while they were there - too much time just visiting. Here we are visiting them at the their site. They are very generous and brought gifts for all of us - Cassia received a new chair and tent.

And her are the many faces of Cassia these days. Every time I turn on the camera I find a new crop of photos and Cassia selfies. Crazy girl.

She's looking a bit different today since she decided to cut her own hair yesterday! Sheesh. She's a little more lopsided now. 

Trying out her own place.

Randy and Shirley joined us for dinner at our compound. Here's Randy being a very good sport and joining Cassia with Cotton Candy ice cream for dessert.

Continuing on with her quest to be an 'Indian' - Cassia and I went deer 'hunting' the other day. She makes salads for them which we put out and wait. Thankfully Sadly we didn't encounter any deer and came home with some pictures of the wildflowers and some more wild onion instead.

No time to find out what these are but I love them! As you'll see….

What kind of bird is that!? Ha ha! When I joined Cassia and Derek a few days before along their nightly path they tried that one on me. Me "Are you sure that's a bird?" - Glad I didn't fall for it. The fact that it didn't move helped me appear smart. 

Who says kids shouldn't play on the road?!!!

We had back to back groups in a the park so Derek and Cassia headed out to the group site Monday night to get it ready - he had mowed earlier in the day - now he, Rufus and Cassia went to weed whack and blow. They took a walk at the same time and Derek captured some wild flower shots of his own.

The Kentucky Alleyne Group site - all ready to go.

Apparently Derek likes them as well.

So, all for me today.

Derek and Cassia area already done choosing their books and with all the sun and fun at the park they are looking a bit faded.

Time to go.

One more thing!

The Wood Clan was honoured to be written about over at RVWest magazine by Marie. 

We hope you are enjoying your summer.

We are happy that ours has now begun with 34C yesterday! The hotter the better we say!


I'll apologize for any typos now - no time to edit!
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