Sunday, December 8, 2013




Were you afraid that we had become lost out in the back roads of the Appalachian mountains?

We wish. Nope. Sick.

Yes, that was me in the last post, pretty much drowning in my own pride that I - the matriarch of the Wood Clan - had somehow managed to stave off the dreaded sickness that had gathered Derek and Cassia so quickly into it's clutches.

And then who should fall?

Following my shopping trip to Aldi's (LOVE Aldi - did I mention?) and Walmart on Tuesday, I awoke Wednesday to my own dance with the 'crud'.


The WHAT! The 'crud' - guess that's what everyone was calling it on Curt and Debbie's cruise where it was going around as well -- fever, body aches, congestion and stomach -- issues.

I now know ONE thing for sure - yes, I did know it before but it is perfectly cemented in my mind for good, that there is something totally wrong with all members of a family being sick at once… ok - wait a minute….

I now know TWO things for sure … the second being that it should be impossible for a child to get sick at the same time as a parent - or two parents in this case - or the primary parent also in this case. There is nothing like having to drag your sweaty fever chilled achy body up out of bed to respond to the physical - and emotional - fallout (yes, literally - but I'll spare you all the details) of your child's also sweaty fever chilled achy body.


But today is a new day - cough cough - and two of us at least are feeling much better. Cassia - you can't tie me down -Wood has finally met a force stronger - and more stubborn - than her.

Not much more.

Just wanted to let you all know where'd we'd landed. Didn't want you sending out a search party in vain. I thought about posting at least once every day but in the end I didn't think my fever induced state of brain swirl would allow me to write anything resembling a normal thought pattern. After all, Cassia woke up in the middle of the night begging Derek to take all the prickles off the bed.

And really - there just isn't really much to talk about these days now is there. So - a short sabbatical from a life made simple may be in order for me this week. I don't see us venturing too far for a while yet and I do still have lots of work to do on the blog. Really?! Ok - so no sabbatical for me but I will be working on all the extra stuff that I've been trying to share with all you folks about our life.

If something comes up, or I can think of something so witty and earth shattering that I know FOR SURE that you cannot live without - I'll post - promise.

Sadly, Derek and I did miss our chance to see the Carolina Chocolate Drops perform at the Orange Peel. (Doesn't that all sound so yummy together? LOVE chocolate orange….. hmmm - I digress - perhaps my brain hasn't quite caught up with my body yet in terms of recovery).

It would have been  F  U  N!

Hope everyone is keeping warm! Sheesh! I guess if we get all this cold over with now we are in for a balmy January - right?!

Fingers crossed.

All from me tonight.


P.S. I considered taking some pictures of the last few days to go with the post but thought that some things are better not documented. Right?!


  1. Indeed.....some things are better left undocumented!! For example---MY cookies per the same recipe you had----UGH!!! Chunky butts at best.....but---I iced them and took them to a local fire department......

    1. Ahhhhhhh! I can't believe they didn't work out for you either - well - actually I can! Crazy lady! Guess the guys will eat anything eh?!

  2. Ecks flu body aches are the worse. I feel Cassia's pricklins :) I carry homeopathic oscillococcinum at the first signs. While it won't keep it away, it sure eases the symptoms. Three little tubes of love. Comes in a six pack :) hoping your strength returns soon...only 17 days till Christmas!

    1. We have used oscil in the past CJ - but there weren't many first signs - more like hitting a wall!

      Ho Ho Ho!

  3. Hoping all gets feeling better soon, no fun havin that crud.

  4. Get well soon, all of you. The adventure awaits! No time for laying about!

    1. Thanks Croft! Well, not much adventure at the moment but come January we'll sure be due!

  5. David and I were both sick with the flu one time with kids who were not... and they were probably close to Cassia's age... horrible! Praying there is quick healing for everyone!

    1. Ya - I guess both parents being sick with good feeling kids running around isn't a good plan either!

  6. I can't think of too many who haven't gotten it this last month. Seems like they're keeping it hush. Hang in there, like all things, this too will come to an end. A good time to get a little extra care!!!

    1. It sure does seem to be getting around Chris! Hopefully this is all the sickness for you guys and us this winter!


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