Thursday, May 10, 2012

Today was a HAPPY day.

Well, gosh shucks darn, yes it was my day today.

42 - ouch!

I bring it up really because it was a HUGE day of firsts!

It was the first time Derek has baked a cake for me - for my birthday or any day for that matter.

It was the first time Cassia assisted in baking a cake for my birthday or any day for that matter.

It was the first time Cassia got to lick something good off of the beaters.

Did you do that? Lick the beaters? I did - great memories.

So, although it was my birthday I really just wanted to brag about Derek and Cassia!

Well, I guess ASSISTING is a stretch - let's just say she assisted with cleaning up!

Ya just gotta laugh at that!

My chocolate cake - but I am sharing. We have lots for just the three of us so if you are in the neighbourhood in the next few days PLEASE stop in for some!

Interestingly, while Derek and Cassia were sitting at the table last night while I was making dinner - by the way Derek and Cassia made my cake yesterday afternoon (guess Derek wanted to start early in case all was lost!) - I overhead Derek talking to Cassia about her birthday cake which will be required in a few weeks. I say - interesting - because to know me is to know that each year - ok - for the LAST two years I have agonized for weeks prior to Cassia's birthday about how I am going to do her cake. It's a bit of a thing with me. Anyway, Derek starts asking Cassia what cake she wants and suggests a 'pink bunny' - hmmm - I look over and give Derek the look - as in WHAT ARE YOU GETTING ME INTO?! kind of look. Imagine my surprise when Derek says - 'it will be easy - I'll do it'. This from the guy who just baked his first cake in AT LEAST ten years and probably many more. 

This should be good - I guess it will be worth it for the entertainment value alone watching Derek make  cake into a bunny. I have a sinking feeling that I'm going to be part of it some how! Stay tuned on that one.

The best thing about today was that each time Cassia remembered is was my birthday throughout the day - so every hour or so - she said 'Happy Birthday Mom'! Now doesn't that just beat all! AND if that wasn't enough she serenaded me while eating her cake tonight. I'm glad that I was quick enough to ask her to sing it again so that I could get it on tape. Here it is - don't mind that she is eating as she sings!

Just a few days ago I had a HUGE trip down memory lane as one of the ladies I follow on Pinterest pinned a whole bunch of toys I used to have as a kid. It was pretty neat to see them all again. There was the exact easy bake oven......

Probably where my FIRST chocolate cake came from...

and the record player with plastic records.......

and the view master.

I did have to take a second look at the title of her pin board - Vintage Toys - ugh - my toys are vintage!

And so starts the month of May - a HAPPY month for our family - well for me really I guess. My birthday - mother's day in a few days and Cassia's 3rd birthday closer to the end of the month. 

On another note - NO - the header above is not the final header for our blog. I just really needed a temporary header to break from the old one. I was having trouble visualizing the new with the old still in place. These are the colours I would like to use and was trying them on. I was also trying the font - it is interesting to me and not one that I thought I would choose. However, I don't think it will stick - I have a few other ideas I'm working on. 

The temporary header also helps me get my butt in gear with the redesign. I realized that I started spending a whole lot of my time looking at other designs - it was legit - I WAS looking for ideas and inspiration - BUT I was getting pretty hooked on JUST looking and looking and looking at other sites. Funny how the hours just go by! 

AND on another note - tonight's post was to be about alkaline water....but the hours got away on me - again. So, next post will be about alkaline water - pretty interesting stuff!



Today's Interesting Link: WoW! Check out Kevin and Ruth - they are in Chicago! And sharing lots of great pictures. I can only dream of doing an architectural tour of downtown Chicago. While you are there, please vote for them and their goal to travel to Australia.


  1. Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday To You
    Happy Birthday Dear Tuh- ree - su
    Happy Birthday To You !!

    We hope this year is your very best yet

    Derek is making the rest of us guys look bad !!

  2. Cassia is sooo cute !! And yes, I used to love licking the beaters clean ... In fact if Mom wasn't looking, I would dunk the beaters back in for more ... Ha ha

    Take care ... TNT

    1. super cute! no way - I never thought of dunking back in! rewind!

  3. A pink bunny cake!!! Made by the man...this should be interesting!! PS:Derek, they make a pan for that!!

    1. Darn BlackSheep we would have all had more fun watching Derek carve his own bunny out of the cake!!! No matter, the final product will be a sight to behold in deed! :)


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