Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Today, January 8th, 2013 is one of those days in everyone's life - a day to pause, a day to reflect, a day to remember.

Today, is the day that my Dad passed away. Eleven years. Just yesterday - right?! 

This morning as Cassia and I were sitting on the beach - her playing - me watching her play - I thought how sad that she isn't able to play with her Opa and how sad that her Opa can't watch her grow - in the here and now.

Cassia saw me writing in the sand and thought she would do the same.

Last year on this day we were in Florida. It was the ten year anniversary and I wrote a special post to mark the day, entitled My Dad

Where DO the years GO?

Our beach this morning - and well for the rest of the day. Quiet - right?! 

Later back at the van Derek came to tell us that whales had been spotted! Off we went to see!

I guess you'll have to trust me when I say that that is the large fin of the whale. Much better with the binoculars! I really had to zoom in, they were a ways out. 

And the spray....

As I mentioned - not too many shells on this beach. Cassia found an itty bitty one. She's was pretty proud of her find.

The pelican rock - where they dive for fish - the tide is out too far for them I guess.

A close up of the rock - pretty neat eh?

Later in the afternoon, instead of going swimming and then Cassia falling a sleep on the beach, we decided to go for a beach walk. We hadn't yet been to the south end.

Bungalows and houses along the way.

It was the PERFECT time for a beach walk - the tide was WAY out.

One of the best things about this beach - besides the fact that there are few people on it - is that it is flat and shallow far out - especially during low tide.

Interesting - their coconuts are yellow - hmmmm.

At the end of the beach we spotted this little entry over into the next beach. 

A nice little secluded bay with one house on it. Lots are for sale - tempting - very tempting. If we had money that is!

And a MAJOR pelican hangout!

It turned out that our timing really was perfect - perfect for some time spent looking in around the rocks and tidal pools. You know - I don't think I've really looked in tidal pools for a long length of time before - totally fascinating!

Where all the shells - and coral - are hiding!

Many little pools in the rocks - this one has a snail in the lower left.

Hmmmm - not exactly sure what these are - very brain like to me.

We didn't seem to bother the pelicans at all - thankfully - I hate when birds fly away on our account. They were there first.

Nice to get some close ups.

I found quite a few crabs on the rocks - whole crabs - all dried up. 

Nope - not alive.

Derek got this guy while he was up climbing on the rocks.

While Derek was taking pictures, Cassia and I were looking in and around the rocks at the fish and such. I spotted this sea urchin shell and tried to carefully retrieve it with Cassia's stick. Sadly, it broke but I picked it up and washed it off. Isn't it neat how it breaks along a fracture line.

As we were leaving there was a fellow fishing in the bay. We noticed that he had caught one and had placed it on the sand - not sure what type of fish though.

AND just LOOK at what else I found on our walk back home. This beach may not be big on quantity but it sure made up for it in quality. This is the first sand dollar I have found in the last two winters at the beach! 
This one's for you Dee!

While I made dinner, Derek and Cassia hung out on the beach for some sunset shots.

And so the sun set on this day - a memorial day - for our family.

See you later, Dad! 
xoxo T, D and C
P.S. You would LOVE this beach!


TODAY'S INTERESTING LINK: With all this beach time I'm really down on my  internet surfing. I did read Nomadic Matt's blog post the other day - The End of my Solo Travels. Pretty interesting - looks to me like he needs a mate to continue traveling with! Also looks like he won't be so nomadic for a while.


  1. Nice post Teresa. I lost my Dad in 1994 and it still seems like yesterday. Living your life to honour them is what we can do. I believe they are always watching over us. Pictures were great. I am a seashell-aholic. Doug says I must limit them on this trip!
    "It is in the shelter of each other that we live"

    1. Thanks Nancy! A great picture day - those little guys are very photogenic!

      I allow myself one box for seashells - not full yet! I'm surprised how hard it is to find whole shells in Mexico - in Florida too - where we were, anyway. But I'll keep looking - part of the fun I guess!

      Good quote.

  2. Gotta love the wonderful Mexican beaches, away from the comercial tourist areas. Great pictures.

  3. Lovely post past and present.....your Dad would have been very proud of you and how you are raising your daughter.

    One of the best beaches for shells is Playa los Glorias near Guasave. It seemed to me that each month there was a different color featured. I still have some pinks, corals, blues and all other colors even some yellow.

    1. THANKS Contessa I appreciate that!

      We'll have to keep Playa los Glorias in mind - so at Mr. Moro I guess! Thanks for the shell tip!

  4. You've got a knack for photography and writing, nurture those items into your career. Website creation is still a growing space for freelance architects. I also see you have landscape and architectural experience, I think you would be fab at it! Just pull it all together in one space, market and off you go...

    I really like your photography, you can make the object your focus without letting go of your backdrop. I see a 2014 calendar in this blog post.

    1. Thanks for the thumbs up Brian - I appreciate you saying so!

      Problem is that it's a tough row to hoe to be in designer these days - I LOVE it but designers are a dime a dozen. We've been there, done that! Not saying we will again in the future but these days we like a secure job with a secure paycheque.

      I do this blog for other's enjoyment and their education.

  5. That fish looks to be a pompano:


    There is nothing better than fresh fish on the grill, try your luck fishing while in Mexico, no need for a pro-guide service, just ask the locals and it's a excellent free meal. I've no idea about license and tackle in Mexico, so check with the local officials. I did find this 2008 article on shore fishing which may help get you guys into the right direction, it states no license needed for shore or pier fishing.


  6. Teresa, we are so sorry that Cassia does not have her Opa.

    Glad you thought of him throughout the day ...

    We can't believe how you seem to have the beach to yourself, except for when Derek needs "saving" ... lol.

    Your photos and journalism are top notch ... as usual.

    Take care ... TnT

  7. Awesome! the photos captured where very nice. The crab in the photo looks alive. The sunset pics was also nice. House of the Mermaid Troncones is a very nice place where i stayed in and enjoyed the nature in full sway.


  8. Wow great collection of pictures and thanks for sharing this information with us. I think you should visit Majorca. Majorca has long been a dream destination for many travelers, and not without reason.

  9. Excellent!!! glad to see your memorable stories which you have spend behind with your father.Don.t to be depress man.Enjoy all the moments with your child casa which you have not spend before.Fill all the loveliest moment with your daughter.I pray to god that full fill your dreams. It was nice picture to see where every thing is there basically one people what wants.Starting from its morning sun to swimming,collecting shells ,dive into the water just fabulous experience.It would be very nice to see such a nice rent house that was so nice to stay.Thank for sharing your memorable moments with us..


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