Saturday, March 3, 2012

On to Wickenburg, AZ

{For those of you following along faithfully I am very very sorry for the delay in posting. For about a week we were traveling and or away from hotspots. We are now at our friends place in Idaho - I have tons of pictures and stories to share with you - so lets get started!}

Leaving the Buckeye area we headed to Wickenburg. Never having been to Wickenburg we were pretty excited. We wanted to visit last year but it was too far off the route home.

So - finally - Wickenburg - here we come!

I highly recommend taking the back road to this town if you are traveling up from the south. On one of our maps this route is a light grey and on the other it is yellow - meaning paved but a small road.

Oh well - if it's paved we'll try it. This is the route.

From Interstate 10 west of Buckeye take exit 103 and head north on N339th Ave. At the T turn right on the Indian School Rd, then a right on N355th Ave - also called N Wickenburg Rd. Follow this road for a while - until Vulture Mine Rd - take a right.

As you come into Wickenburg the landscape is amazing!

Take a look!

I had read that there was boondocking along Vulture Mine Rd. Yup - there they are. A bit crowded though for our tastes.

Vulture Mine Road makes it's way to highway 60 - take a right to be taken into Wickenburg. We followed until we saw the sign 'Tourist Info/Historic Downtown'. 

Our plan for the afternoon was to stroll around Wickenburg. Plans changed since Cassia still had a fever. She had had a rough night and wasn't any better even though she had slept all the way to Wickenburg. So - after we parked I went over to Bashas for some tylenol. 

While Derek and Cassia hung out in the trailer I went over to the Chamber of Commerce to get some info and check the internet. When I got back Derek had lunch waiting (which was great since we were going to go out for lunch but this worked out just as well). 

On the way in we had seen a sign with the words 'homemade ice cream'! Not ones to turn down ice cream we decided that Cassia was well enough for a small trip. Along the way we snapped some pictures!

Wickenburg reminded us of Bisbee and Tombstone.

Cassia was pretty excited about the horse on the roof.

I didn't go in but like the sign! REALLY like Tombstone.

Had Cassia been feeling better (or a little older) we probably would have visited the Desert Caballores Western Museum.

We soon reached our destination - Chapparral and the three of us were enjoying our ice cream. I cannot believe that I didn't take any pictures of that! But I did take one of the table!

This was a very very short trip to Wickenburg. It just wasn't the right day with Cassia not feeling well. We thought we might find a place to park overnight around Wickenburg but instead we decided to carry on to Kingman since it was still quite early. 

Once parked in Kingman that night I realized that The Bayfield Bunch were in the Wickenburg area and had been downtown the day before! Amazing - last I read they had been over at Bouse. Sad to have missed them but now I can link this post to Al's since he always gets great photos. I also found out that we could have parked for the night at Constellation Park for $5 a night. 

Who knew?! 

I wonder how that one eluded me.

Thanks for visiting!


Today's Interesting Link: Our pics really don't do Wickenburg justice. Head over to The Bayfield Bunch for their pics of downtown Wickenburg and area!


  1. Yes, Wickenburg is a little like Tombstone! I can't remember the name of the restaurant, but I had some awesome brisket when I was there!

    Safe Travels........

    1. Wickenburg definitely deserves a return visit - I bet they have quite a few great restaurants!

  2. You were close to running into Al and Kelly, maybe another time. We too loved our visit to Wickenburg a few years ago.

    1. I know! and they were in the same ice cream place! I couldn't believe it when I saw that they were there!

  3. Sad to hear Cassia had a fever. Is she okay now ??

    Safe travels guys .... TnT

    1. Thanks TnT - I was just thinking that I should have added an update on Cassia in the Kingman post. She slept all the way there and was back to normal that night! so thankful!

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