Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Today we went on a little adventure. 

We have been a bit homebound and figured it was time to see more of our local community. Our plan for this day was hatched a few weeks ago. We purchased some quark from Nature's Fare - our local go to health goods store. Later, while Derek was eating some he looked to see where it was made - Grass Roots Dairy in Salmon Arm. Interested, I checked out their website. Grass fed quark, cheese, milk, yogurt, beef - hmmm - we should go. We've been looking for a place to buy our grass fed beef - we also really love it when we can buy our food from the source.

Since we've never really been to Salmon Arm I decided to take a tour on google maps a few days ago. First, so we wouldn't get lost finding the Dairy - and second - to see what else there was to see. Well, the words 'Farm Market' caught my eye ........

So, here's today's trip in pictures. We had a fantastic time even though, as you'll see it was a grey day. Again.

I didn't even take pictures of the, just over an hour drive, because what started as rain a few minutes from home was all out flurries by the time we were close to Salmon Arm. Thankfully, just as we were driving through town it stopped. 

Here was the route - although we took a few backroads that I don't show on the map....

We took the blue route but will try the grey one this summer.

Our first stop.....

To know us is to know we stop and errr - make plans to got to Farm Markets. The season is not quite right but still there is always something to see ... and buy....

I guess the snow took out the r....

Lots to look at.

Mmmmmm Kurt's Deli. The website says that Kurt is an award winning sausage maker from Switzerland. It goes on to say that he only uses premium cuts of free range, antibiotic and hormone free pork - and beef too! Well, we couldn't turn that down - nor could we turn down the bison pepperoni, beef jerky and the venison sausage!

Our cashier let us know that the petting zoo animals were accessible. All we had to do was make our way over and through the crunchy mounds of snow. First, the bunnies!

And then the goats! They certainly were NOT shy. And very happy to have their pictures taken.

Mmmmmmm....... salt........

I'll apologize now for all the animal pictures here and below.
 I really worked hard to keep it down to just these, from the many many many I took!

The two kids and ponies. Not quite so social.

Then on to the emu and alpacas. The emu was also quite interested in us ....

but his look really didn't say 'pet me' to us!

Nor did the alpacas. Oh they are cute enough but they look a bit - well - you know - 


So - back to the goats. Definitely touchable. Odd eyes - eh?!

We wandered over here to see what else there was to see.

Thankfully we did! Triplets!


Cassia in 'kid' heaven!

And Derek too!

So - a great stop! We can't wait to see it in the summer! Although I doubt we'll get the animals to ourselves then!

Next stop..... just around the corner....

How could we go wrong?! 
So - we stocked up - cheese (gouda), curds, milk, yogurt, dutch cookies, and beef! The owner was nice enough to throw in a dozen farm fresh eggs!

And then - yes, more animals! The cow barns.


Cassia wasn't quite as sure as she was with the goats.

But the calf's certainly did try!

A quick stop to take a look at the very unsociable pig. 
Although I can't blame her it was a bit nippy out.

Good thing we all wore our boots.

The source of our eggs....

and our milk!

Like the goats - very curious and social.

We were quite the draw.

Well, that was fun!

Our next stop was the Barley Station Brewpub. Now wasn't I surprised to see during my research that there was a craft beer brewery in Salmon Arm. 

Sadly however, we only made it about five steps in the door before we were told that kids weren't allowed. So - what was to be our 69th visit to a craft brewery didn't happen.

Derek asked about an alternate lunch spot because we really were tourists and had no Plan B.

We were directed a soup and sandwich place downtown.

But of course like most tourists - we made a few wrong turns before we found the place. In the meantime however, we had passed a Pie Company. Hmmmmm..... After quickly checking the reviews for each we opted for the pie company - you would have too - right?! Right.

And not just ANY pie company as we were to discover - the Shuswap Pie Company. Commit those words to memory - because you too will want to eat here if ever given the chance!

It took us a while to decide but finally went with the steak & stout and the sirloin & potato pies and finishing off with the lemon buttermilk and cherry pies - plus we had two very good coffees.

So, so, so good. Perfect for a cool day.

So, so, so good. Perfect for ANY day.

Now, I just have to say here that I've never really eaten a pie I didn't like. I mean really - how could pastry and fruit go wrong. And although I'll go on enjoying pie, these pies will now set the bar. You don't know perfection until you taste it. 
I think the key was that while very flavourful, the fruit wasn't too sweet and tasted very very fresh. I'm now in search of a lemon buttermilk pie recipe - it won't be near as good I'm sure but it will hold us until the next time.

Yes, she shared!

And with that we were done for the day in Salmon Arm. We don't like to drive in the dark so we kept an eye on the time. We had one more stop to make.

This is the Log Barn 1912
It doesn't look like much from this angle but the property is full of animals ......

and all sorts of dinosaurs. We'll head back there to look around this summer.

Just south of Armstrong we stopped off at Rodgers Mill. We've been here a few times before but I keep forgetting the camera. It's quickly becoming one of our favourite places.

What's so great about Rodgers is that they have a bulk food store! We tend to go a bit crazy in places like this. Thankfully, today, I didn't need much. A must though was the 9 bean soup mix. Now, I KNOW that beans are good for us but they aren't really my favourite. 
So - if I like love a bean soup and keep going back for more - it's a good bean soup!

Not sleeping but close...

Agh!!!! Look - the sun does still exist!

All smiles! 

So - Salmon Arm. We'll be back. 


By the way - we are looking for Volunteer Park Hosts here at Fintry for the 2016 camping season. The term runs from April 1 to mid October. The hosts need their own RV but are provided with full hook ups. If you are interested or know someone shoot us an email - alifemadesimple3@gmail.com! More info is at Kaloya.
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