Tuesday, January 5, 2016



This is Cassia! Cassia Wood.

Mom says that maybe I should do the blog post this time because the pictures are from me and my dad's waterfall adventure. Good idea Mom! Mom doesn't go with us to the waterfall - she stays home. Just Dad, Rufus and Me! It's our thing.

We go to them almost everyday - usually in the morning after breakfast - that's why mom says to eat a big breakfast. It has been warmer so the creek is mushy on the way to the lake but it's really frozen going up to the waterfall. We get to the waterfall by going up the creek. The water is frozen so we can slide on it.

Dad takes the pictures. These pictures are from three different trips but I just put them all together.

See - here we are going up the creek. I stay to the side - it's easier that way - and the water isn't all frozen here.  I'm walking on the side leading Dad to the trail - Dad has to catch up to me. He goes the long way.

To get here we have to climb up and over - up and over. Trees .... rocks .... that sort of thing. 
Got me?! I jumped over the creek and then walked along.

I like all the snow on the branches. There is a lot of snow now! We had to go under some of these branches.

These are the helicopters seeds.

Dad does the same thing as Mom - takes weird pictures of things.

This is where we had to go up and over a log. Dad had to pull me up here. 
Next time I found a way around.

This is closer to the waterfalls. Here I had to go on my knees because it was slippery - then we had to crawl under a log.

That's me!
 On the trip I get really hot in my snowsuit! Mom calls me a little furnace. Yup that's me.

Look at the waterfall! Here I am trying to climb up closer. It's pretty slippery but some places not so much.

I grab on and pull myself up.

Isn't this fun! Look how close I am to the waterfall!

Look at the icicles!
 I love them - we have them on the house too! Dad took a huge one off for me and put it on my Viking ship that we made in the driveway.

Here's Dad - can you see me behind him?! 

Silly Rufus! He loves to roll in the snow! Me too!

Grandma says it looks like sea foam! She's right it does! Good one Grandma!

Then we go back down the creek to get home.

The water is still running under the snow and ice! Good shot Dad!

Dad also took some movies - here they are! Dad says sorry they are so shaky - it was hard for him to stand and take the movie plus he had to take his gloves off! Plus it was hard work getting to the falls!

This movie was from a few days ago....

and this one was from today! It was fun!

I love going up to the waterfall. It is so much fun! Perfecto!

Now that I'm finished this we are going again.

I love the beach but I love the snow too!

Bye. See you later.


Mom wanted me to remind everyone that we need Park Hosts here at the Park next summer! You would need to be here from April 1 to mid October. I love this park - it's a great park. It has lots of places to walk and even a playground. You get a site and get hooked up. If you want to do it send a letter to mom at alifemadesimple3@gmail.com! There is also information on our bosses site - Kaloya.


  1. It was nice to read your blog Cassia, it sure looks like you were having fun. I loved seeing the pictures your dad took. It was neat to see the waterfall in winter as we only see it in the summer when we are camping at Fintry.

    1. Hi S! Yes it is nice that you can see the falls! That's right there isn't really anybody here in the winter!

  2. Cassia, I think you and your dad had a great time. I wonder if mom got a lot of stuff done while you guys were gone! The summer job sounds fantastic. Have fun in the snow and remember to make lots of angels.

    1. Hi Chris! Mom says to tell you to come for the summer! But I don't know - do you really want to leave Mexico for 7 months or so - wouldn't you miss it?! I miss it!

    2. Oh and mom said yes she got lots done and then she winked - not sure what she means though...

  3. Thanks for sharing your wonderful winter day with us, Cassia. So happy that you enjoy nature and spending time outdoors. Beautiful scenery!!! Connie in PA ;

  4. Cassia, We enjoyed your blog post this morning! Those falls look Awesome!! You, Dad and Rufus look like you are having a great time in the snow!! Hope to see you sometime this year!

  5. Well done Cassia! Nice pictures Dad! You live in paradise. Enjoy the winter...

  6. Cassia love your adventures, wonderful pictures and special times with Dad.
    Keep up the good work.

    1. I love them too! Ya - I have lots of adventures outside with my Dad!

  7. unbelievable shots - just showing my daughter here in Australia and we have never seen a frozen waterfall before - certainly got us talking about your part of the world!
    the life coach

    1. WoW! That's super! I'm glad you found us then! I've been to Australia - thank goodness - so nice that I can talk about it to our daughter also! Maybe you can make it to Canada one day...... although coming for a visit in the winter is pushing it a bit isn't it!?


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