Saturday, December 21, 2013


After more than a month at Curt and Debbie's you can imagine how almost everything from the van and trailer had migrated into their house! We had a busy day Friday loading everything back in.

But by 3:30pm we were ready to roll.

As I mentioned last post, we weren't going far. Just an hour drive over to Waynesville, NC. The highways were busy though being rush hour on a Friday - the Friday before Christmas! Yikes!

However, we still made it in good time. Stopped in at the hardware store for propane and on to our destination for the evening - Frog Level Brewing Company.

We found Frog Level months ago when we were researching the area. For some reason we had gotten it into our heads that it was in Waynesboro Virginia. When we scratched that area from our plans we were sad to miss this neat looking brewery.

How happy were we when Derek realized our mistake about a month or so ago…… we've been waiting to come since then.

How nice that we were coming this way to get over into Tennessee. Here we are - Frog Level Brewing Company - a family run business, in a really neat part of Waynesville, NC.

Love the logo!

It sure would be a great place to hang out in the summer as well. The Richardson River runs through right out back. Nice.

Derek and Cassia ordering our flight - and getting a menu for dinner. Although Frog Level does not serve food you can either order from Haywood Smokehouse - they will deliver, or you can bring your own food with you. We saw many a pizza go by.

Friendly staff here at Frog Level - the delivery of our flight and a run down of the selections. Although we liked them all - being the lovers of dark beer that we are - the Tadpole Porter, the  Nutty Brew Nette  and the Bug Eyed Stout were our favourites. The seasonal - Ale be Home for Christmas - with a subtle spice flavour perfect for this time of year, was a very good pale ale.

Our very large table and chairs. What do you do with a 4 1/2 year old at a brewery? Well, in our case we bring the iPad along - we even picked up wifi.

The fellow that brought our dinner from Haywood Smokehouse.

All the great reviews are true! It was delicious. We could have eaten twice as much though - almost Canadian prices - this came to $23 with tip.

We were really comfortable at the Frog Level. Very much like the Public Brewing House in Rolla - easy going, casual atmosphere and friendly people. Interestingly, while Derek was on Facebook and visiting the pages of many of the breweries we would like to visit - Clark an Iraq Veteran and Owner of Frog Level, was one of the only ones to respond. He even came over to meet us and sit a while - nice fellow - we hope he has many more years of success with his brewery. 
We don't see a problem! With low hop beer, we liked all his selections. 

Derek and Cassia went behind the scenes.

And if it couldn't get much better than good craft brew and BBQ - there was live music. A young bluegrass/folk band from Clyde called Productive Paranoia. 

Derek and Cassia doing what they do best.

Derek's two new friends - a couple of local guys who had stopped in for a beer. Funny picture I know -  they were setting up for the wedding of the Owner's daughter to take place on Saturday.

We've been to our fair share of breweries and brew pubs now - right?! Enough to know when we have been to a good one. Frog Level is the place to go - please stop in if you are ever in the area or detour like we did! We even got two free stickers!

By 9:00pm when the band was done and the Frog Level Brewing Co. was closing for the night - we were spent. Thankfully, we didn't have far to go - across the street to the parking lot where we spent the night. So nice when that happens. Of course we didn't leave empty handed - a growler of the Tadpole Porter to enjoy up the road - or more precisely - down the Natchez Trace.

Not so great weather in the forecast although we had a nice day today with temperatures at about 76F (24C)!!!!!! We have it nice here right now in Maryville, TN but windy and temperatures are going to plummet in the next few days. 

It was a very busy day today driving through the Great Smokey Mountains National Park and touring around Gatlinburg. Thankfully we arrived here just as it was getting dark.


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  1. What a cozy sitting area....good food, good brew, and some grand two stepping! Nice stop...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Now that sounds like a really great day, and your bed right outside the door.

  4. Looks like a nice, friendly place!! The river in the back just adds to the atmosphere......on to Nashville!!

    Safe Travels.............


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