Saturday, January 12, 2013


During last nights pizza dinner, Freddy and Derek were talking about snorkelling - before long they had made a plan to go together this morning. 

Derek's first time snorkelling in the ocean - he was pretty pumped about it!

Nice of Freddy and Frosso to lend Derek some of their gear! Guess I know what we'll be buying next!

While they went off to do that, Cassia and I headed where? Why the beach of course! By 9:30 am it was already pretty warm so first thing we did was go for a swim. After that I suggested that we go for a walk to the far end of the beach.

'The apple doesn't fall far from the tree' is what I think of when I watch Cassia. First thing she wants to do when we reach the drop off is to run and jump down - gee - I seem to recall a few times, when we have been at the sand dunes, that Derek has done the same thing. 

Mark my words - Cassia is going to be a thrill seeker - with no fear - as she grows! Have I mentioned how FAR OUT she is willing to go in the ocean?!  We got hit by a big wave today - by the time we surfaced I looked at her - with a little panic - only to see a dreched little girl with a HUGE smile.

These sailboats catch our eye even from the other side of the bay where we spend our time. Later the brighter one was out on the water. So nice.

The colourful condo building that we can see - nice - very exclusive looking. 

The end of the beach. Interesting house - right?!


The new line Derek has been singing - which he got from a groovy little video on YouTube called the Octopus's Garden by the Clemmer. Cute.

Not long after Cassia and I had returned from our beach walk, Derek and Freddy surfaced from the ocean. All smiles. They went on to tell me what a great swim they had and all the fish they had seen! Yellow! Blue! and a stingray! and a snake! 

Pretty exciting stuff. Thankfully, Freddy has an Olympus underwater camera that he took along so we were able to get the photos. Thanks Freddy! Who - by the way is of Dutch ancestry - as I am - and owns the Dutch Cycle shop in Regina, Sask.

So GLAD that we got pictures of their outing. I can imagine how neat it was to be swimming among the fish. I haven't done much snorkelling myself but I did back in 1994 when my friends and I were at Puerto Angel/Zipolite, Mexico and I've snorkelled at the Great Barrier Reef off the coast of Australia.

Something we really should do more of I think - Cassia would LOVE it I'm sure.

We took another plunge today!

Derek and I paid for a week here at El Manglar. After not being quite sure about staying when we arrived we have really settled in. AND how can we refuse $13/night with our weekly discount. Dare we say that we MAY even stay longer - time will tell.

We changed sites today - mainly because we knew that the site we were in is booked for next week. What we didn't realize until we walked over to check it out is that the breeze blows through this site. Plus we have a ton of privacy now since our doors open to the wall - we've created quite the little oasis.

This afternoon Cassia decided to use Roofous as a pillow - she had herself ensconced in him. 
Poor Roofous - he may never see snow!

That was our day. We never did end up going to the downtown area with Freddy and Frosso as planned.   Too much for one day. We'll head in tomorrow afternoon and evening since we hear that a lot goes on Sunday nights at the basketball courts - food, lots of yummy, cheap, food! 

Who are WE to pass THAT up - right?!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: I was on the edge of my seat reading our friends, Bill and Carol's, blog The Golden Years , this morning. They BROKE DOWN yesterday on their way home from Puerto Vallarta. Amazing response from the Green Angels! I'm glad that all went as well as it did, considering. And people worry about traveling in Mexico. Try getting that kind of response time and service in the USA or Canada!


  1. I have always wanted to try snorkeling ... it sure looks like fun !!

    Ahhh ... The Dutch Cycle !! When I was a young-un, it was operated out of a garage in our neighborhood, probably by Freddy's grandfather.

    All of us kids would take our broken bikes there, and we knew they would be fixed better than new, and very low prices.

    From what I remember, business became so good, they were forced to relocate out of our residential neighborhood, much to the dismay of us kids !!

    Keep having fun !! Take care ... Trent

    1. Funny! We DID try your names on them just to see. It is a big city but sometimes it's a small world - right?!

      I'll have to mention to Freddy what you said .... a nice compliment.

      Any snorkelling areas in Arizona where you are ..... ;)

  2. Love snorkelling in the ocean, such wonderful sights to see. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Great shots and even under water. I think you will be happy staying another week, especially now that you can spread out a bit. Enjoy.

    1. Yup - we can unpack the van now! Perhaps we should even stay two!

  4. Next time you go snorkeling take a banana with you to feed to the fish. They will eat it right out of your hand. If you go to buy snorkeling equipment, don't buy it from a regular store you will pay tourists prices. See if you can find a Yamaha shop and buy a better quality set for less money, that is what we did in Hualtuco. Here is our link for it as I am sure they have one in Zihautanejo and we have been very happy with them.

    Kevin and Ruth

    1. Thanks for the tips Kevin. Freddy is going back out Thursday so I'm going to pass on the banana tip.

      I read your post on the snorkelling equipment. We'll keep that in mind for sure. I'm sure $42 is a good price but probably something we'll have to put in the budget for next year!


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