Sunday, January 13, 2013


As I've mentioned, it is ALWAYS good to find out the lay of the land about a place from the locals or the almost locals. 

In this case, Freddy let us in on Sunday nights here in Zihuatanejo, down at the basketball courts.

Down at the basketball courts?

Yup - that's the happening spot. FOOD. CHEAP. FOOD.

If you have been following for even a bit of time you have probably gathered that we LOVE TO EAT MEXICAN FOOD. Specifically vendor food. 

So - off to the basketball courts we headed this afternoon.

It's a bit of a walk there but definitely doable. The worst part is the UP from the beach. Just look at this INCLINE.

The best thing about a climb is the view you are often rewarded with. In this case towards downtown Zihua.

Ahhhh - what is a mom to do but keep taking - and showing - pictures of her girl! (It's not for me you know - it's for the family!) 

Then Tim, from Calgary, came along and offered to take a family photo! 

Since Tim was going our way we walked with him a bit through the streets of Zihuatanejo. At one point he told us we had a choice of going back to the beach or to stay on the streets. We chose the street. When he had to go right he pointed out that we were to continue and go over the bridge.

When we arrived at the bridge over the canal, we first went to look at the beach.

There is a bit of a walkway from one beach to another. We walked up a bit to get a nice view of both bays - and this statue.

We then went back and over the bridge.

We didn't have far to walk until we came to - what - yup the basketball court - guess we knew that we were in the right place!

The crowds were already gathering although nothing like when we left.

Cassia's chance to ride a crocodile! She was nervous getting so close - not that you can tell that now.

AND even a kiss!

The BIG one really latched on to Derek!

We went through the basketball court area - looking at our dinner options along the way - and then continued along a pedestrian strip.

Lined with restaurants and shops.

 Lots of shell shops!

And statues. LOVE this one with the mother and daughter.

With all this walking we had obviously worked up quite an appetite. Even if we hadn't, we weren't about to forgo all the great vendor food we had seen back at the basketball court.

 One last look around and we settled on the taco guy - and nice that he had seats. Seating is at a premium at these types of events.

There was a beautiful Mexican girl on my left very interested in Cassia. At this point - you can just see it in the picture - she was offering Cassia some cotton candy. Derek and I were having a hard time trying to explain that she doesn't know what it is (and don't want her to at this point either!). Thankfully Cassia didn't go for it - she was content with the popcorn we had just bought her.

Derek and I had four tacos each. I wish I could say they were good - they would have been GREAT if they hadn't been so spicy. We also had two drinks - naranja and horchata. 

While eating we visited with a nice couple from California.

Then we strolled around some more to see what there was to see. We also stopped for some ice cream.

In one corner, easels were set up for kids to paint.

Derek was quick to get Cassia all set up. 

Dad and daughter working on their masterpiece. We were able to take the painting with us - sadly - when we returned to the van we realized that we had left it at one of the places we had sat down. Darn!

All the while there had been things going on at the basketball court. For a while a clown had been entertaining the crowds. The court is surrounded by people.

Just look at the little Canadian girl in the middle of the court. Did I mention that Cassia isn't very shy. The clown is in black on the right. Cassia decided to move in for a better look.

She made it to where the other children were seated. 

It seemed to be quite the show. We were definitely at a disadvantage by not understanding all that was being said. A while later we decided to walk around some more.

Working our way through the crowds.

LOTS of food - LOVE that about Mexico!

Hmmmmm - we'd seen these on our way in - fried bananas.

And churros! 

Here she is preparing OUR banana. Fried and topped with condensed milk, chocolate sauce and cinnamon! Yup - it was good!

A little more walking and we decided to call it a night. When Cassia asks to go home it means were done.

A short time later we found a taxi, inquired about the price back to Playa La Ropa (which we had been told by Freddy and Frosso was $40 pesos), climbed in and were off back to our Caballito. 

We were surprised that it was already 9:00 pm - we'd been gone since 5:00 pm. 

An evening well spent here in Zihuatanejo. 

And CHEAP too - for 8 tacos, 3 drinks, 2 ice creams, 1 bag of popcorn and 1 fried banana we paid $10 Canadian. The taxi ride home? $3.80. 

A FUN night out for the Wood Clan for less than $15.



TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: Ok - so this a weird link I know - but just tell me that this website isn't neat to look at - go on just tell me! I LOVE to draw + I LOVE to cook - this kind of stuff is my happy place!


  1. Thats the best thing about small town Mexico, you can have a great time and spend very little money. Enjoy!

  2. We so enjoy reading about Cassia's adventures!

  3. Cassia has to be the most cutest, photogenic child I have ever seen. The 4th pic from the top of your post is awesome. What a lil treasure you have! And she's not shy either.....hmmm....wonder where she gets that trait from. What do you mean you'll have to up the food budget for next year? lolol

    1. Thanks Mark - sure appreciate you saying so - about Cassia that is. She has a very fun personality to match!

      Actually, Derek are I are fairly shy! We socialize but we aren't really 'out there'. Strange I know ..... but true.

      HA! Because if we COULD we would eat EVERY meal out - yup - all of them!

  4. Experienced with loved ones...priceless...amazing post.


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