Monday, December 16, 2013


So, we went to an interesting place today - right here in Hendersonville too.

Now, who knows exactly how I should be introducing you to this topic. And just a heads up - for some of you this post will be of zero and I mean zero interest to you. That is ok - we'll see you next time!

This post is for the smokers, or the not wanting to be smokers or for those of you with a smoker in your life. 

We have learned some things and we would like to pass the information on to you - nothing less nothing more.


Derek smokes - if this is big news for you then there it is. Probably not a surprise to long time followers as there have been many occasions when I have taken a picture only to realize later that Derek had a cig going. Another bit of news - since it's only fair - I have never smoked cigarettes - not one - not a puff - nothing. Just a fact - it certainly doesn't make me a better person - just thought I would give you the full picture.

Anyway, being a non smoker married to a smoker means I know quite a bit about the subject.

The real story here starts back this summer when Derek's long time friend Chris, stopped in to visit us. He had an e-cig with him. Now, we don't live in a closet so we had a faint idea what he was up to. However, Derek wasn't totally convinced - even though Chris sure did seemed convinced and had a convincing story to go along side. Hmmmmm.

Chris and Derek this fall just before we left Jubilee Regional Park.

Jump ahead to a few weeks ago here in Hendersonville, Derek - with all his free time and wifi access - decided to do some research. To know Derek is to know that when he researches something he goes all out. 

Interestingly, after all that - he found a retailer of e-cigs with a seemingly good quality product right here in Hendersonville, NC. 

So, today was the day. We headed to Mountain Vapor. Ya - I know - what a neat little trip for the Wood Clan - right?!

There are several options but we went for the most popular kit which includes two Smokin' Crow batteries and two clearomizers (with a hemp wick), a battery charger and a fancy little box. All for $50. The wick needs to be changed about once a month - a box of 5 wicks costs $3.50. The battery lasts for a long time - guess we'll see how long - eventually.

The e-liquid with different strengths 3.6 being the highest, comes in bottles below with these flavours.

Derek giving it a try for the first time. We weren't exactly sure what to expect but he was surprised that it gave him a hit like a real smoke. 

This is Melanie - a very friendly enthusiastic gal with a whole lot of patience to answer all of our questions.

 Another flavour - another try.

We ended up being at Mountain Vapor for about an hour. It took this long mainly because we didn't really want to hold the other clients up. It was a very busy place - obviously doing a brisk business.

After a few other errands we were back home. Derek with his e-cig all charged and ready to go, with his new swanky pouch and neck strap.

Pretty happy to be starting something new. It's early days yet but we have our fingers crossed that this works out. If he can stick to about 30mls per month it takes our smoking bill in Canada down to $12 per month from $280. An amazing difference!

This was the white/clear combo other colours included red and blue for the bottom and grey, red, pink, blue or clear for the top. 

Derek took a few pics tonight of his kit so you can get a better look.  The combo of those bottles should last Derek about 9 months. That with the kit meant that we dropped $138 at Mountain Vapor today.

The flavoured liquid.

One of the things Derek liked about Mountain Vapor is that the e-liquids are made in the USA not China.

So, there you go.

An education on Smokin' Crow/Mountain Vapor e-cigs.

For more information visit The Consumer Advocates for Smoke-free Alternatives Association. 

Also, the Canadians Advocating Vapers Rights.

All from me tonight,


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  1. Good for Derek. Suzie is working on those too. I believe they will work if you want them too. I have COPD because of my lifetime heavy smoking habit. And am doing much better on steroids because of it. Quite while you can.

    1. Smoking and how it affects an individual is kind of like russian roulette, my grandfather smoked, lived until he was 96 and died of prostate cancer (not from smoking), smoking never slowed him down. My aunt on the other hand developed emphysema in her 50's and had to have a lung transplant, really poor quality of life.

      I have read the statistics of people quitting cold turkey, nicotine gum, patch and pills such as Zyban, Chantrix and the success rate is dismal. On the other hand the success rate of e-cigs is real high, so you would think that the anti smoking groups, medical industry and governments would be supportive. There are doctors and studies that support e-cigs as a method of harm reduction so let's hope these will lead to more support for this instead of bans or over regulation.

      On the subject of smokers, I think some can switch right over to e-cigs right away but others may need to use it as a way of reducing the number of cigarettes that they smoke until a time that they are comfortable enough to make the full switch. As a hard case smoker I understand that it does not work to pressure an individual, Ex-smokers( they can be so puritan about it) tell me all the time how they quit cold turkey and "I can too"... well no, that is not true, or they say when you really "want to" .. no that is not true either. I tried it all, many, many times.. made it three months once cold turkey but it was white knuckle the whole time and I went back.

      I need to have nicotine but I don't want the other 5,000 chemicals that comes from regular "analog" cigarettes . It is "harm reduction" that I need/want, not cold turkey. That is my experience, personality and observation in regards to e-cigs versus all other methods.

      I just don't get how the pharmaceutical companies can sell products containing nicotine (gum, patch) with no problems from antismoking groups or governments yet a e-cig with nicotine is problem... sounds like filthy lucre is involved here, not a concern for our health. Follow the money trail. Derek

    2. There are typos.... ;-) It is early and I have only had my first cup of coffee.

    3. On a roll......

    4. The new smok cloud beast king electronic cigarette is already a very popular item. Because of this, many different types have been created. This can be great because it offers many different options for all different types of people. Buy in vapesourcing with pleasure.

  2. Thanks for the support George, I really like these e-cigs and I hope Suzie switches. Sorry about the COPD, that has been my fear. I really get upset that the EU is starting to regulate them, they just passed some Draconian regulations (thanks to pharmaceutical companies and anti-smoking lobbyists). I have been given a lifeline with e-cigs and if they take it away I would go back to smoking cigarettes. In Canada the government tries to discourage nicotine eliquids, but they are not really enforcing heavily because legally , "it is not against the law" , there is nothing they have passed to enforce it, but if they start passing bills, regulating, it could be a disaster... we will see. I am a fighter and I am getting involved with groups like Canadian Advocating Vapers Rights, a group I joined on Facebook. Sl√°inte, Derek.

  3. Well, I also am a smoker and this interests me as well......I have an E-cig that uses a cartridge, but I just can't get into it.......mine recharges, and it looks like a cig and the end turns red when you puff it, BUT-----when I do use it I cough as soon as I inhale.......but when puffing on the real thing-----NO cough....??? And, I switched over to little cigars a year or so ago, and found a place in Miami that sells them for less than $10 a carton shipped right to my door.....I will follow your trials and see how the vapors work for you!

    1. I am a good lab rat.... hardcore as they get. :-) Derek.

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  5. Neither Doug or I are smokers but we have a lot of smokers in our lives. We wish they were this wise, Derek! Good for you. We have heard lots about this product and it all seems to be positive. Making the change over seems like it would be the hard part now it's just one day at a time. Good things can only come from this!! Way to go!!

    1. I have been handed a lifeline.... one that has a really high success rate compared to cold turkey, nicotine gum/patch, Zyban/Chantrix . I have tried all methods more than once and gave up trying, silent desperation. I really like this method because I get to inhale without taking in the 5,000 chemicals, 50 which are cancer causing, the ritual, the nicotine, the vapour... it is like it tricks my brain into thinking I am smoking regular "analog" cigarettes :-) I notice there is slight withdrawals, most likely from all the chemicals they are putting in cigarettes nowadays, but it is minimal. I am going to document my experience on video over time so I have it on record. The great thing about Teresa being a non smoker is that she never demonized me and my habit, I find it is the reformed smokers who can get quite nasty. I never want to be a puritan holier than thou type because I know what it is like to struggle with the flesh. Thanks for the support, Derek.

  6. Congrats and I hope he sticks with it. The day I bought my starter kit was the day I quit smoking. I cheated once with 4 cigs and regretted it. I keep tobacco flavored ejuice around to remind me just how nasty smoking really is. It's now a little over 3 months tobacco free and #IMPROOF that ecigs work.

    1. Right on Todd !!! I bet your lung capacity has improved tremendously :-) I can't wait to go for a sub alpine hike next summer. If I stick with this then I'll have extra cash to buy some real skookum backpacking gear from Patagonia. Cheers, Derek.

    2. Not only the lungs, but the 'ol ticker too. My last appt with my cardiologist was an early Christmas present. Cholesterol and triglyceride levels are closer to "normal." While he doesn't approve of nicotine he agrees vaping is better than smoking.

    3. GO Derek go! Know it can't be easy by any means...but trading one habit for a NEW one! And all that extra! With every urge....breath and within seconds it will be gone! T and C are going to be so happy with Papa...I think you need to plan a celebration a month, a year, a lifetime away! YOU can do this...Old habits die hard but new ones open so many new healthy ones!

    4. Harm reduction, the same health risk (about 1 % of the risks that come with smoking traditional cigarettes) as with using a patch but with way higher success rates :-) I thought I would never escape regular cigarettes but this vaping with nicotine make the transition a lot more natural, I still have a slight urge to grab a cigarette but after I go outside and vape it eases off. I have noticed within two days that I am not waking up at night with a painful chest cough and my chest does not feel as tight... amazing.

      "Smokers of any age can reap substantial health benefits by quitting. In fact, no other single public health effort is likely to achieve a benefit comparable to large-scale smoking cessation. Surveys document that most smokers would like to quit, and many have made repeated efforts to do so. However, conventional smoking cessation approaches require nicotine addicted smokers to abstain from tobacco and nicotine entirely. Many smokers are unable – or at least unwilling – to achieve this goal, and so they continue smoking in the face of impending adverse health consequences. In effect, the status quo in smoking cessation presents smokers with just two unpleasant alternatives: quit or suffer the harmful effects of continuing smoking. But, there is a third choice for smokers: tobacco harm reduction. It involves the use of alternative sources of nicotine, including modern smokeless tobacco products like snus and the electronic cigarette (E-cig), or even pharmaceutical nicotine products, as a replacement for smoking. E-cigs might be the most promising product for tobacco harm reduction to date, because, besides delivering nicotine vapour without the combustion products that are responsible for nearly all of smoking’s damaging effect, they also replace some of the rituals associated with smoking behaviour. Thus it is likely that smokers who switch to E-cigs will achieve large health gains. The focus of this article is on the health effects of using an E-cig, with consideration given to the acceptability, safety and effectiveness of this product as a long-term substitute for smoking." end quote

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  8. This is such a great news. I hope Derek switches preferences to smoking e-cigs permanently. From what I've read, e-cigs ar e virtually harmless compared to the real tobacco cigars, but some are still against the open use of it. Congratulations on making that step torwards a healthy life style! Keep it up!

    Paul Iarter @


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