Wednesday, January 16, 2013


THAT is the number of days we have been on the road so far this year - or ....


We pulled out of Chilliwack, BC Tuesday, October 16th, 2012 -- today is Wednesday, January 16th, 2013. Remember our FIRST DAY? Sure seems like more than three months to me!

To be honest, in past years this is when our interest in traveling started to wain. After 3 months in a small space, living on the road, parking here and parking there, the novelty of the road isn't quite so sparkly.

We are doing MUCH better this year. I attribute it to the fact that a) we have stopped more often - I think we must be averaging about a week at each place - even TWO weeks at Mazatlan and b) it is warm - HOT even. The last two winters in the USA whether it be Arizona, California, Florida or Texas - come this time of year we were COLD.

A beautiful flower from here at the RV Park to celebrate the day with.

I thought I would take a few minutes to look at where we HAVE been in the last 3 months before I hesitantly wade in to where we MAY be going from here. Other than back to Canada of course.

I REALLY wanted to show you our complete trek to date via google maps but if you can believe the timing - TONIGHT the El Manglar wifi isn't working, so I am relying on the telcel stick. Sites like google maps CHEWS right through my time -- sigh -- so I just have the Mexico map for you tonight.

In the USA, we once again went over some common ground - that happens every year as we make our way south. We ALWAYS stop into see our good friends in Nampa, Idaho and this year was no exception. The NEW of our USA trek was the area around St. George over to Page, Utah. We then turned south through Flagstaff, Sedona, Prescott, Wickenburg, Buckeye, Gila Bend, and Ajo to the USA/Mexico border. Phew - it was quite the trip. We had many repeat favourites along the way but the two new favourites were Snow Canyon State Park and the Toadstools.

Then into

I have to say that the first few days were pretty challenging. Getting our 'Mexico legs' didn't come easy. Driving here is something else. But we persevered and now feel quite comfortable with it all - most of the time!

Here's the map of our route thus far -- it's been FUN -- hasn't it!!!

Our stops (either short or long term) have been Santa Ana, San Carlos, Huatabampito, El Fuerte, Mazatlan, Aticama, Villa Corona, Valle de Juarez, Uruapan, Patzcuaro, Playa Troncones, and now Zihuatanejo. (Wow! That was a spelling nightmare!)

If you want to read about our adventures at these places - it's easy - just put the name in the search box to the right.

My BIG news of the night is this --- this is it! This is as far SOUTH we are going this year! Shocking right?! We had BIG plans - yadda yadda yadda! As I've said, plans don't really work for the Wood Clan other than in the most general sense possible.

From here it's all NORTH. Which always tends to have a - not so great ring - to our ears. North means cold but of course we have a lot of north to cover before the coolness starts to seep in and rattle our bones.

So what do we plan to do with our remaining 3 MONTHS you ask!

We do have a ROUGH idea and this is it.

When we leave Zihuatanejo (which by the way is TOTALLY up in the air) we will go back to Playa Troncones for a few days then it is up the Michoacan coast to Tecoman where we will once again head into the interior of Mexico. Our destination is a return to Villa Corona - remember VC - the Parque Acuatico Chimulco? We have a credit of 20 days at this fine place. Then - it will be back to the beach to San Patricio/Melaque then north towards Puerto Vallarta and area. We will then head back to Las Jaibas in Mazatlan for two weeks before making a run for the border! Our alternate plan (although I don't think it holds much interest) is to take the ferry from Mazatlan to La Paz and making our way north through the Baja.

We should be crossing from Mexico into the USA the first few days of April and from the USA into Canada about a week to ten days later.

Have I mentioned that our neighbours are crocodiles! And iguanas! The crocs rarely surface but one was pretty evident this morning.


We've done and seen a TON haven't we! 

Ahhhhh road travelling how I LOVE thee! S.E.R.I.O.U.S.L.Y.

I think we are good to go for the next 3 (as long as our fridge continues to work that is!) Guess what! We have a RV Tech from Canada parked right across from us - they came in today! What are the chances. He has given us a few suggestions if it stops cooling again. Always good to know!

It's a FULL house here at El Manglar tonight - 11 rigs in here now. REALLY interesting too because Church's book says that there are 10 sites here - pack them and stack them!

Vandwellers UNITE! The three of us are in our own little corner - from Ontario, France and BC.

Here's a few more photos of the vegetation around here - I keep forgetting to show you the NATURAL beauty of the flora and fauna.

And here is how Cassia is keeping cool these days back at the van.

Oh to be a 3 year old and fit in a tote container!

Last night we took our first sunset walk on the beach - we liked it so much we went again tonight! Here's what I got.

I really don't think I could tire of looking at sunsets - each one is unique - do you agree? 

Part of me thinks - WoW! only 3 months left! But then I think back to all the places we have been so far and the experiences we have shared as a family and with our new friends (both in person and through this blog) and I think again - nope - we have LOTS of time!


TODAY'S INTERESTING POST: I know that I have linked The Great Family Escape before but I thought I would again - because - they have truly escaped - they have HIT the road. after 1,062 days of planning! Perhaps you'd like to join me as I follow along on their adventure.


  1. So much to see and do in Mexico, gotta love it. Wish I could talk my wife into going back.

    1. Really?! You guys SHOULD come back - so much more to see an experience!

  2. What a dream following along. Wondering if that will ever be in our cards when we set sail! Nice wash tub...remembering the porcelain one I grew up with :O)

    1. Yup - it's gone well this year! Of course you can have a trip like this! We aren't doing anything anybody else can't do - really! It's ALMOST to easy to have a great time here in Mexico.

      The porcelain or enamel ones were the best! This one works for us in a pinch - the rest of the time the container is holding all of Cassia's stuffed animals!

  3. Nancy and I were getting worried about you guys and were going to send a letter to the Canadian Ambassador to send out a 3 Amigo search party; because the Google gadget hasn't been auto reloading our Google home page and email & it's still not working. Further investigation showed us the Mexican party was still going on (3 missed postings).

    How time flies when you really don't want it to! It doesn't seen like three months and we haven't even been with you guys, but thanks to your blog we've been gaining a better insight of Mexico which is our neighbor (Austin, TX).

    Nancy asked: what do you do with Roofuos when you head out to market and such and does he like to get into the ocean with you?

    Good to see all is well with you!


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