Friday, December 27, 2013


Christmas morning!

Like all parents out there with small children, Christmas morning started pretty early for us. The minute that Cassia realized that it was morning and looked over to see the tree - she was up and on her way. This is the one big present that she got - wonder what it is? You'll see in just a minute.

Actually, here it is already - but there is a better picture below.

We didn't go far Wednesday morning - only about 20 miles south on the Trace - to the Davis Lake Recreation Area. This is the first winter that it is open. I came across it during my research but wasn't sure - but when Cj Cozygirl of CozybeGone mentioned it on Facebook I figured I should take another look. 

A day area, boat launch and campground four miles west of the Parkway.

Our site - #15.

Somewhat close to the restrooms and showers. There were only two other rigs.

We settled in quickly. Electricity - glorious electricity. We had our heater going in no time. A bit of Christmas luxury for the Wood Clan.

Burgers for lunch!

Cassia's main Christmas present. Santa just picked up a couple of sled dogs - and sled, plus some arctic animals. We found it at Toys R Us right beside HD at our Nashville stop. $21 - pretty good.

While Derek took Rufus for a walk in the wilds - Cassia and I opted for some girl time at the lake and the playground.

We stopped at the bridge on our way back for a few photos.

The REAL Cassia!

The day went pretty quickly.

Finally a nice fire. Derek started it up around 3:30 pm so that we could roast some marshmallows (one of Cassia's Christmas presents) before dinner. Nice that you can collect firewood at the campground!

So, a nice Christmas Eve to Christmas Day. It was also nice not to travel for a day but to get some fresh air and walking in. The showers and one load of laundry were really nice too! 

Since check out time wasn't until 2:00 pm on Thursday - we didn't end up leaving until around 11:00 am. We knew that we didn't have too far to go with wanting to stop for the night at Rocky Springs Campground at mile 54.

Two posts! All for me tonight….time to do some research! 


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  1. It's so fun to look at photos of somewhere you've stayed...and what a nice added touch to have almost the whole place to yourselves...

    Warms my heart to see Cassia all tucked in close after sunset awaiting that magical moment...what a perfect gift of sled dogs...that will get her imagination going!

    1. I agree - it is neat to see someone else pictures of places you have been. That is what is nice about the off season - cool but quiet.

      Nothing sweeter than a child sleeping! Ha! And so much quieter…..

  2. Looks like everyone had a great time. Great family time. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Mello Mike! Welcome to Rantin' n Raven - are you new here?

  3. Nice to relax for a while, electricity and fire up you Weber Q.


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