Sunday, March 4, 2012

Kingman, Az

Well, obviously the first thing on our minds Friday morning was our truck. In addition to the engine light being on it was idling very rough - to the point of sounding like it was going to stall at any moment. 

not good

We had passed an AutoZone on our way in and so there we went. The truck was checked with one of their fancy dancy machines - the fellow reported - "6th cyclinder - can be this, this, this or this'. hmmmm - not sounding so easy this time!

Derek went in and came back with their list of mechanics and off we went. The first place and closest - of course (how else were we to choose?) didn't have enough guys on that day and so sent us to this place.

Mike Taflan's on Andy Devine Ave.

After a time (the mechanic needed to be called in -  and then called twice) our truck was inspected. 'When was the last time you had a tune up ' was the question. Since Derek and I just looked at him blankly (we have had a TON of work on the truck in the last few years but a simple tune up escaped us) - hmmm - the mechanic rescued us - 'don't worry - I can tell you!'

And so - about 4 hours later and with $218 less in our pockets we were back on the road. Our spark plugs were changed and some 'stuff' (women speak) was poured into the gas tank. Yes, yes I know it is all much more technical then that but I've got to admit that when Derek starts talking 'truck speak' my mind tends to wander.

{special note: when we got back on the road the truck didn't sound or run any better and we were shaking our heads! grrrrrrr But after traveling the next few days and putting more stuff in the tank - it finally ran much better and the engine light went off about 1/2 way through Idaho.}

Down the Interstate we went - exit 48 - next up.

We had pretty much decided to skip old Kingman since we had been twice before and we were behind schedule now, if such a thing existed.

But since we needed gas and the visitor's center was - just over there - we decided to stop in and have a late lunch. I was thrilled, I just love this stop - not exactly sure why - I guess because it is so familiar.

If you want to ensconce yourself in Route 66 memorabilia - this is THE place.

+ wifi!

Love this building - here's the pic from this trip and below is the pic from our Desert Wanderings Tour 2008.

Lots to see in the Power House and a really good Roue 66 store. We've shopped several times at the store when the R 66 theme was still so shiny and new to us. 

Every time we visit multiple trains pass by - so it must be a busy busy line.

Sure feels like spring here! Pic courtesy of Derek who keeps track of plants and trees.

Just across the street sits a locomotive and we visit here each time as well. Strange feeling for me this  time as Cassia and I went over while Derek stayed behind for some internet time.


If you would have told me in 2008 that I would be back to this place in four years with our almost 3 year old toddler - well - I won't tell you what I would have said! Sure is amazing!

'Nope I won't look at the camera!'

Cassia 2012

 Cowboy Derek 2008

Across the street is a great diner - Route 66 style - Mr. D'z. In 2008 Derek and I went for the whole deal - burgers, onion rings, fries and malts. Living on credit - ahhhh - those were the days.

Today - we had sandwiches in our trailer. To congratulate ourselves on our restraint we decided to make a trip over and treat ourselves to malts. We can't leave the USA without a malt! 

Cassia and I in front of Mr. D'z.

Yum! I had a vanilla malt and Derek chocolate. I know, I know - Cassia's ice cream is huge! Somehow my request for a 'child size ice cream' got lost in translation. Dad had to make the sacrifice and finish it for Cassia.

Back to the truck and back on the road. See you again - I'm sure - Kingman!

We headed out of Kingman north on the 93 headed to Vegas. I LOVE this part of highway 93 - a nice smooth drive. 

Our destination was to the Home Depot in Henderson. But as you will see from a few posts from now we didn't make it. Derek took a right off the highway and almost got us in to some serious trouble. All worked out but it was pretty tense for a while - still don't think I can laugh about it!

Thanks for takin' the time to check in on our trek!


Today's Interesting Link: I just found this new blog - Frugally Sustainable by Andrea. I have toured a bit and really enjoyed today's post 'Help - I want to be a stay at home mom... but don't know if I can afford it!' It is worth a read. People look at us and wonder how we afford to do what we do also - it just comes down to making choices. We can't all make the same choices but at the same time I do believe that in our over consumerized (is that a word? it's coming up underlined) world - much savings can be attained by either cutting things out or making them yourselves. I think I'll try making the liquid soap and the tooth powder when we get home.

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  1. MrDz sounds and looks yummy!! Have to put that on my list next time I'm in Kingman!!

    Safe Travels........


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